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Regarding the Char-Meck pound failing to notify adopters of a confirmed case of parvo and then inviting the public to come to the facility for free rabies vaccines, a commenter stated:

missjanenc Says:

April 16, 2012 at 10:03 pm

FYI, the shelter holds free rabies and s/n clinics every second saturday of the month. Those who avail themselves of this clinic don’t go past the front of the facility and don’t go anywhere near the adoption kennels.

To my knowledge, there is one public entrance to the pound.  All visitors bringing in strays or owned pets (sick, healthy, vaccinated or unvaccinated) as well as potential adopters come through this entrance.  I don’t know if the ACOs have a separate entrance for their impounds but regardless, the front entryway is obviously an area where the spread of disease would be a concern.  Standard shelter cleaning protocols for disease prevention should be utilized.

This is one of the pound’s listings on PetHarbor.  It appears to show a puddle of urine and a cat left in a trap in the entryway of the facility – the same area the public would bring their dogs for the rabies clinic:

CMPD ACC listing as seen on (Click to enlarge.)

In addition to the previously stated concerns about the pound failing to disclose the occurrence of parvo, I wanted to make a comment on the poor cat in this listing. For starters, who is either going to recognize their lost cat or fall in love with this cat for adoption based upon this photo? No one. Further, I HATE seeing cats in traps on the floor. This is psychologically cruel in my opinion. They are already scared out of their minds and a trap provides no place to hide or even a solid floor. At the very least, set the trap up somewhere elevated to provide a slight feeling of safety for the cat. All around FAIL.

7 thoughts on “Bringing Up from the Comments

  1. That has got to be one of the worst shelter photos I have seen and you have posted many bad ones. Poor cat.

  2. That actually looks like a puddle of vomit, to me. Are they taking lessons from MAS on how to take the most craptastic photo possible?

    That poor cat looks miserable and unwell. How long was he left exposed and terrified on the floor? Jackasses.

  3. Usually when things like this are done with animals it’s because people don’t really take the animal into consideration. The person is looking at what is easiest for them. The pic was easy for them as you can see no effort was put into taken it. The person didn’t take into consideration that this pic might save that cats life. They didn’t take into account how this cat might feel being placed on the floor. This is the problem with a lot of people they think it is just a animal. We have Generations of people being taught it is just a animal. Some of us are not that ignorant and have learned no matter what we were taught from past generations we learned to Respect living beings others think that only apply to people. People still live in the past ways and don’t even realize it.They can have all the latest technology our time has to offer but when it comes to animals they are still living in the 1800’s like they were taught from generation to generation (MAS).

  4. I will take diarrhea with a little Parvo virus an the side…

    OK, not funny at all but I am left wondering why post a sign that reads “must be accompanied by an adult”… who?? Obviously NOT cats in traps, NOT sick animals who may have left a puddle of urine,diarrhea or vomit while incoming or outgoing…

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