UPDATED: MAS – Bring Back the Webcams

The DVDs of the security camera footage from February 7, 2012 at MAS, obtained via FOIA request, have arrived.  There are about 150.  I’m running a spot check to try and verify that there is indeed video on the discs (so far, one is a steady black screen with the words “No Video”) and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to share snippets of them on the blog.  I’m posting my first attempt here but please be forewarned, it’s difficult to watch.

More to come in future but it’s going to take some time to wade through these.  Besides the sheer volume, there’s also the emotional factor – that is, it’s heartbreaking to see pets abused and I’ve already had to take breaks, just during the spot-checking.

For those who choose not to watch, the clip shows a Memphis ACO dragging a terrified dog off the truck and into the pound on a chokepole.  She drags the dog onto the scale, then drags him off and out of sight of the camera.

Added:  This is the next pet the ACO hauls off the truck.  A frightened puppy.  This is sick.  Seriously you guys, I don’t know if I can do this.  I am going to put these away for the night and try to steel myself to come back to them tomorrow.  I know these pets have no voice if not for us.  That’s the only thing keeping my heart from crumbling right now.

Warning:  Animal abuse.

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  1. Heartless, soulless, gutless b*tch. If Rogers hasn’t fired her, we will know he’s not the director we were hoping for.

    1. take the videos to the us humane society and please let me know the response-they send me info and requests for cash all the time…..so please report this…….

      1. HSUS isn’t going to do a damn thing for the poor babies. They only care about the donations they dupe YOU into sending in, to pad their retirement accounts and keep their cushy salaries. The HSUS give only 1/2 of 1% of the over $100 million they take in each year. Check their website, the financials are on it, do the math, it’s a known fact and they have been under investigation.

      2. Who’s up for a full occupy movement on this shelter? I say light em and shut em down, demand firing and termination of not only that gutless fat b*tch, but the nicely dressed a$$ watching her abuse and doing nothing to stop it or defend the animal she strangles all the way down the hall..

    2. Can we get a telephone number and address for this shelter and the person in charge and inundate them with calls and mail from all of us from around the country and also mail and call the legislators and assemblymen of that area? If we all stick together their is strength in numbers maybe we can make a difference.I am from NY and work with shelters and I also rescue. I was active in getting my town shelter changed but it took a lot of work and people standing with me.

  2. New building, same old abuse. I couldn’t watch, but I thank you for continuing to follow up on this hellhole.

  3. All facilities should be monitored by carefully placed caring individuals. That these kind of people can get jobs is very frightening. How can anyone do that?

  4. Do they use chokepoles for every dog to drag them into the shelter? Is that really necessary? I would assume that the dogs could get injured because of this. This dog looks to be like a Collie mix but I did not get a good look at it to be certain.

    I saw a video of a house being raided recently and the people that were bring out the dogs were using regular leashes and even carrying some of them. I did not see a chokepole in sight!

    1. These pathetic excuses for human beings don’t give a rats ass about these poor babies, period!

    2. Yeah – and this is the kind of shelter HSUS regularly dumps their ‘rescues’ in – makes a real contrast to the way the ‘rescuers’ are photographed with the animals, eh? But that’s in front of *media* cameras …

      HSUS knows what kind of shelters they are dumping their raid victims into. They just don’t want *you* to know. As someone said above, HSUS gives less than 1% of their huge budget to hands on animal care. If they wanted to help animals, they could do it, but they concentrate on lobbying (illegally, and under IRS and Treasury Dept investigation) for ownership limitation laws – very protective of animals, eh, to limit the number of homes available to them.

      And just in case people *do* manage to acquire and care for more than a few animals, they have now managed to have laws enacted that diagnose those who own more than X animals (that number always subject to reduction) as
      ‘hoarders’, seize their animals and dump them into underfunded public shelters with kill rates over 50%.

      “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. . One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Wayne Pacelle, CEO of Humane Society of the US, formerly of Friends of Animals and Fund for Animals, Animal People, May, 1993

      Most of your pets are domestic animals – though they are also working hard to outlaw the keeping of ‘exotics’ – hamsters, parakeets, tropical fish. Though they pretend to be targeting keepers of big cats and large snakes, the definitions in the relevant laws include *all* animals not native to this continent.

      HSUS is an animal *rights* organization, and is not in any way friendly to animals or to animal lovers. Their top management are purist vegans, and the vegan goal is to eliminate all animal products and animals from human lives. All … food, clothing, companionship, exhibition, working animals. All.

      Don’t think your diet is a target?

      “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

      Animal *rights* is no friend to animals, nor to animal lovers – nor to those of us who are omnivores or traditional vegetarians. And that means about 98% of the world’s population.

      1. I’m all for preventing meat eating, if I could. Agriculture animals live horrendous lives to satisfy people’s taste for flesh.

        It’s HSUS’s policy of killing dogs & cats that’s wrong, not their meat eating policy. Their greed is also questionable.

  5. I’m at a loss for words – other then cussing like a sailor at the ACO in this video. Sometimes I wish I could drag each person at that shelter around by choke pole just so they can understand how it feels. Good Lord, I’m praying for that dog and I so hope he/she didn’t suffer any more.

    1. I feel the same way! Couldn’t help but notice how others at that shelter were fully aware of what was going on and NO ONE did a darn to help those animals. Those people aren’t humans……they’re monsters. It would only be fair for them to be treated as they treat those poor defenseless animals. My heart is aching for those that suffered and will suffer at the hands of this “people” and I’m praying that those involved in the abuse are harshly punished!

  6. It costs NOTHING to show a little kindness. Do these employees check their souls at the door?? I’m so sick of this. Seriously, it makes my stomach hurt.

  7. OMG, I’m physically sick seeing this video. WTF is wrong with these people? Is it really that hard to have some compassion and patience? I’d like to drag her around on a choke pole, see how she likes it. The fact that the other employees that witness it do nothing says to me that this is standard practice. Thank you so very much for continuing to call this hell hole out for the despicable actions that continue day after day behind closed doors. I’d hate to see what it would be like had there been no “transparency”….. (that was typed sarcastically BTW).

  8. How heartless do you have to be to treat an animal that way? Someone should take that worthless excuse for a human being, put a chain around their neck and drag them through a building.

  9. Well we can see the second before and the second after with these videos, right? So they can not say we are not seeing what we think we are seeing.

    When is the new shelter leader starting work?

  10. What the heck is she doing up by the door for so long, I saw her left foot go back but couldn’t see if she kicked or not and what’s going on bent down so long…

  11. Why don’t they put the dogs in a crate and then carry or wheel in the crate if they don’t want to touch the dogs? It would be easier on the workers too wouldn’t it, if they had a dog in a crate on a little wagon for pulling instead of dragging or lifting dogs by catch poles.

  12. Those employees are heartless pieces of crap. City of Memphis — keep telling us that there is no abuse INSIDE the shelter. Keep those lies coming. Wharton and his stooges make me sick.

  13. This is so much worse than seeing still shots! Seriously, would it hurt her to show those poor animals some compassion?? It’s a puppy! Pick it up and carry it!!!! The rest are just as bad… they just walk on by. Yes, this has to be business as usual here. Sickening! I hope the new director cleans house, if not… he needs to go also.

  14. The shelters must hire the scum of the earth to work at these shelters. That is plain animal abuse. Those poor dogs.

  15. They better be fired and someone who wants to abide by the rules and with a little compassion would be nice! Too many people looking for jobs now that would work and be kind.

  16. If you can bear it . . . post them ALL. Let the MAS defenders watch them, then come on here and tell us how, really, everything is just fine there and if only the shelter workers had more support, they’d do a better job.

    And if James Rogers is reading this blog, I hope he damned well does something about this.

  17. OMG…I’m just crying tears…Memphis, I’m so sad that this is happening to your Shelter babies. It has to stop. When will the Memphis citizens finally reach the breaking point? And where is your State Attorney?

  18. I am shaking I am so angry! These need to be sent directly to the Memphis tv stations and the entire surrounding area. What in the world is going on in that place? That ACO’s are allowed to treat those poor animals that way and it’s okay with the other staff that are there? No where is it okay! There needs to be some major firing happening; yesterday isn’t soon enough! Mr. Rogers, clean up your house!

  19. Starving the animals – abusing the animals – when is mayor going to wake up and see what is really going on – brand new facility doesn’t help if the abusers are still there

    1. And how is the Mayor going to “wake up” if he is also pert of the problem. He condones this abuse. He has justified this type of abuse over & over.

      “We don’t really see what we think we see,” is the usual excuse. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what we DO SEE! IT’S ABUSE!

  20. This is what happens when animals are treated like “things”. The culture of killing, of not valuing life leads to a total lack of empathy that destroys the people who do this “for a living”. It becomes normal to act abusively and soon they all start to accept it…even defend it. This is why the staff at MAS feel like they’ve been treated unfairly by us. Because this is “normal” for them. This is (and has been for years) acceptable behavior.

    They don’t even know right from wrong any more.

  21. Okay, I watched. Now, maybe that full size dog might have been difficult to carry, but for heavens sake, I venture I could have sat next to the dog for a few minutes and gotten him walking. He (or she?!) might have needed a boost up onto the scale too.

    But that puppy!?? It looked scared, but not at all mean. I could have scooped it up and kissed it extra as I walked it into the building. A few extra snuggles as you put that impound ID on it, and I bet the little tyke would have been trotting at my heels on the way out! Or not—and I could have carried it in my arms and had a few more minutes to let it wash my face.

    They are being PAID to torture! And it’s YOUR tax dollars at work folks. Sad, really sad.

    I complained about a volunteer who dragged a scared dog at our local animal control. The next time I went in, I noticed that they had awarded that fellow the *volunteer of the month* status! (He was a special needs guy, and he frankly had pretty lousy animal handling skills.)

  22. Alot of people have been fired from their jobs for alot less. Why are these people still working? If anyone ever had doubts…these videos confirm the fact that there is EVIL in the world. How very disgusting that this is happening in our current day society! There are plenty of people out there that would love these people’s jobs, and would do a damn better job of it! Kick these workers out! What is wrong with the world? So many people turn a blind eye to this sort of thing, or think it’s a joke! It makes one embarrassed to be a member of the human race!

  23. I would like 5 minutes with that poor excuse fir a human being if she isn’t fired the director should be

  24. I am dumbstruck. I am director of a shelter in a third world country. If any of my staff ever handled an animal in this way they would be fired on the spot. We don’t hire people who don’t care in fact CARING is part of their job description. I am more sickened by this than a million abused dog pictures. The “shelter” is supposed to be a haven, a refuge. This woman never even looked at the dogs she was dragging and even CARRYING in the air via control pole. Who trained her, who supervises her. Don’t blame her 100%, the blame is on those in charge who allow this abuse. What can those of us so far away do to help. This is outrageous in what is supposed to be the most progressive nation in the world. (I am American by birth so I have a right to criticize I hope.)

  25. Shirley, you CANNOT watch all of these yourself. It’s inhumane to you, no one with a soul could take this, and we NEED you.

    Please put them away until you can recruit a large cohort of helpers to vet the footage, extract the necessary clips. Don’t take this on yourself.

  26. I agree the TV station needs to see these videos and to be made aware of why this is harmful animal abuse.

    HSUS info, “How to Use a Control Pole”,


    pdf, page not found

    The following info is from the Humane Society of the U.S. “Animal Sheltering” magazine, September/October 2010, page 37,

    “The Traditional Catch Pole

    The common option for working with
    uncooperative dogs is the catch pole (also
    known as the control pole or the snare pole).
    Every shelter in North America has one or
    knows what it is. It is the tool most ACOs and
    shelter staff resort to when a dog refuses to
    be handled.

    The catch pole is a valuable and fundamental
    tool for the ACO, allowing an officer
    to work safely with potentially dangerous
    dogs and to catch a dog who may not be
    captured with a leash. With the catch pole,
    a properly trained ACO can catch a dog out
    in the open so that the animal does not have
    to be cornered. This is one of its most important
    assets. And when necessary, the catch
    pole also allows an ACO to work by himself,
    because it controls a dog in every direction
    she might try to move.

    Unfortunately, the catch pole is not very
    forgiving, because if things go wrong and
    the dog vigorously fights the snare pole, she
    can become seriously injured and may even
    be killed. And it is not forgiving because,
    in effect, the snare pole motivates a dog to
    fight to protect herself, since a loop around
    the neck is very threatening and can easily
    inspire a dog’s fear.

    In addition, the control that the catch
    pole provides allows significant potential for
    abuse. Having problems with a dog? Grab
    the catch pole. Is the dog fighting hard? Fight
    back harder. If a shelter worker or ACO is not
    extremely attentive to the amount of force he
    uses, this tool can actually escalate the energy
    and aggravate the fight between human
    and dog. Without a measured, deliberate approach,
    the catch pole can influence the handler
    to be sloppy or overly aggressive.

    For this reason, the catch pole should be
    used only as a last resort. As often as possible,
    shelter staff and ACOs should seek humane

    1. Too many ACOs use the catchpole in a misguided attempt at efficiency. Rather than taking the time to leash walk. A catchpole allows what is shown in these vids. Catch and drag. Fastest way to move them from the truck to the cage.
      “We don’t have time to do all that extra stuff. There are so many, we have to move fast to get them all off the truck in a timely manner.”
      Yep, heard it.Goes to what others have posted, they are not living beings. Just “product” to be moved from one place to another.

  27. That person drag these frighten animals out looks like she herself is afraid of the animal! Obviously not someone educated enough with animals and the care needed to be in this kind of position. I want this woman found and fired!!!!!! Let us know what we can do to help!!!!!! Honestly!

    1. I want to know if the police actually viewed any of these tapes as mayor said they would! Seriously, carrying a puppy with his feet off the floor by a choke pole around the neck? That’s okay? What is wrong with these people!

  28. I’ve got some readers who have offered to help review and edit footage so I am not bearing this burden alone. Thank you everyone. I’m feeling better this morning. Of course, I haven’t watched any video clips yet…
    We’ll get through this. I am committed to giving the pets at MAS a voice in an effort to help the locals bring about reform.

    1. Shirley.. we all know just how hard this is to do. Just know.. your not alone, Thanks to you.. we are all going threw the same thing. I don’t like what is happening there, but like you I’m not going to put my head in the sand. What is going on there must come out, the public must and needs to see what happening behind closed doors. Sending you hugs..

  29. WTF….WTF….An Utter Absolute Disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourselves….Fire those persons NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. theres a special place in hell waiting for this sick son of a bitch,, karma will soon bite him in the ass..

  31. These are our tax dollars at work! We have a voice! This has to end. Do not support HSUS and ASPCA. They are very rich organizations and also have plenty of power to stop this! These voiceless angels need us!

  32. I’ve been watching Rescue Ink – I wonder if those guys shouldn’t pay these folks a visit. They need someone to get a strong message across and let them know they are being watched at every turn. This is horrible and inexcusable.

  33. These people have no right to be working in the shelters,,,they are very sick and disturbed people to do this kind of stuff to these innocent babies,,these dogs never asked for this..these people should be fired and put people that have a heart for the living (animals or humans) and really need jobs…This hurts so bad to know that animals are treated so bad

  34. I am heart broken to see this. It is inexcusable and disgusting. If you don’t like animals then do not work in a job where you come in contact with them. I would like to a choke collar on that person and drag their arse around and see how they feel. What kills me is that there are other people walking around and no one else said or did anything.

  35. Surely there is someone that can be shown these videos and stop this animal ABUSE! For God’s sake that dog could have been gently picked up and shown some affection. People like this have no right working with animals in what is supposedly an animal “shelter.” I say fire her dumb a** and let her work with homeless people, at least they have a VOICE! I won’t hold my breath and wait for the HSUS or the ASPCA to jump on this one but it sure would be nice if they spent their money to stop stuff like this.

      1. Someone should file a complaint with the State Attorney, have him view the tapes, and get the Shelby Sheriff’s Department on viewing and investigating the tapes. Apparently the city cops aren’t doing their job! That is abuse plain and simple.

        Again, I have to say; Mr. Rogers, PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSE!

  36. This is unforgiveable. That person needs to be fired and banned from working with any animal organization.

  37. It’s Saturday morning. I’ve just stumbled on to this post and already know after reading a few lines and seeing the still photos that I can’t view it just now. The entire issue of abuse/neglect is still fairly new to me, at least the extent and severity of it. My take on the issue is that the general public has no idea what goes on in (some) shelters. If I were to win the lottery, it would ALL go to the animals in need. Please God, I will start buying tickets if you allow me to win.

  38. I think this is sick behavior on the part of that bit**. I would like to go there and drag her sorry a** around with that choke pole. My heart goes out to all the animals there that are frightened and abuses. I don’t understand how this can go on. There has to be a better way of handling those poor animals. Karma will come back to those who abuse.

  39. Obviously by the “non-reaction” of the co-workers passing by, all these people treat these animals the same way–so very sick and sad–what in the world has gone wrong that people are so flipping cold and ruthless??? UGH!!

  40. Reading through these posts I have to wonder – what are many of you personally DOING about this? I will be calling (long distance) Monday to complain and request action be taken to remove the ACO. Letters will follow to the proper representatives. It took me a little research, but I find this time is better spent than filling up the posts with rhetoric that in the end will not help one single animal. If you have time to read and post, you have time to take action!

  41. :'( No amount of words can be said. My heart bleeds for these poor animals and the abuse from the heartless, cold employees. Their time is coming, and for eternity. They have no soul to be able to treat animals like this.

  42. Who is going to be the SOMEONE who gets these to the TV stations? who contacts the attorney general? It should be someone local, I think. I have given up contacting anyone since I ended up on the “non-personna” list of all of the contacts. PLEASE, someone take some action. These animals deserve so much better.

    1. I sent Jeni Diprezio the link and a message last night. She’s done a good job with her investigative reporting so far and she apparently isn’t afraid of the “city machines”. However, I agree with db; local people need to get involved and be very very vocal about the abuse seen on the tapes.

  43. What is the point of abusing a terrifyied animal! Why aren’t the employees held accountable for how they treat the animals? They should be fired on the spot and fined like any other abuse case!!!!! When does it stop

  44. please keep up your efforts and your strength – the reward will outshine the weight on your heart in the present moment

  45. I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that this person is dragging these poor dogs around, and even lifting the one completely off the ground! I’m just as disturbed by the fact that their co-workers don’t seem to care, either! Clearly, this is customary treatment! I feel sick right now.

  46. Is there anyway to send these pictures to the heads of companies that are located in Memphis? I was specifically thinking of FedEx whose company headquarters are located in Memphis. How about a billboard? What about boycotting Memphis for tourism?

  47. Shirley, please send these videos to the news stations, and see if someone there will demand from Mr. Rodgers why he said “no one will be fired” at MAS. What exactly does someone there have to do to get fired? The c*^t in these videos cannot possibly have any redeeming qualities that would let her keep her job. Anyone who says she does is a dumbass. Is Mr. Rodgers a dumbass?

    1. Kate, the city officials monitor the blog closely. Further, they say someone monitors these security cameras. The only reasonable assumption to be made is that they are well aware of the abuse at MAS.

  48. I just sat here watching the first video and wondering when the ACO dragging the dog would enter the picture. I THOUGHT the person waaay in the back was using a mop.

  49. I would really like to have a phone number and the name of this person or persons that I just watched on this video because I sure am going to make a phone call on Mon morning. Not something that I ever want to see again.


  50. I am in tears over these videos. The poor puppy in the second video did no appear to move when put on the scale or whatever that was and when he jerked it up it was limp. I wonder if he killed it with that damn catch pole. Since Mr Rogers has no experience with animals he may not know that is not the proper way to use a catch pole so I hope those that write him inform him.

    1. Don’t worry Joyce, he was still alive. Today I saw the video of him after he was carried out of view. I will post it. Please don’t worry that I would knowingly post a video from these tapes of a pet being killed.

  51. Are you flippin kiddin me these stupid people are as abusive as the dogs abusers!!!? Shelter people are suppose to be part of the solution not part of the problem? I realize not all shelter workers are like this but this person should also be punished to the full extent of the law!! He is also an animal abuser!!!seriously how could that little puppy possibly hurt him except in self defense? No compassion its sickening!!!

  52. Shirley: I know the viewing is going to take a tole on you, but believe me, we are all here for you to make sure your work is not in vein. We will all, I’m sure, go after what ever it is that will bring justice for all the lives lost & abused at MAS. Until MAS is operated as it should/could, we will ALL fight for justice in whatever way we can.

    Each of us here at YesBiscuit!, please pass on methods to help others help the animals in need at MAS. Any suggestions are helpful.

    Thank You, Shirley. You are the key.

  53. My rescued BBD is afraid of nearly everything that appears to be “shelter” related. Is it any wonder?

  54. Can’t watch the pictures. When is this going to end, these inbred need to be fired.

  55. I agree with Sharron Rush: what are WE doing about it? What can we do about it? A lot, but there is no official information listed here as to what the people can do. I think these should not only reside here but on YouTube (where videos have a better chance of going viral). Each video should have the details of who to contact (i.e. the Mayor, David Rogers, etc.), a petition link, your URL, proper tags, etc What you have here is incredible, but limiting it to one area is potentially destructive to your cause. You should have a petition set up i.e. via change.org to accompany ALL these videos and their placements. People are going to WANT to do something about this trust me – but you need to give them to tools. After hearing that David Rogers is planning to keep the current staff, and after this, the world should and will be outraged. This kind of mistreatment of animals would be met with judgement, fines and punishment by law in the real world – you need to expose it beyond just us animal lovers. Why put yourself the the grueling process of watching all this (and I give you mega props for being so strong), when we have no call to action. I am sure people on here have the contact info for letter writing campaign, phone call campaigns, etc. Please share it here, Set up a petition and let’s get this viral.

      1. Excellent – I didn’t even see that there on the right – got lost in the flurry of responses. Will the information for James Rogers be up there? I don’t know if you have control over this petition, but I went to sign it and it seems outdated now. i.e the lead in reference to 2009, the webcams not working etc. I see a link to your blog and that’s what people need to see right out the gate to note that it is relevant to right now in 2012. Some say petitions don’t work, but I have seen 3 in the past month deliver results. It might be worth updating this one so people know it is still happening and perhaps including direct links to the two videos above. http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-abuse-at-the-memphis-animal-shelter.

  56. I am so tired of these selfish, hateful, a**holes that think its okay to abused, neglect and hurt animals. Its bulls**t!! These places video tape this stuff and do nothing about it. Why? And why do these s**ty people think its okay to treat these poor animals like that? Why is this woman not being yanked off to prision by a chokepole? Why is she not being tortured by some guy three times her size? Since she feels that treating these poor babies that way is okay then give her the same treat when hauling here to her cell.

    1. I wish I lived near that shelter. I would stand out front with signs and pictures and video for everyone to see the abuse and the dicussing and inhumane behaviour that goes on in there. I wound have a huge picture of all the employees who were involved and the ones ignoring it so everyone can see these cowards. Let them be branded the abusers they are. And for the people ignoring it, they are even more guilty. I would rather be fired fighting to stop the abuse than work there in silence.

  57. Has anyone here looked at the Mayor’s Face Book wall?? He is being blasted with complaints. Everyone is being polite.. Think he will delete and Block all those different people. He has to take notice.. he has to take charge.. He has to stop the abuse…

      1. The Mayor’s twitter feed seems awfully quiet…maybe someone who tweets can send him a respectful question? Like, “Do you still consider the staff at MAS to be “caring and compassionate” in their duties?”

      2. here’s the latest post with all the comments so far. No-one is interested in what he had to say.. they commented on what’s going on at the shelter.. again.. I’m wondering how long these posts will be up there.

        Mayor A C Wharton
        I was delighted to host a special screening of the 2012 Academy Award Winning Documentary, UNDEFEATED, last night at the Paradiso. It was great seeing this documentary with Coach Courtney and the Manassas High family. Here I am with Coach. The movie is out nationwide today; don’t miss it.

        Undefeated Movie Premiere

        See More Photos · Friday at 4:56pm via SmugMug
        16 people like this.

        Robbie Benson And you call yourself a leader??? Really??? These atrocities are happening on YOUR watch.
        There is a very workable blueprint out there in the book “Redemption.” Perhaps you could read the book and take the advice within and actually take proper care of and save animals in your region. The world is watching YOU!!! What will YOU do?? What do YOU have to say to the folks around the country who are appalled at what you are allowing to happen in Memphis?
        Friday at 9:58pm · 5

        Heather SaveLennox Brett Memphis has always been famous for music ! Now it`s becoming known for ANIMAL ABUSE ! Way to go Memphis. You seriously need to get rid of the scum employed in your shelters. The situation with the shelters is beyond words !!!
        Friday at 10:11pm · 8

        Gloria Free I notice other employees walking by, as she was dragging the dog on a choke collar, neither employee stop to help the dog or even acted like this was anything abnormal. That should tell you something, it should tell you this kind of behavior is normal there. DO YOUR JOB!!!
        Friday at 11:30pm · 4

        Diana Estep The Nation is watching & we will not go away until something is done!!!
        Yesterday at 8:41am · 2

        Joke Brussen No worldwide is watching, how can you accept that employers of you treat animals with NO respect! You must act! No excuse.
        Yesterday at 8:47am · 3

        Pat Horn Al I can say is that YOU ARE A DISGRACE!!!!!!! One day, hopefully soon, you will stand before God and answer to Him for what you allow to happen to these poor defensless animals!!!!!! How do you live with yourself??????
        Yesterday at 9:25am · 1

        Bibiana Munera Velez donde esta la justicia para estos pobres animales del refugio , que paguen por lo que le están haciendo a los animales , justicia , para nuestros hermanos menores
        Yesterday at 3:34pm · 1

        Kathryn Gibson Miko ALSO, nationwide is the sad video of one of YOUR shelter employess mistreating 4 helpless puppies! Ghandi said it best: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ” Memphis has FAILED. Please rise to the challenge and CORRECT THIS TRAVESTY instead of worrying about your premier.
        8 hours ago · 3

        Tracy G Cohen Won’t be visiting any time soon – took the city off my vacation agenda – in fact I will let the governor know and share the videos – you are no man, no leader to allow this to happen on your shift. God help you, you ought to be ashamed of your emasculated self.
        7 hours ago · 1

        Timothy Apwisch I too will not come back to your city until something changes for the GOOD of YOUR poor,abused animals! Shameful !!!!

      3. Looks like the mayor sanitized his wall. I don’t see any comments about this there.

        Memphis: What an corrupt city government made up of unethical people to allow animals to be abused, EVEN WHILE THEY WATCH on security cameras!

        This is a non-partisan issue, not about one political party or another. It’s about allowing vulnerable animals in your care to be abused. Yes, it IS abuse when staff are not using equipment properly and mishandle animals. This a complete lack of leadership. I hope cruelty charges are laid against the mayor like has been done in other cities.

      4. I’m glad I copied and pasted all the comments here.

        Shirley… have there been anyone defending the shelter since to started posting the videos?

      5. Someone on FB thought it was A-OK for the Yorkie to be supported only by a leash across his windpipe as he was forced to jump from the top tier cage. Other than that, I haven’t heard a peep. Of course I’ve banned all of Jeanne’s aliases so that has lessened the number of supporters here significantly. We’ll see what today brings with folks coming back in to the office.

      6. Just in-case this disappears.. I thought I better save this one also..

        Cheri Dave Tillner The only way I will accept hum is if the neglect stops and the pit bull euthanasia stops. The citizens want to see more pits adopted.
        February 27 at 7:51pm · 1

        Judy Livers Crenshaw Does the shelter have a Facebook page?
        February 27 at 7:55pm

        Monique Fisher Welcome, Mr. Rogers!
        February 27 at 10:19pm · 1

        Maria Grogan Date of video Feb 7 2012
        Friday at 8:28pm

        Kathy N Jesper Nielsen Is the dog still alive or was it just propaganda?
        Friday at 8:31pm · 2

        Lauren Nichole Keele i like to know when this guy is going to start firing the things that work there? oh wait… as of the 7th, they are still abusing the animals… and the cameras are not for the public… wow… that’s how all this started… them getting caught abusing the animals… i can just imagine how bad it is now…. no one watching them… and killing 8 out of every 10 that come in… no animal is safe there… i am ashamed to say i live in the horrible city… i will be voting during this election… mayor, making the right choices now… might just be the only way you get back in office… i voted for you.. i had faith in you… I NO LONGER DO!!!! PROVE ME AND ALL OF US WRONG!!!! MAKE THE CHANGES THAT ARE NEEDED!!!!!
        Friday at 8:45pm · 4

        Mario Rivas Dear Mayor Wharton and Mr. Rogers, please reinstall the webcams that were removed last November at the Memphis pound to reassure the public that pets are not being abused. Recent video acquired through a FOIA shows animals being mistreated by staff. Sheriff’s deputies raided the facility in 2009 because of animal abuse, and it seems like the practice hasn’t subsided. All animals deserve to be treated with respect. Thank you.
        Friday at 9:04pm · 4

        Patrick Donahue bring back the web cameras, those poor animals are being abused, shame on you
        Saturday at 1:52am · 2

        Dawn Owen-Gawell There is a question about animal abuse at this shelter…is it true?
        Saturday at 4:49pm · 1

        Christina Perez Grushkin http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/memphis-animal-services-links/
        21 hours ago

        Susan Kirby And another video comes to light! While other states enact laws punishing animal abusers, Memphis gives them jobs! Sickening.
        17 hours ago · 1

        ShayMarie Thompson its all show new person appease for the moment! Rogers & Mr. Mayor, how about doing something about the animal abuse! Stop concealing,covering up bring back the cameras, how do you sleep?
        8 hours ago

    1. update… above I posted the comments that were posted on the Mayors Face book wall. This morning I see that every single comment has been deleted.

      1. The posts are an embarassment to them, but how do they delete posts off their facebook wall? I can’t get anything to disappear from MY wall, but I have nothing to be embarrassed about.

        If all the complaints of MAS were left on his Facebook wall, it would prove there is validation in what others are saying, just by the amounts alone. We know the abuse is real. The abusers think it’s normal behavior. The Mayor believes whatever Hooks & Hall says & they’ll say anything to cover their own butts.

  58. it is just crap the things that some people think they can get away with i just hope for the dogs sake that them people looking after them was draged round on a catch pole to see how it feels
    people like that just make me SICK .

  59. I would like to know the fat bastards name as well as the 2 dick heads that walked past this !!!

  60. OMG! Both of these are bad, but especially the 2nd one!! That poor puppy!! Ahh Ive never seen somethin that infuriates me so much and also makes me want to cry my eyes out at the same time as much as this. I just want to drag that lady with a chokepole every time I see her.

  61. 3 of my dogs were illegally taken by the pound from my car. I recently had come back from the park and was getting groceries out of my car before I let the dogs out. When I was putting the groceries in the kitchen I came back out to the pound and a cop breaking into my car and took my dogs. They have been in the pound now for 7 days because they told me it was going to cost 1,000.00 to get them out. The cops reasoning was “there was no food or water visible.” They weren’t even in the car for 30 minutes!

    I’ve already had 2 of my dogs illegally taken from my hotel room back during Christmas and when I finally got them out they were malnourished, dehydrated and had worms.

    This is the second time I’ll be filing a complaint with the city. But when is something going to be done about this! What kills me about this situation is that where I live, behind my home is a junk yard that has about 6+ dogs running loose all the time. They’ve tried to attack me and my dogs and when I call the pound and cops about it they tell me there’s nothing they can do about it, but yet you can take my dogs from my vehicle (that was still running btw) and from my hotel room but you can’t pick up dogs that run off a leash and try to attack people! Something does not add up!

    I want the word to get around that something needs to be done about MAS!

  62. This is Appalling!!! Who and the hell do they think they are? I would like to drag him around and see how he likes this! And Canada says that we have the best law for abused animals…That is a Big Laugh!

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