Sniff of Sling Crappy Hour at MAS

As regular readers know, I posted countless webcam images of abuse and needless killing at MAS on this blog until the city shut the webcams off.  Despite their lack of action to initiate meaningful reform at MAS, Memphis city leaders did reassure the public that there were 48 security cameras in place at the pound and those cameras would be monitored by the police department.  As of today, no one at MAS has been arrested for animal cruelty based upon the security camera footage being monitored at the Memphis police department, even though I have posted what appears to be animal cruelty at the hands of MAS workers caught by those same security cameras.

In fact, the response from city leaders has been underwhelming.  The mayor has not called a press conference to even threaten prosecution for documented acts of animal cruelty by city employees.  Neither he nor the other city leaders in charge of MAS have so much as issued a statement, a cross look or a sneeze.  The abuse at MAS stands, as it always has.  But the city did manage to send out a flyer promoting a “Yappy Hour” adoption special at MAS.  Normally, I am all kinds of supportive about shelters promoting adoptions and offering discounts but seriously – this is the city’s response?  They’ve got employees abusing pets at the pound and they send out a cutesy flyer with Snoopy on it, offering a limited-time discount to adopters?  I guess the thing I had in mind involved more handcuffs and police cars, less cartoon characters.  But if this is what Memphis is going with, I think the flyer should at least be corrected to reflect how Snoopy would be treated if he ever actually did end up at MAS.  And so, thanks to an anonymous graphic designer who loves pets and hates pet abuse, I offer the corrected version of what the city should be sending out about this event:

11 thoughts on “Sniff of Sling Crappy Hour at MAS

  1. Animal abuse should be exposed and action taken. If not, everyone should bring it out in the open and pester the hell outta of the “powers” in the town, organize protests, call the media, etc…thanks to the media, a lot gets done..let’s get rid of the scum bags who mistreat animals. “Do unto others” should be done to them!!!

  2. Hehe, awesome!

    But I pretty much agree with this whole post. It always seems that when allegations of abuse come up with this place, the answer is always to hold adoption events. Now while adoption events/adopting is GREAT, it is, that is not the answer for the dogs still in their care, who even get to survive. It just shows that MAS is never wrong, they have nothing to feel remorse about, and that its the ‘irresponsible publics’ fault for bringing more dogs in that they get so overwhelmed that they just dont have time to be nice.

  3. Need to put on the poster-Does not include vetting for esophagus problems from the chokepole!

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