Darling Dog Surrendered to MAS on February 7

I’m interrupting the major news of the day in hopes that someone will be able to tell me about the dog in this video.

I love dogs.  All dogs.  That’s my problem (which is why I have too many).  But here is what I love about the little dog in this video.  First, he looks like the kind of dog that gets named Muffin or Scruffy.  I love those kind.  Second, I’m guessing he might be a senior because of how calm his demeanor is during the entire surrender process (snippets in the clip below) and because he appears to possibly be a little stiff after being removed from the cage but then he walks it off.  I love the seniors.  Third, regardless of the fact that he’s just been surrendered to the pound and a cruel worker pulls him out of the cage like he’s a sack of shit, trying to stuff him into a tiny wire cage on the floor, he still wags his tail and walks cheerily around the room after the worker leaves.  I love his spirit!

If anyone knows if this little ragamuffin is still alive at MAS, please let me know.  I know we could easily find a good home for such a mellow, good-natured dog.
We have money, let us help.  Any information is appreciated.

25 thoughts on “Darling Dog Surrendered to MAS on February 7

  1. This dog is adorable – I hope (against the odds) that it has been adopted or rescued.

  2. I want to help with this one too, somehow. I’m in Illinois, but if I can help, please let me know

    1. Good luck with that. Jeanne will tell you whatever you want to hear. I can’t keep all her stories straight.


      1. Yes, ex-mas, I am sure you are being far more productive from your computer chair than Jeanne is from inside the shelter. Let’s refrain from criticizing unpaid shelter volunteers, shall we?

      2. Jackie – You must be drinking the kool-aid, Ex mas volunteer is 100% correct and probably more productive than Jeanne. Jeanne has known about the abuse at MAS and has remained silent. She attended the “meeting” with the volunteers and Hall/Hooks and was SILENT – She is in charge of Petfinder, according to records – sometimes only 30 pets are posted and then 60 pets are listed – what happened to the other 400 or so? She is the Lobby Lurch at MAS – not very productive – although she does that whole “scowl at everyone when they walk in” really well….

  3. So many things to look at in this video. First is the fact that the little dog is exactly like my little Ming. I miss him so much. He was just shy of 14 when we lost him.

    Then my eyes are drawn to the garbage can in the corner and the two pups in front of it. There is a dog hiding behind that can, hunched over and most likely wishing to disappear.

    Then the guy who comes to take the brown dog out looks very much like one of the two young guys arrested this morning. Imagine how many more puppies and dogs they terrified and abused from just February, never mind the months prior to that.

    1. I have more video of that litter. There were 4 – 2 black and 2 brown. They were left loose in that room for awhile and then all 4 stuffed into one small cage on the wall. The last one falls halfway out as he’s being stuffed in. And yes, that looks like Mr. Elliott taking the other dog. He’s also the one who picks up the last pup by the scruff and stuffs him into the cage.

      1. Who teaches these idiots how to handle these poor souls, it is infuriating … when or ‘if’ they do their ‘so called’ chokepole training they should practice on each other to get an idea what they are doing to these dogs.

  4. What the hell kind of dog handling is that??? Picking him up by his SKIN? Tell me again Mr. Mayor about the “caring and compassionate professionals” at MAS. Because if someone picked up a dog like that in front of me, he’d be fired on the spot.

    They all really do act like the dogs are lepers and they want to stay as far away from them as physically possible.

    1. It makes me sick to see the worker mistreat the sweet little dog like that. You can see he’s obviously sizing him up first, realizing he’s not going to fit into the teeny cage he brought but he grabs the skin on his back and tries to stuff him in anyway – the little legs swinging… And still the dog just shakes it off and he’s all happy.

  5. Oh – and if they were using the Chameleon software properly, we’d know that dog’s status, ID number, etc. But, of course, they aren’t using it…yet.

    Right now there are 13 adoptable dogs for MAS up on Pet Harbor. 3 have no images, 4 are from last year.

    There are 4 adoptable cats. One with no image, three from last year.

  6. Can these videos be send to Animal Defense League? I already informed them that there is abuse at this shelter. Maybe if they see the videos they would investigate.

  7. All of these dogs are so cute. Sadly, since they come from MAS, I am not hopeful. Im more surprised when one DOES get adopted than if it doesnt.

    And wow, you mean that the workers can take a dog a foot without having to use a chokepole?! Its a freakin miracle.

  8. I feel so useless.. There’s not a thing I can do and I’m sick over it. How can the Mayor see what’s going on and not do a thing to stop this abuse. The Mayor wants you all in Memphis to vote! Is he up for re-election? His speech says one thing.. is he not watching these videos?

  9. Seriously? You do realize the POS in this video is taking these precious babies to be killed? This hell hole does nothing the way it’s supposed to and sadly, I highly doubt that the actions of Mayor Wharton (must be re-election time is coming up) is going to change much. It’s a blatant case of too little too late but one can only hope.

    1. I’m bracing myself for the possibility since of course I know that MAS kills most of the pets in its care. But I’m holding out a little hope because it is obvious to me on the video that this is a highly adoptable dog, not medically hopeless/suffering with a lot of love and life inside him. Surely I can’t be the only one who sees this – someone at MAS must have recognized it too. And so, I’m keeping a small bit of hope alive until I find out definitively what happened to this dog.

  10. MAS probably considers older/elderly dogs unadoptable. The shelter in my area in the 90s would not adopt out any dogs over the age of 5.

    Take a look at all the older/elderly dogs that are being rescued at NYACC-on Urgent Part 2 page on Facebook! There are many rescues that will take older/elderly dogs even those with some health problems.

    In that video I saw 2 dogs that were waggin their tails and looked happy. Why would they euthanize dogs like that? The pups probably just need to be socialized!

  11. I truly don’t understand how anyone can pick up a dog, or any animal, in that manner! These monsters truly have no love for animals whatsoever, no empathy, no feelings. Get rid of all of these disgusting people.

  12. What is most troublesome to me is the emaciated puppies running around obviously very scared. I think the man who brought the dog in treated him well asking him to come out of the cage then taking him out nicely and putting him in the bigger cage. The worker did not seem rough taking him back out again although he handled him a bit strangely but why would he take him out and then try to put him in that little wire cage thing I don’t understand. In this exact video I am not seeing egregious conduct except for the obvious concern about emaciated puppies but I have seen enough on these cameras and otherwise posted that tell me this place need the entire house cleaned and a staff put in there that actually cares about animals not just a paycheck. Clean out the trash! This place has been a hell hole for animals for wayyyy to many years now. Dogs dying from starvation in a shelter, dog fighting, improper handling and just plain cruelty. I pray now that the heat in on again with the new charges and arrests something gets done here. This shelter is the shame of Memphis!

    1. “The worker did not seem rough taking him back out again although he handled him a bit strangely but why would he take him out and then try to put him in that little wire cage thing I don’t understand.”

      Trudy, look carefully – the way he picked the dog up is by his skin! He’s got one hand on the dog’s scruff and one with a handful of skin/fur on his back! I think it’s safe to say that NONE of us would ever pick up a dog like that unless you’re trying to pull him out of icy water or some other desperate lifesaving situation where there is no other choice.

      You don’t hurt a dog unnecessarily like that. You just don’t.

      1. Like I said it looked strange I didn’t realize it was only skin he had a grasp on. I would never pick up a dog like that. It was awkward how he was taking him out in the first place. It was obvious the little duffer wasn’t aggressive in the slightest happily wagging his tail even though he was in a strange place but I didn’t see malice just ignorance. I am not defending this place in the slightest believe me. I have seen enough to know this place has been hell for animals long enough and it is time for a MAJOR change. Get these dog fighting ghetto dirtbags out of there and get people in that care. You mean to tell me that with the current economy they can’t find someone desperate to work who also loves animals. I find that hard to believe there would be a shortage of people to choose from that would be better than the thugs they have working there.

      2. I’m not sure he’s even gotten skin there on the back – it appears to me that he’s got ahold of the dog’s FUR.

        Those who have sent photos/videos of such things for me to review know that I tend to err on the side of caution. After all, it IS easy to get so outraged that slight offenses are blown out of proportion.

        Concerned that perhaps this is what is going on here (in very specific instances) I took this video to a few people who are not very dog savvy, and a few people who are – but who are NOT welfare advocates.

        I think the best response came from my husband. When asked what he would do if he witnessed a stranger handling his dog in this fashion, he replied “I’d knock his ass out.”

        My husband is the kind of person who would be reluctant to yell even if he were on fire, so I knew I was not overreacting in my own response. He then removed any lingering doubts by following up quietly with “man, woman or child – sorry, but I’d knock their ass out.”

        Other viewers had a nice reaction “ooh! puppies!” followed by “awww, the poor dog is frightened. poor baby…” followed by “HOLY CRAP DID THAT GUY JUST LIFT THAT DOG BY ITS FUR??! WTF!!”

        I’m in full agreement with mikken – there certainly ARE situations that would warrant grabbing hold of a dog in this way. As a matter of fact, I pulled something approximating this move last summer, trying to pull a 30lb soaking wet dog into an already overloaded rowboat full of less-than-sober animal lovers who were rowing like crazy persons trying to reach a dog in the middle of a lake who clearly was not going to last much longer. Even then, I had enough sense to grab skin, not just hair, and managed to get a portion of the dog’s docked tail in my hand, even.

        How many of us have accidentally closed a crate door on a dog’s leg? Ok, maybe not repeatedly, but let’s say the worker really didn’t notice. Now, how many of us have considered it wise to have dogs leap from 4′ off the ground onto slick surfaces, and then failed to notice that dog coming up lame?

        Or how many of us here have EVER considered picking up a sweet, small, happy-go-lucky puppy by its scruff simply to move it into a kennel?

        I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve tried to actively come up with reasoning (excuses, really) for what we’ve seen here. Bottom line – they don’t exist.

        Take everything else out of the equation, and let’s simply talk interaction. Forget the abysmal kill rate, the dogs dropping dead in their kennels, the starvation, fighting, illegal sale and theft of dogs. Forget the “poor handling skills” of workers who allow dogs into dangerous situations and then beat them when that situation erupts. Forget the disastrous new shelter and their sorry excuse for “bedding” or the fact that these animals appear to spend most of their days trying to sidestep feces, or wondering where their next meal is coming from.

        Look solely at the INTERACTION between workers and the animals in their care, and I don’t know how one can possibly call this anything other than abuse of the most entrenched variety.

        I’ve given these folks the benefit of the doubt at every possible opportunity. But there’s just no arguing with video of animal abuse occuring with this kind of regularity.

        Nor is there any arguing with the fact that Mayor Wharton is ignorant at best, definitely complacent, and certainly spending FAR more time defending MAS and making excuses for its MANY failures.

        Time to go, Mayor Wharton. Tick tock, tick tock, to your next failed re-election attempt. And I will do everything in my power to ensure that it IS a failure.

        Take away the dignity and the safety and the rights of the pets of Memphis – and we’ll take your job. I PROMISE.

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