Mental Health Break: Video

I watch a lot of the MAS security camera footage at fast speed, in order to save time, slowing it down to normal speed when I see something of interest.  I watch the nice cat lady on fast speed since I’m not worried that she may be hurting pets – that’s the farthest thing from my mind!  It’s fun to watch the cats on fast speed and I thought you guys might enjoy watching a snippet of the nice cat lady cleaning cages while a couple of cool cats each get a turn to stretch their legs.  Optional: Play some Benny Hill music in your mind for added entertainment.


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  1. Thanks Shirley…the music in the mind is purr-fect. Bless all the good workers in every shelter that care enough to do a good job, respect the animals, and pause a moment to play with them. This nice lady does. I need to stop by and give her a biscuit!

      1. Gosh yes!! She’s so wonderful, and you can tell she is very thorough in her cleaning because she actually wants the cats to have a nice place to live. She puts the lie to Wharton’s statement that no one wants to do this job for any amount of money: she’s doing this for FREE because she is a good person and loves cats.

  2. That was so stinkin cute – I was giggling the whole time and I loved the first little kitty following her around and then it just jumped back in when it saw it was getting food!

    1. I know! Imagine, a shelter pet moving of his own free will due to food motivation. Maybe the nice cat lady could teach a class to the employees at MAS!

      1. YES!!!!!! But like you said on ur phone interview with the news, we cannot teach compassion. They need to hire more people like her!

  3. I used “Turkey in the Straw” – worked perfectly. I’d like to send that worker something nice for being so nice to the kittehs – anyone know who she is and where I can send it? Reply to my email, please.

      1. I hear some people say “why should we reward people for doing the RIGHT thing?” … the others around them that are doing the wrong thing can hopefully change or see that their negative behavior is unacceptable. Also shelter work seems difficult (I would bring every dog home!!!!) so it’s important tht we reward those doing the right thing.

  4. This nice lady is on her hands and knees, up and down, bending over, lifting up, scrubbing and cleaning. I am willing to bet she had to buy those paper towels and cleaning materials herself since the supplies in that place disappear all the time when they are finally ordered. Free labor of Love indeed!

  5. I can totally hear the Benny Hill music playing! Very funny!What a nice lady playing with the kitties while she’s cleaning.It’s too bad they have to stay in little cages like that so a stretch is definitely needed I’m sure! Thanks for sharing that!It had me smiling the whole time!

  6. That last cat is a pistol. He’d be awesome for someone who didn’t love their furniture :) I like that she took the time to play with the cat for a bit too. Nice to see one bit of happiness in a sea of dispair.

  7. Certainly nicer that the previous accomodations. At least one part of the new shelter looks better!

  8. Interesting video. I remember when I was younger I use to watch cartoons with my cousins and listen to music at the same time. The cartoon figures would actually move to the beat most of the time. This reminds me of this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I LOVE HER! and the kittehs! I am so relieved to see someone who is gentle, thorough in her cleaning, and caring. I love how she took a break to play!

  10. I have been there when she’s let out a whole wall of kittens while she’s cleaning and they jump and play and climb all over her while she works. She really is a wonderful volunteer!!

    1. That’s a nice visual Shelby. My personal thanks to all the good people like her and you at the shelter.

      1. I’m not there anymore, but thank you. I had to choose between being a volunteer and talking to the media about the shelter conditions. It’s unfortunate, but they won’t allow both.

      2. Shelby, you did the right thing and brought to light the wrongs. We admire you for that. It speaks volumes about a shelter that discourages doing the right thing, over and over. The cat lady is a good person too, I hope she is not punished for being so. Thank you for speaking up, you have integrity and you use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love. That is a gift.

  11. I would never want her to not be “the cat lady” but if she took over the job of photographing the animals and posting them, every last one would probably be posted by the end of the first day.

    1. She’s wonderful with the cats, but she also jumps right in and helps with the dogs, too. She admitted to me once before that she was still learning about dogs, but it has never stopped her from helping clean a cage, introduce a dog to a potential forever family, etc. She truly loves ALL the pets in the building. I hope all the politics within the volunteer program don’t get to her.

      1. I second that. I also hope, that if she sees someone abusing or neglecting an animal, that she won’t be afraid to speak up. However, I do fear that if she were to say anything, she would be gone before she finished her sentence.

      2. She can speak up if she sees something, but ONLY to people who won’t do anything about it. If she goes outside the shelter walls publicly, she has to give up being a volunteer. They don’t want their dirty laundry aired or to admit that it’s all that ‘dirty.’ I hope she doesn’t get involved because she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the cat rooms. I have never ONCE seen a shelter staff person cleaning cat condos and they would get FILTHY. After she started cleaning it was a complete turn around.

  12. Please post more videos like this – just to see the kitties playing outside their cages and showing someone who cares is so heartwarming.

  13. Amen!!!! She is seriously amazing!!!!!! I wish they were all like her. It was really nice to see this. Especially watching those pigs with the dogs from the other footage. It sickens me! Thanks to all the awesome shelter workers and thanks to yesbiscuit for staying on top of this!!!!

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