Shelter Pets of the Day

Georgie and Milkshake, a bonded pair of pets at the Allegany Co Animal Shelter, enjoying some outside time together.

Submitted by Peter who writes:

This is Georgie (brown) &  Milkshake (black/brown), two female Shepard mixes about 3 years old. Milkshake & Georgie came to the Allegany County Animal Shelter with several other dogs from their family. Milkshake & Georgie are both very friendly and lovable, have an extremely close bond. Milkshake can be adopted out by herself and would do great on her own. Unfortunately Georgie will fall into depression when she is separated from her sister. Georgie would like to find a home together with Milkshake or with another dog that can become her companion. However, we would prefer to adopt them out together.

For more info and contact:

The Allegany Co Animal Shelter is a no kill shelter in MD.

I just love these happy looking girlfriends – everything about them from their names to their smiling faces to the fact that they are BFFs.  Please share them with your dog loving friends to help them get some added exposure.  It’s always a challenge to try to find a home for a bonded pair of pets so every share helps.  I bet Georgie and Milkshake would be perfect for someone who wanted to have a couple of easy keepers around the house who wouldn’t be constantly in your face for attention.  Plus their names are Georgie and Milkshake and you’d get to say that every day.  “These are my girls Georgie and Milkshake…”  OK, I’ve said their names enough now.

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