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      1. That’s not exactly what I was thinking — but wow, was the title of that video ever accurate. I’m not sure what was most awkward:

        1) The hand-to-hand combat part
        2) The idea that the human had a hard time picking up a rock and lifting it above his head but still had the strength to throw it
        3) The idea that the Gorn character then picked up a rock the size of it’s body and threw it 50 yards
        4) The idea that if Gorn was so strong to throw the rock, how it didn’t just crush the human in the hand to hand combat part

  1. I like the Rainbow Slurpee Lizard best too. Though, now I’ll have to google Marine Iguana. It sure is pretty whatever it is.

  2. That is my ex-mother-in-law. I would reconize her anywhere. She just crawled out from under her rock.

  3. Everybody wants candy today!


    This is a marine iguana. From the Wiki:

    The Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) is an iguana found only on the Galápagos Islands that has the ability, unique among modern lizards, to live and forage in the sea, making it a marine reptile. The Iguana can dive over 30 ft (10 m) into the water. It has spread to all the islands in the archipelago, and is sometimes called the Galápagos Marine Iguana. It mainly lives on the rocky Galápagos shore, but can also be spotted in marshes and mangrove beaches.


    In adult males, coloration varies with the season. Breeding-season adult males on the southern islands (Española, Floreana and nearby islets) are the most colorful and will acquire red and teal-green colors, while on Santa Cruz they are brick red and black, and on Fernandina they are brick red and dull greenish.

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