Organized Slime

Thank you to all who voiced their opinions on the $800 FOIA fee being charged by Memphis for the MAS security camera footage.  Good points were made both for and against paying the fee.  The consensus seems to be that we should go ahead with collecting funds.  As such, a ChipIn has been set up.  I will keep everyone in the loop as we go forward.

16 thoughts on “Organized Slime

  1. As a person that has unfortunately become to familiar with Slimeballs and Public Record Requests. With every which way they can threaten you to squash your rights for records, both passive and aggressive. Get a detailed breakdown of why this is costing you so much compared to the last request. I would request a breakdown of that last request you did if you did not get it. So that you can bring this forward in a complaint to the mayor AND the states attorney general since they are trying to squash your request by charging you fees that are ridiculous to stop your request. Especially since this request is smaller than the last request.

    Been there…Done that…Oh and you should see the latest attempt to squash me…but I won’t give your Slimeballs any ideas.

  2. Come on, YesBiscuiters! Let’s show the slime how determined we are!

    The faster we raise the money the stronger the message we send. We will not be deterred. The only thing that will stop us is for MAS to stop the killing.

  3. Request a waiver of fees using the following reason:

    “The material requested is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.”

    Request a detailed statement what the fees are used for.

  4. I hope those in Memphis will bring this to local media. This is a story: petty retaliation and deliberate discouragement of citizen inquiry.

  5. I think a second chip in is in order. Use the funds to rescue some dogs! Maybe name a puppy FOIA and show them what good they could be using the staggering fees for. Off to make my donation.

  6. Got $2 in my paypal and its yours, wish I had more to send but its been one of those months. And ditto the other suggestions of next time requesting hte waiver and that it might be time for a chipin for a lawyer….

  7. Just wanted everyone to know that many of the things being suggested have been done. We have requested they waive the fee, we have FOIA’d the records regarding the fee, we have been in communication with the person in Nashville whose job it is to oversee records requests for the state. I promise to keep you informed as developments unfold. Thank you all for your input, your contributions and your support for the homeless pets in Memphis.

    1. We can’t thank you enough for doing things for Memphis dogs & cats that we ourselves here in Memphis haven’t been able to do ourselves. Of course I can only speak for myself, but “Thank You”.

  8. Just chipped! Was this the interim director’s choice to charge such an exorbitant fee? So much for improvements in the status quo!

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