NYC’s Homeless Pets Don’t Belong in Garbage Bags

Shame on the ASPCA, the Mayor’s Alliance, Animal Law Coalition and everyone else attempting to block legislation which would give pets in the NYC shelter system a fighting chance to escape the kill room.

No healthy/treatable pet should be sent to the landfill.

Photo of Biscuit, saved from NYC ACC, with his person Lily, as it appears on Facebook.


Thank you Karen for sharing this photo link with me.

11 thoughts on “NYC’s Homeless Pets Don’t Belong in Garbage Bags

  1. It bothers me to the very core of my existence that shelter pets aren’t even safe from abuse and death. What are shelters for, if not to protect these animals, educate the public and promote adoption and life?!

  2. It is our Tax dollars that Pay to euthanize these Great pets. The only way our Government is going to change is if we act and speak out that this is not acceptable.
    How many animals has your tax dollars killed today?

  3. Such a beautiful but bittersweet photo. I hope all dogs are as lucky as Biscuit, but that doesnt mean they will be.

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