And now for something completely different

Tonight on MAS-TV, I watched a lady clean cat cages. I don’t know who this lady is but I don’t recognize her from the webcams so maybe she is a recent hire. The video shows an enclosed cat room where it’s safe for the cats to run around, which is what she lets each one do while she cleans his cage. In this clip, which I wanted to share because it made me happy (and because I think we could all use a respite from the eye-gouging misery that is MAS), she has just finished cleaning a cage housing a litter of kittens. They had a grand time running around the room to stretch their legs for a little while and now she’s putting them back.

More like this please.

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    1. You are so right. I was fired from my position for “wasting time” saving a cat that had escaped into the shelter due to the negligence of a new employee. The kitty was stuck on a wall for two days. Fortunately, the cat was retrieved, neutered, vaccinated, and is now a happy cat.

  1. I love that the one little kitten is going from cage to cage to say hi to the other cats. And the one at the bottom left is trying to get her attention – probably for some loving of his own. Any way we can find out if they are still alive and get them some help if they are?

    I hope this lady stays how she is! Her loving on the kittens as she puts them back is a very nice sight.

    1. It is, makes my sadden heart, Smile some… Yes there are people like us, who love all animals. And I would give my life to save them… Thanks for sharing this…

  2. Hooray for nice cat room lady! We love you, nice cat room lady! It’s so great to see her giving each cat a cuddle before putting it back into the cage. THAT is how you treat animals! They need to make that lady director of the pound.

  3. How sweet and refreshing to see someone actually caring for the animals. I hope she doesn’t get fired for “wasting time” on those darling kitties!

  4. The blue shirt this woman is wearing is the shirt that all volunteers are required to wear. I have met this woman on a few occasions. She is an extremely dedicated and caring volunteer. The aloof & callous staff at MAS could definitely take some lessons from this woman. Thank God for volunteers like her. Without them, no animal at MAS would have even a glimpse of a chance.

  5. Anyone know if the kind blonde-haired guy who was always so good to the dogs is still employed at MAS? We need to make him and this woman the new management somehow.

      1. Sadly, I’m not surprised. Anyone who even slightly cares about animals will have their souls slowly crushed in a place like MAS. Eventually they get beaten down enough to leave, and what’s left are the monsters. That’s why real change has to come from top down.

  6. It was great that she gave them a little humane affection before she put them back. I just hope the atmosphere At Mas doesn’t get to her and the cats lose a great human. Thumbs up to her she shows she is a human being with some empathy. Maybe she should be teaching the training classes!

  7. Assuming you guys are right and she is a volunteer, I have a suggestion for the city. HIRE THIS PERSON TO REPLACE ONE OF THE WORKERS WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this, Shirley! I’m even happier that YOU were able to enjoy the brief respite from the horrors you’ve been viewing for us all. I hope someone can ID this volunteer – not only does she deserve recognition for her efforts, she should be held up as an example, and offered a ‘paying’ position at MAS!

  9. Awww . . . what a great volunteer. I agree she should be part of the management team. As they say in baseball when a fan in the bleachers makes a superb catch: Give that woman a contract!

  10. She is our fabulous volunteer! The cats are her passion. She is as wonderful as you see on the camera. I love her.

    1. As I was watching her work with the cats, I was wondering if she had heard that security cam videos were being posted online. Unlike some other people at MAS, I bet if she did hear about it, she was not at all worried. No need to worry when you know you’re honest and caring.

      1. I have worked with her for months now-although I am a “dog person” due to allergies to cats, and she is mostly a “cat person” I can tell you that what you see here is what she always, always is. Kind, loving, careful, and dedicated. Cameras, no cameras-she couldn’t care less.
        And I think that tuxedo kitty has been adopted, but I will gladly check.

  11. Wow. I love this woman and what she’s doing for the cats! I hope she gets a pat on the back from the new interim director!

    Thank you for sharing this, Shirley!

  12. It’s a sad bit of commentary to see how excited we all get when we see the type of behavior in a shelter that ALL shelter workers/vols should have.

  13. The black and white cat in the lower left corner who keeps pawing at the cage- is there a way to find out if that cat is still at MAS? I’d be willing to pay to get him out and into a rescue/foster situation, including any traveling fees. He/she reminds me a lot of my current cat, who picked us out at the shelter which just those kinds of antics.

    I’ve never tried doing a long-distance rescue before (I’m in NJ) and I can’t take the kitty myself, but as I said, I’m willing to pay his way to a better situation if someone can assist.

    1. TY for the kind offer. There are plenty of current and former MAS staff, vols, and city bigwigs who keep close tabs on the blog and will see your offer. If any of them choose to help, it would be great. We can not request records without the ID # and the only way to get that is if someone with the ability to get it takes an interest. I will reiterate that there is help available for ANY of the pets seen on the security cameras so far and I hope someone will be able to track at least one or two of these pets down.

  14. What a wonderful human being, maybe it will rub off on the morons that work there.

  15. Cages cleaned and now cuddles and kisses before kittens go back. What a heartwarming sight! Whoever you are, THANK YOU!

  16. Ahhhhh this is so nice she should show those other ones how it’s done! Makes a lovely change. I have been tweeting @MayorACWharton with these issues including pictures! But no reply as yet!

  17. Thanks, I needed that! (I’m thinkin’ maybe not as much as YOU did…) Thank you Shirley for wading through HOURS of footage and posting snippets for the rest of the world to see.

  18. The volunteer in the clip totally loves those cats. My husband and I are also kitty volunteers. We hug and snuggle and play with them, too. In fact, several of the volunteers are devoted to the cats. When I get time (cats require a LOT of upkeep) I go into the puppy room and make sure they’re all hugged and loved as well. There are a lot of us who love and care for these animals. But, we need more hands!!!! Change needs to happen, that’s for sure. But, the animals need us in the meantime. We would love to have more caring volunteers who can focus on the animals while the ugliness swirls around us.

  19. Thank you for sharing that. I think it is important to point out the right things that MAS does too. Whether the clip is heartwarming or horrific, the most important thing is the animals. Too be honest, hope this gives more impact too of what volunteers are capable of, what their staff should strive to and how media or a blogger in SC, can be their ally.

  20. Can we get her name? I’d personally like to give her a BIG hug! *KUDOS* to the fabulous volunteer!

  21. So great to see a decent person for a change. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you do!

  22. Wow! This is very refreshing, and good, to see! Besides her, that John guy, and mayeb a few volunteers, it is rare to see anyone do anything but bad in that place.

  23. awwww did you see the one cat in bottom left corner scratching,, like me next!!!!! this is what working in a rescue or shelter is supose to be like… I had over 100 to take care of between 2 of us.. and we always made time to love on each of them.. even if it was after cleaning cages…

    1. I think if a shelter worker reaches the point where they no longer feel the overwhelming urge to show affection for the pets in their care, it’s time to move on. Affection doesn’t necessarily mean hugs and kisses, after all, some shelter pets aren’t comfortable having hugs and kisses from strangers. But a friendly pat, ear scritch, some kind words, or even just a walk or hang out time can be so helpful for the stress levels of both the pets and the staff.

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