Seagoville Shelter Volunteer Group Requesting Pet Food Donations

Reader Anne wrote to the Seagoville shelter in TX to thank them for the hard work they do in saving lives.  A volunteer responded to her e-mail and added in this request at the end:

If it is not to much to ask, could you please spread the word that we are in need of dog/cat food at the shelter as our original resource has advised us that they cannot contribute until after their internal audit which is months away.  Currently, we go through approximately 500 lbs a month and the North Texas Pet Food Bank so graciously donated 500 lbs, which I picked up yesterday, but this will only last a month.  So if you could please spread the word that any contributions would be greatly appreciated!  STAAR has a Paypal account on our website that is set-up where anyone can designate where they would like their contribution to be applied whether it is for food, spay/neuters, etc. (

It sounds like they are ok for the next 30 days but will need food for the coming months.  Please share and/or donate to help support the Seagoville shelter’s lifesaving work.  Donations of $1 or any amount that is comfortable for you are welcome and appreciated.


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