Can you resist these eyes?

Ona from Meows and BowWows filmed this dog last night at MAS.  He has no one there advocating for his right to live.  But now he’s got us.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting this beautiful dog, please e-mail Meows and BowWows at or call 901-482-1100.  We can offer financial assistance from the fund that readers have so generously donated to over the past year.  Please share him with your dog loving contacts.  If we can find a roof to put over his head and a friendly person to take care of him, we can bail him out of the pound.

7 thoughts on “Can you resist these eyes?

    1. Someone is interested in this dog? I haven’t seen anything and have been monitoring the posting on both my Facebook page as well as No Kill Memphis’. Is it another FB page?

  1. Sorry- my bad- the video didn’t come up at first- I thought it was the sad dog at MAS.. Didnt know it was Mr Rogers “dog”

  2. Looks to be part Dalmation. Are those spots I see on his body?

    Does this group take videos of the dogs at MAS? If so, where can I see them?

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