Ho, Hum, Time to Punch My Time Card

Memphis Mayor AC Wharton has announced the creation of a whistleblower hotline in an effort to root out corruption in the city workforce:

The new hotline is primarily meant for city employees to anonymously “blow the whistle” on ethical or criminal concerns. A phone number and web-based application will be available to the public as well.


Wharton talked about recent issues in several divisions, including animal services. He said he believes most city employees work above board.

I got your above board right here, Mayor:

If these sadists actually snapped a dog’s head off with one of these metal nooses and it rolled underneath the feet of another worker passing by, would they notice then?

Somehow I don’t think the new hotline will be getting many calls from workers at MAS.  But it’s all good because they’re being “retrained”.

(Thank you to reader Casey for sending in these clips from the February 7 security camera footage at MAS.)

21 thoughts on “Ho, Hum, Time to Punch My Time Card

  1. Damn. I know for some of those people, dragging dogs by chokepoles to a room where they will be killed is just a job. But these are some cold-hearted people. Will it hurt anybody at MAS to show a little bit of compassion?

  2. I guess watching the videos and pictures from the cameras is too easy for Mayor Wharton. Or maybe he still doesn’t know they exist? Oh no, wait, he gave to order to set them up…….

  3. Gee! I guess the training is going to take a long long while. Make it easier and faster and just get rid of the choke poles why don’t you.

    Cruel treatment is so ingrained into the current staff that no amount of training will cure them of their behavior. They will always do what comes naturally to them and being cruel is natural after years of this behavior.

  4. Last time I checked the labor laws it was illegal to work off the clock. Now admittedly that was to protect employees from employers forcing unpaid overtime, but still….

    (this post is a test of the stupidity that is wordpress.com that will not let me comment without logging into my account with them that I never use and I’m refraining from profanity right now cause they’ve caused me to loose my comment 4 times now….)

      1. *Sigh* learning to type might be a good thing huh? Still, I think it was right the first couple times, it was only in the constant retyping that I got it wrong, oh well.

  5. Do you suppose that any of these people look at these videos and think,

    “Damn. I have become heartless and callous in my job, haven’t I? I’m going to try and reclaim some of my humanity and start treating the animals with more care and concern.”?

    Or … no? Maybe their souls are so burnt out of them, they really can’t see it any more, not even in themselves.

    1. I just posted the 2 videos on Wharton’s FB page under his post about the new MAS director being on TV.

  6. You can just tell by the way that these dogs are treated that they are going to be killed. You don’t drag a feeling, suffering being by the neck like a piece of trash unless you intend to dispose of him/her. Cruelty, from beginning to end.

    The people who work in this place are not normal. They don’t know, if they ever did, what normal is. And they never will. They will have to be replaced.

  7. You’d have to have a soul to have any compassion. These pathetic excuses for human beings are just there for the money!

  8. Yes Biscuit: I’m hoping you can direct me or send someone my way who might be able to…. I recently learned about it being legal in TN for shelter dogs to be sold for testing and to be used in dog food, cosmetics, etc. Do you or anyone else know that the dogs at MAS shown in recent blogs are truly being sent to the landfill? I’m just wondering how i might go about finding out for sure. A lot of people don’t know that when it says “animal by-product or meat and bone meal” on dog food ingredients it could actually be shelter dogs!!! Anyway, it’s so obvious that the city and mayor are covering up something and I’m just trying to figure it out. There has to be something the city, mayor, or head guys are making money on, be it selling the dead bodies, a secret dog-fighting ring, etc if they refuse to just fire the deadbeats, clean up the abuse, and stop the needless murder. Thoughts?

    1. I don’t know for sure if the bodies are taken to the landfill. That is what has been reported by local media and I take it on faith that it’s true. But I can’t say I’ve personally witnessed it or spoken to anyone who has. If anyone has verification on this issue, I’m sure they will let us know.

    2. If the animals are killed using Fatal- Plus, the *meat* is not useable as food…the drugs remain in the system and will make whatever eats it sick.

      This is not to say that these people are actually USING Fatal-Plus to kill. It is a DEA controlled substance that is closely regulated. Here in Alaska a licensed vet must sign for the drugs, and it is their license that is at risk if a problem is discovered. (Which would explain why that vet on the commission really doesn’t like volunteers around.)

      I buy the Euthanasia Log for local Animal Contol (under a FOIA records request) each year. They could be falsifying records and selling the drugs out the back door and then selling the bodies for food as well.

      I don’t even want to think about how these poor animals die if that is the case.

  9. Anybody notice the outside door is propped open on the second clip? I’m thinking there’s probably an OSHA legal requirement that that door remain closed.
    We can’t seem to nail them for abuse, how about we bury them on a stupid technicality?!
    Will it cost another $200 to buy another 12 hours of tapes? Where do I donate?

  10. Yes, Lynn Orbison – A stupid technicality? Might be the ticket – that’s what got Al Capone – they got him for tax evasion I think – not for murder and gruesome killing.

    Me too where to donate?

  11. Seems like this whistleblower thing is so that way if people have problems with MAS, they direct the questions there, rather than keep emailing Wharton. I dont see anything changing.

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