City of Memphis Fails Another Public Records Request

Many of you have asked about requesting additional security camera footage from MAS.  Some suggested specifically the day after The Compassionate Chokepole training class.  I thought this was a good idea – a chance to see the immediate effects with animals hopefully being handled humanely.  The request was filed but unfortunately, the city failed to respond within the time allowed by law.  The city also failed to respond to follow up requests.  By the time the city did respond (today), we were advised that the footage had been overwritten.

This is not transparency.  This is not accountability.  This is not integrity.

We will of course continue to pursue these public records in an effort to hold MAS accountable.  I will keep you updated as things develop.

17 thoughts on “City of Memphis Fails Another Public Records Request

  1. Isn’t there something that can be done re: their willful violations of the law? If the public is legally entitled to certain info and follows appropriate procedures to request it, but the organization blatantly ignores the requests and destroys the information, I would think there could be legal consequences for them.

  2. How very convenient!
    Who is the guy who does all the investigative, undercover reporting for one of the tv news shows? I think he’s done some stings of online predators, fake drug deals, internet scams, etc. If anyone knows who I’m talking about (is it Chris Hanson?), maybe he would be interested in hearing about some of the “sheltering” practices, what they say and what they do.
    They will continue as long as they can get away with it.

    1. That’s the point. They don’t think the ‘troublemakers’ will pursue it, so they’re playing a game of “let’s see who is most tenacious”. I think we need to show them!

    1. I wonder if the Animal Legal Defense Fund would help. This seems like the kind of case they might be willing to pursue, but I would guess that the person who filed the FOIA request would have to be the one filing the suit.

  3. Darnit! They will have to comply with the request. Why do they have to be begged. They were suppose to save tapes too. Guess a phone call will have to be made to gov. again!

  4. You can report this open records request incident to the state of Tennessee. Here is an email address —

    You need to be able to provide all correspondence that has the dates (emails, etc.) that are specific to the records request in question.

  5. request yesterday’s video footage or how about last Thursday’s. Last Thursday should be a good one. It’s the day before the long weekend. An I would love to see how the dog we’ve been praying for has been treated.

  6. If one knows which cameras cover which areas it would be wise to perhaps request the ones that would give the best views of what’s going on.

  7. Boy the city of Memphis sure doesn’t look very good to people from all over the US. It is such a shame. I liked to visit that city to visit Graceland and St Judes. Those places make Memphis look good but MAS sure doesn’t.

  8. Since my last post about how the Memphis government isn’t interested in protecting these animals (for whatever reason), I’ve been thinking of how the citizens of Memphis could take matters into their own hands. I’ve done just a little bit of research and see that several states have enacted statutes like this one – – which allow for civil suits against animal abusers by private citizens. Who wants to start lobbying for this kind of law in Tennessee?

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