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In reviewing the footage of the dead pet disposal at MAS, I came across an anomaly – namely, movement of a trash bag.  I can not say with certainty, nor do I believe anyone can say with certainty, what is causing the movement of the bag.  To my mind, there are two reasonable possibilities:  wind or a dog who was bagged alive.  The former is possible because there was some light wind in Memphis on the day the footage was obtained.  The following info was obtained from the National Weather Service website:



It’s also possible that a dog was bagged after being injected with Fatal Plus even though he was still alive.  This has happened at many pounds around the country and I have reported on some of those cases here.  But I do not know if that is what is depicted in this clip.

I wrestled with the question of whether or not I should post this clip for several reasons.  Ultimately I decided that readers paid for this footage and are entitled to see what’s on it.  It is up to each person to decide what they believe is depicted in this video.  Sadly, given the history of abuse at MAS, I don’t think it’s a huge leap for most people to believe it’s possible a pet may have been bagged alive.

If you believe a bag may have come open and a gust of wind came up and blew the bag around, I’m not going to argue with you.  I too think that’s possible.  If you believe the movement of the bag is caused by a dog still alive inside, I agree that seems a reasonable possibility.  If you just aren’t sure, I’m not going to try to convince you either way.

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  1. I saw that also, I shuttered to think it was possible( although I knew it indeed is possible). I usually never watch the videos you post
    ( too painful). I get my info from your writtings. Thankyou for what you do, for I cannot.

  2. OMG!!!! That doesn’t look like the momvement of any wind. The two people looked at it too and when it stopped they didn’t do anything! They are such monsters there with no regard for the pain and suffering so it is highly possible that is a dog alive in there :(

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were bagging alive animals but I don’t think the movement is such. Notice how the movement moves from one side of the bag to the other as it rides the gust of air…it is floating on the air. It also appears to be a bag that hasn’t been tied shut this the mouth of the bag is free to rise the wind. Again, it wouldn’t surprise me if something that evil was taking place at this disgusting place. Thanks for all of your had work–I moved to Memphis 4 years ago and the treatment of animals here is beyond belief. I am disgusted by the lack of presence of national animal rights orgs–two years ago I called the Humane Societes national office to ask what it would take to get them to promote their dog fighting reward program here–they told me that I could order posters and they would give me the first 10 for free…I laughed at the guy. I felt like I was talking to AT&T… Hopefully your hard work will counter the evil and laziness that surrounds us.

  4. I also shudder to think. I don’t think it is possible to tell from this clip, although Rena is right, the worker on the right stops to watch the movement, and when that movement ceases, walks away. Someone like a forensic detective should watch this and analyze the footage frame by frame, enlarged and try to determine if this is benign or evil.

  5. I am disgusted at the executioner casually smoking his cigarette after a hard days work.

    About the bag, I *think* it is the wind….I am telling myself, it is the wind :(

  6. I believe there is a still-living animal inside that bag. There is a flap up in the truck bed that would block wind coming from over the hood and cabin of the truck. There is a tall fence that would block wind coming from that direction. There is a building behind the truck. It’s hard for me to believe that one gust would find its way around all that, lift the bag, then subside . . . with everything around it undisturbed.

    The worst thing to me is the relaxed behavior of the worker on the right. Perhaps this is someone who believes a gust of wind opened the bag for a moment. Or someone who simply didn’t notice what happened. But knowing what we do about the people who work at MAS, to me the most likely thing is that this worker hears and sees, but does nothing.

    Can you imagine being that pet? Or any of them in any of those bags? None of them should be there. They should be adopted.

  7. It is difficult to say from the video why the bag is moving. It could be a animal, it could be the wind. Let’s pray and hope it was the wind…

  8. Please be calm and careful when drawing conclusions from video. While I believe many of the criticisms of MAS are well-founded, I think the more reasonable conclusion here is that the movement was caused by wind. While the windspeed was pretty low that day, it does not take much to blow movement from a thin sheet of plastic. More pertinent, the movement was pretty large and over quite a distance. If it was caused by an animal that was moving inside the bag, one would think the movement would have continued.

  9. It’s the wind. There were a couple of incidents at MAS were a dog was still alive. The driver freaked out and immediately contacted his supervisor and the shelter supervisor. The person that didn’t put the dog to sleep was suspended. Those truck drivers don’t work at MAS and their supervisors don’t either. The sanitation department is responsible for picking dead animals up from MAS, Vet clinics, and off the streets and highways. They were instrumental in making the MAS employees put the dead animals in garbage bags before transporting them. In the past the dead animals were just dumped in the garbage bins on top of each other. No bags…It’s the wind…

  10. The worker on the right is Big Glen. He’s always been a nice guy to the volunteers that I’ve witnessed and I’ve never seen him be cruel to any animal. (Although I had never seen Archie, Billy or Frank actually be cruel to an animal, either, so I suppose “not seeing it” at MAS is any accurate barometer.) I would like to think better of him than believing he would knowingly leave a still living dog in the bag so I’m going to say it’s the wind.

    1. It may not be apparent in this very brief snippet but the worker there appears to be female and is not someone I recognize from the old facility (when the webcams were still up).

      1. I couldn’t tell the sex by the short clip. I was going by body type and that lovely yellow apron that Big Glen always wears.

  11. I think it is a live animal in the bag. And here is why:

    1. The building runs west to east. The camera view is pointed at the east end of the building in a south-west direction. To the left is a 12 foot tall (minimum) security wall. Straight ahead is the building, 18-25 feet tall. To the right (out of camera view), and directly north of pick up, is the part of the building that control officers drive in to drop off animals. (see attachment). The pickup was protected from the wind on all sides by structures, excluding the east side. The truck bed and truck cabin also protected the bag from wind on ALL sides.

    2. Maximum wind gust on that day was 11 mph from North. Average wind speed 2.8 mph. (per our dear Shirley’s research).

    3. The shelter has always had a shady reputation for abuse and improperly euthanizing dogs by letting them leave alive to the dump.


  12. Just my 2 cents – I watched and rewatched the footage. Over and over again. If you look at the gentleman standing on the right hand side of the screen – at the exact moment the bag moves – you will see that his yellow “apron” also blew with the wind. While I wouldn’t put it past MAS to stuff a living animal in a bag (whether or not it was given Fatal Plus) – I think this was just the wind. (fingers crossed)

  13. Shirley, I generally err on the side of caution, but this looks very bad.

    Can you post more of the footage, or email me a longer piece? I would like to watch the bags over a longer period.

    From where I sit, not only was that not wind (the bag only blows UP, the two distinct bulges could easily be front and rear legs kicking and there is no other movement on screen that could be considered wind) but it’s clear to me that at least one worker noticed.

    This is the worst thing the cams have caught so far… And we’ve only been dealing with a 12 hour period.

      1. Good god… I’m sorry to say this, but that is NOT wind.

        There are NO movements – the bags are reflective, you can clearly see the light points don’t move. When the driver gets in and out of the truck, you can see how easy it is to spot any movement – the motion of the truck moving on its suspension is clearly visible in the bags.

        The second smaller movement is even more telling, in my opinion. The movement is more distinct, and the bag is not rounded – if I had to guess, that’s the head of a medium sized dog.

        Here’s the part where I was going to upload a video of my oldest girl demonstrating this move… but I was illustrating it to my husband and she wised up – now she’s using her feet.

        Those of you at home, place a good sized sheet or thin blanket over top of your dog. Watch the head movement. Some dogs will move backwards, especially those with short muzzles – but the majority of dogs, in my experience, employ a head toss of sorts to get the offending item off of them.

        The other place this movement is pronounced is in dogs who are severely injured or sedated – in other words, lacking full co-ordination.

        I showed the long video to my husband, and told him it was a truck full of trash coming out a shelter (I thought the foreknowledge of dead bodies in the bags was potential prejudicial). As soon as he saw the first movement he asked if the employees were smuggling out dogs, or if it was a dog who had been improperly fatal plus’d.

        Last minute success – here’s a fairly clear example of the movement I’m seeing. I’m sure most dog owners will recognize it.

  14. I hope this will be the only video that I just cannot watch… to even think this was a companion pet suffering in a body bag in the back of a truck… it would kill me. I’m praying it’s the wind, but after reading the other comments… there’s no way I can watch this video.

  15. I dont know what to think. Part of me says its the wind because you can see the apron moving a tiny bit and because the bag only moved for a short period out of 3 minutes but part of me says its a body because nothing else really moved except for that one bag. I reaaaallly dont want to think its a body. With everything else going on in that shelter, I dont want to add that to it.

  16. In the second clip there was definitely more movement–I counted 3 separate times (near the end of the second clip), and each time the worker looked in that direction. Also, it’s only that one spot that displays movement, even after he dumps the bag from the ground on top of the pile–that one spot definitely moved again. For what it’s worth….

    1. I’m just sick now. I think it is a dog. Nothing else moves in that truck and the workers pay attention too. I honestly think it’s a dog.

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