Sick Dog with Hole in Leg Needs Saving from Memphis Pound

This dog’s cage card indicates he’s been at MAS since March 12. It does not indicate if he has received any veterinary treatment for what appears to be possibly a burst abscess on his rear leg or his cough.  There is no way of knowing if his cough is the result of heartworms, a virus or of being slung like a bag of garbage by a metal noose around his neck. He does not look well in this brief clip. I don’t know who qualified him to be housed in “healthy hold” – a vet? One of the animal abusers MAS employs?  The guy who loads up the 8 bins of dead pets every day?

I have no information on what MAS plans to do with this dog but he is coughing, has a leg in need of vet care, looks somewhat similar to a Pitbull, and his mandatory hold period has expired.  MAS has demonstrated repeatedly that any one of these “reasons” is enough to kill.  Let’s be frank, a pound doesn’t rack up a body count like MAS’ without being extremely liberal with its killing excuses.  I fear this dog will be targeted for killing in short order.

If anyone is able to foster this dog or is interested in adopting, please contact MAS at (901) 636-1416 or leave a comment here. I will help.

Thank you Ona for filming this dog.

49 thoughts on “Sick Dog with Hole in Leg Needs Saving from Memphis Pound

  1. This poor dog. I can not foster or adopt him unfortunately. I’m sorry. But I can contribute to a chip-in to the person that takes this dog.

  2. I second what Tammy says. There isn’t any way I could have another dog..but I would be willing to contribute to it’s care if someone could take it. Wish so badly I could…Pamela Bernbaum

  3. I hope people spread the word and this beautiful boy. How can anyone sit by and watch an open wound fester without providing some sort of medical care? Oh wait, I forgot I was talking about MAS. Shame on you MAS. I wish Memphis leaders and politicians step up and do something good for once to help these poor animals. Thanks YesBiscuit for all you do and good luck sweet boy. I hope someone can step up for you.

  4. On hold? For whom? And why? Maybe because he’s a pit bull and one of the scum bags that works there is planning on using his as a bait dog? Or maybe already has and that’s where his wounds are from.

  5. As of this morning, I put a hold on him so that he wouldn’t be euthanized today. I am trying to buy him a little time but I cant take him either. He is still available for anyone that wants to adopt him from MAS.

  6. I wish I could help. :( He looks like an American Bulldog to me, BTW. I will be keeping this sweet boy in my thoughts!

  7. I would donate towards his vetting, for sure. Poor guy. I hope he’s getting antibiotics and pain meds for that leg…

  8. This boy is on antibiotics and the shelter is going to retest him for heartworms tomorrow. I am still hoping a local foster comes through for this guy.

  9. They should have taken this poor dog to the Humane Society. They do take care of injured dogs if they are not full. So sad, he is really sick. My house is full of dogs, but I would gladly chip in. It’s just too much. Ok, I see he is on antibiotics, but still he is not well. Poor baby. Praying for him and a home asap.

    1. I emailed the Shelby County Humane Society this morning and they cant take him. They have no room in their isolation area. They are looking for a foster home without other animals for him but they have a backlog of animals that need fosters.

      1. Has anyone EVER known Memphis’ Humane Society to take an injured, homeless or needy animal? I’ve needed help on numerous occasions and always turned away, as well as others have been. I wouldn’t expect their help for anything anymore.

  10. Ona, thanks for trying. I have only had luck with them one time when a beautiful mama dog (injured) came to our porch, she had recently given birth. We looked everywhere for her puppies,unfortunately we could find them. We were able to take her to a vet and they came and “intake’d” her. Anyway. This is so sad :(

  11. He is too sick for me to put in “general population” with my three large dogs, and I do not have room to isolate him…but I have emailed every animal lover I know to see if anyone has at least semi-isolation he can be put in. I will keep working it to see if there’s any way I can help find him a home.

  12. OMG.. this makes me so mad. I have two dogs that are HW+.. neither of them sound like that. I’m betting his throat is damaged from the choke pole. Shared this on FB

      1. IDK to me this dogs cough sounds a lot deeper and wetter and the one in the link sounds dryer. If I were to guess, Id say maybe pneumonia. But the ID card said he was HW+ right? So maybe the heartworms got in the lungs and that caused a problem? Im very far from being a vet so IDK

      2. I don’t know either, but they way they use the choke pole… I’d go there first.. then get the dog to the vet.. either way. the dog needs help

  13. That poor baby. Between his cough, the hole and I think the card said he was heartworm +, I dont see it looking good. I hope Im wrong, but I see shelters killing dogs for a lot less than that. If he does get released, let us know, though!

    Its great the Ona(?) was paying attention to him and petting him too since Im sure that was the most TLC/attention he got since before the ACOs found him.

    1. Thank you for your kind offer Rebecca. If a rescue group in your area is able to take responsibility for the dog with you as foster, we could certainly investigate possibilities. But it would be irresponsible of any Memphis area rescuers to foster him out to NJ since obviously they could not be there to help if the need arose.

      1. I hear what you are saying about using a local foster. Thought I’d add.. My foster “Jett” came from SC, I live in NC.. the rescue that pulled “Jett” was in NJ. I think if there’s an offer on the table to save a dogs life.. grab it. I think local would be great but has anyone in Memphis stepped up? how long has this dog needed help so far?

      2. Just to clarify, the only rescue group that I know of that is willing to help this dog is Meows & BowWows in Memphis. They require a local foster. I understand their reasoning. If another rescue group wants to step up, I know Meows & BowWows would be delighted.

      3. doesn’t Meows & BowWows know of any other rescues in the area? Usually a rescue will have a list of other rescues. I’ll check around on FB.

  14. What’s the status on this guy today?

    @Rebecca King-Thank you for your foster offer, but he may be too sick to travel that far.

    Does he have a ”due out” date?

    1. Good point Angela. I don’t know if a vet has evaluated him or what the diagnosis might be. He would seem to be available for adoption now, since the mandatory hold time has expired.

  15. Is there any update on this dog? I hope someone is able to check on or better yet get this dog out today. I sent an e-mail To “Guardian Angel Animal Rescue”, but have not heard a word from them.

    1. I am trying to work with several of my friends who are working with their friends and I also have a few emails out–how is the baby doing today–updates? I will work on this throughout the day–but need to know that nothing has happened at the shelter yet?

      1. There was confusion as to whether this dog has heartworms or not. The computer said negative but the cage card said positive. He was retested today and he is positive. I have lined up a place to isolate him for one week. I have a firm offer for foster care for the last half of April only. I need to fill in the gaps.
        Someone visited Saturday and said he was not coughing as much. I am waiting for more information on his medical condition and in the meantime I am still looking for more fostercare.

      2. I’ve been following his story and got a couple people on FB also sharing. Can you write up a bio summary stating what is needed in order so I can post/share on FB, or is there already a FB link with a plea for help?

  16. It’s hard for me to turn away such a good looking dog, but my kids(dogs) say I can’t take in another. This doggie would surely make someone a good companion & protector, and proud to have around.
    It would be a shame not to find a good home.

    Any word what the wound is from? He appears healthy & would heal quickly with encourgement from a good person.

  17. Donated! Remember folks, it’s ok to give a dollar! Every little bit adds up and helps.

    Thank you, Ona, for getting him out of there!

      1. I don’t have any money until I get my Social Security check on the third.. I will donate $10…. That is my pledge. I just scrolled up , but didn’t see a chip-in link. Is there one?

  18. 3-29-12 update from MAS on our dog:

    Ms Cooper,

    The dog in question is strong heartworm positive and is not a surgical candidate. Antibiotics began initially as treatment for the wound and have been continued due to the cough. The dog still has a minor cough. The wound is healing nicely and was probably the result of a bite wound. His weight as of 3-28-2012 was 52.6 lbs. Please coordinate with Tracy Dunlap on processing the dog to your organization. He appears to be a very friendly dog so I know he will be happy to go to a home. I hope this answers all of your questions.

    R. Coleman, DVM

    Veterinary Medical Director

    Memphis Animal Services

  19. I know that every dollar counts so I am glad to be able to make a small donation! Hope he gets healthy soon and finds his forever home.

  20. I have to thank Ona & everyone responsible for getting the bull dog out. And thank EVERYONE chipping in to the ‘Chip-In’.

    Seeing & knowing that dog needs help & a home weighs heavily on my conscience if it wasn’t provided by all you good people. Am I too sensitive to the needs of animals? It surely bothers me moreso than most when I know of such instances. That, more than anything, is what keeps me broke, but happy to help whenever & wherever I can.

  21. I hope there will be a picture or two to see… I will donate as soon as I get payed…. Thank you Ona and all involved in making this a happy ending.

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