MAS Has One Tool in the Toolbox

Thank you to reader Casey Post who volunteered to help me review the security camera footage from Memphis Animal Services.  She captured these clips showing workers at MAS grabbing terrified little dogs with chokepoles.  Does anyone know if these dogs were in one of the areas where the public is allowed to look at dogs for possible adoption?  If so, how is it ok for a member of the public (say, an elderly person, a child, a pregnant woman or a disabled man) to potentially take one of these dogs out of the cage for some one-on-one time to see if they click?  Because these are obviously vicious, rabid animals unsafe for even a trained animal professional to handle without a steel pole with a metal noose on the end, right?


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  1. I thought I had seen some pretty horrific things but this really is the absolute worst! I couldn’t watch it … the horror is beyond belief and how anyone cannot see it is beyond me. These so called men should experience exactly what is being done to these animals so they can feel what these poor innocent souls feel. What is it going to take to stop this? Something must be done, something must stop this. Looking around at all of my dogs and cats, sleeping so comfortable, safe and loved, my heart is broken beyond repair. What can we do? I’m at a loss …

    1. They have people working that are scared of dogs,it’s just like a person performing a surgery on a Human and they never went too medical school,get some rescue people in their to run the shelter,give some young kids a job,kids that would love too work in a place like this,get those cowards out of there.poor dogs/cats have enough stress why would you want too do this too them?

    1. Or, if he’s afraid to touch it the LITTLE baby, then why can’t he start by using a leash?

  2. Oh good Lord…those poor babies being dragged around like that!!! And maybe its just that I cant see whats going on so well, but it looks like they spend like a minute or 2 just getting the chokepole on to begin with. I assure the workers there, if they used a leash, theyd be in and out in 2 seconds. When I volunteered at a shelter, I wasnt there nearly as long as these people have been there working, and I never had to spend longer than 2 seconds with a leash or even had to use a chokepole (I didnt even know where one was!). Those dogs WANT to get out of there, you dont have to take them out, kicking and screaming. Sheesh

  3. zo I’m going to vomit! OMG, those little dogs and that chokepole! This is uncalled for. I don’t care who you are….that’s the most cruel treatment of two little dogs I’ve seen to date. In the first video he appears to actually be lifting and shaking that little dog above the floor. What the hell is wrong with him?

    In the second video he’s afraid to go into the kennel. That dog is so scared of him he’s as far back as he can get. There is no possible reason for this treatment.

    Wharton, Hooks, and Hall, you better get your act together. Mr. Rogers, where are you in all this? There is no reason that this sort of treatment is going on. Maybe it’s time you all get instructed in proper treatment of animals yourselves so that you will know that what the staff at MAS is doing is so far off base from being anywhere near right that a total housecleaning is in order. And maybe the people of Memphis should start with you.

  4. I feel sick. Those poor, panicked dogs. And the odds are, after being treated this way, they were probably killed.

    It’s not just Wharton and his cronies that are responsible for perpetuating this. It’s the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and PETA, all of whom know these things are happening every day in Memphis and shelters all over the country. And not only do they not intervene, they take active measures to make sure this will continue. It’s unspeakable.

  5. I can say with almost 100% certainty that these dogs are NOT in the super sekrit bite dog area, and not even in the stray area, where the public is now allowed to search for their pets, but no volunteers or potential adopters are allowed to remove dogs. This looks to me like either adoptions or “healthy hold.” This is disgusting. I cannot tell who that is. I wish I could. I want to know the enemy. Every day I remain so horribly torn because I know that staying away means some dogs will have no kind human contact, but I cannot make myself go there. This is horrific.

    1. I understand your sentiment. Have you considered volunteering at another area shelter? The dogs there would undoubtedly appreciate and benefit from the kind human contact too. Keep the pressure on MAS by refusing to act as an enabler for animal abuse. I’m with you.

    2. Shelter Ex,
      What if the current non-profit group inside the shelter were replaced with volunteers who have fresh ideas about customer service, community outreach (education/spay & neuter), progressive adoption practices to get more animals out the front door rather than in the dumpster? What if these new volunteers and rescue partners worked in harmony, rather than getting a sneer and a growl at the front desk or from tje member of the Mayors’s staff that seems to have an MAS red phone in her office? And, especially, what if these new volunteers were compassionate always and put the animals first in every decision, including one to rat out a bad employee either for mistreating an animal or for not doing their job? What if they could in coordination with Mr. Rogers and his efforts to clean house?

      If this were the case, I think Mr. Rogers would have more volunteers than he’d know what to do with.

      1. Forgive the typos, etc. – I haven’t had my coffee and I failed to grab my glasses!

      2. 1 Voice, I have contacted Mr. Rogers. I have offered suggestions about developing a truly active, compassionate volunteer force. There are currently some wonderful, loving, caring volunteers there-some active and some on self-imposed leave- If Mr. Rogers would go in, clean house in all areas, and use energy to rally the troops, I believe that many of us would go back, and work with the rescue groups, support the good employees (I myself know of only 2) and move some more pets into loving homes.
        I ratted out an employee. NOBODY DID ANYTHING. I ratted him out to three people in positions of authority…still he’s there, mopping the floors with the bodies of dogs.

        Shirley, yes…if Mr. Rogers refuses to act, I will throw my energy into another shelter.

  6. 1 Voice- count me in! I have thought the same thing…. Many of us share those same thoughts. The closest thing to privatizing MAS may be having the scenario you described. These dogs need to be socialized and need to get outside for exercise and fresh air (the stench at MAS is still horrible). The minute the animals become the number one concern( rather than ego’s stroked, butts covered – they always look for ways to CYA…) turn around would be inevitable.

  7. Are you kidding me?! A 10 lb (maybe or less) puppy on a choke pole. Whoever that POS is who is handling the puppy needs to be fired- yesterday! My heart is broken watching that puppy squirm- you can feel his/her fear- damn!!!!!

  8. If you look in first video the dog are happy to see a human come in there. Poor misled babies, then as far as I can see the use of the choke pole instills fear from the dog and the dogs reacts, I bet if MAS worker (torturer ) gave them a kind word and used a leash the dog would go willing with him. Instead he approaches dog with a choke pole instills fear and then gets his addiction fix on unprofessionally using the choke pole and at one point lifting him in the air? I am sure a adopter of these dogs would not appreciate the dogs being treated like this and end up with a big vet bill because the dog was not handled properly.
    What is going on that everything is done against adoption? Seems like someone has to be making money somewhere on dead dogs instead of live ones. Why is it we must follow the rules and Mayor on down feels they don’t have to. Clearly this whole shelter is breaking some laws.

  9. That sorry excuse for a sack of shit, if not already one of those under indictment, outta be. Rat him out, Shirl. He better NEVER get in my headlights. Mr. Rogers better get on the stick, or his 90 days is UP.

  10. Sickening. If anyone has any doubt about MAS being a jobs program for the unemployable, not an animal shelter, they need to be duct taped to a chair and made to watch this. Over and over again.

  11. Rotten POS, when is Rogers going to start doing his job? Is he as bad as the morons that work there? I contacted the Animal League Defense, so far nothing.

  12. Yep that’s our ole buddy Glenn dragging puppies to the kill room! He’s scared of dogs just like 90% of the employees at MAS. That’s the reason they use their “choke poles” so much. It’s not an 80 lb. mad dog, IT’S A PUPPY!!!

  13. These horrible people should not be allowed around animals. Poor dogs. They do not deserve to be treated this way!!! These men should be fired on the spot! Also they should be charged with animal abuse!! Those who abuse people and animals are the scum of the earth.

  14. wtf….this made me cry……..this person shoould be publically flogged for what he did to that poor dog……no excuses none…..these places need to be monitored by cameras all the time. spend some of our tax dollars on installing camers in all the shelters to monitor the employees and stop this abuse !!!!

  15. That is the same dog, different angles. WHY wasn’t the poor thing put into a cage for transport? What a fucking asshole! I just don’t get why they keep suspending these dogs in the air? To me, that is abuse on purpose!

  16. Wrote to the TN governor. While I applaud him for writing back (they never write me back) he sounds like hes reaaal concerned. At least he sends only his WARMEST regards. Is it re-election season?

    March 12, 2012

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns about Tennessee’s law regarding suspected cases of animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. Your interest in the welfare of animals is commendable.

    As you may know, Title 39, Chapter 14 of the Tennessee Code Annotated provides authority to local humane organizations to investigate cases of animal cruelty. Local humane organizations also have the authority to investigate suspected cases of livestock cruelty with the assistance of a recognized animal husbandry expert such as a county agricultural extension agent or a veterinarian. Under the law, local humane organizations have broad authority including: courts and local law enforcement to prevent further cruelty or otherwise make arrests, taking possession of animals, destroying injured or diseased animals that are beyond recovery, and to placing a lien on animals to help pay for care.

    Local humane organizations provide an important service to communities and we support their efforts. Although authority regarding these matters primarily rests with local organizations and law enforcement, I believe that any type of abuse or neglect of small or large animals is unacceptable and should be dealt with properly.

    Again, thank you for contacting my office. I look forward to hearing from you again on matters of importance to you and your community.

    Warmest regards,

    Bill Haslam

  17. I am guessing they know better than to do this in front of a volunteer. I never ONCE saw a chokepole used like this while I volunteered there. I guess they know when they “can” and when they “can’t.” What is WRONG with these people? It’s obviously beyond laziness because it would have been far easier to just reach down and pick the dog up, rather than trying to snare it. Worthless trash.

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