Chris Brown’s Latest “Performance”

Celebrity singer Chris Brown is a violent convicted felon. Domestic violence often stems from a male preying upon a female he perceives as unable to defend herself against his brutality.  It’s not surprising that there is a well established link between domestic violence and animal abuse – in both cases the victims are chosen for their vulnerability.

Chris Brown is currently on probation for beating up a former (?) girlfriend.  If I was his probation officer, I’d be checking out his latest online venture:  selling Pitbull puppies who come with a “four generation performance pedigree”.  For those unfamiliar with dog pedigrees, they trace the puppy’s family tree and, in the case of dogs bred for a specific purpose, the ancestors’ accomplishments are listed next to their names.  For example, a puppy bred for dog shows will include designations in the pedigree such as BIS (Best in Show) and CH (Champion) next to the names of ancestors who have achieved these performance titles.  Likewise, animal abusers who force dogs to fight in organized illegal dogfighting rings include dogs’ win records in the pedigrees of puppies being sold for dogfighting.  Since dogfighting is a crime in every state in the country, the pedigrees containing the dogs’ fight records are often advertised as “performance pedigrees”.

I have no idea what sort of “performance” records the dogs in Chris Brown’s puppy pedigrees have.  Maybe they are all AKC obedience title winners or top weight pull competitors or some combination of other ‘performance’ events.  I’m not saying that, based on this online puppy selling, Chris Brown appears to be a dogfighter or has any connections to the world of dogfighting.  What I’m saying is that I hope his probation officer is exercising due diligence and looking into the matter.

9 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Latest “Performance”

  1. Yeah I saw this online and I was so mad. I already dont like him enough for what he did to Rihanna (the former girlfriend you speak of that he hit) so this just takes the cake. Its not like he needs the money so…I cant help but think this is just bad all the way around.

  2. I didn’t think that I could have a lower opinion of him, but there he goes, proving me wrong…

  3. Eddie Griffin has also made the comment, “these dogs are made for fighting,” speaking of Pittbulls as well as made fun of white people for careing more about dogs than people.

    Is Eddie & Cris close friends?

  4. Not on the topic of Brown, but of a “shelter” that was supposed to be boarding a dog so her owner could leave a bad situation.

    Did this “shelter” abuse this woman and her children by oops killing their dog?

    An Ottawa woman was boarding her dog, Nala, at the SPCA while she was moving herself and children out of a bad situation. Someone thought she didn’t reclaim her dog by the stated date, so Nala was killed.

    Can you imagine what they are going through and having to explain that to your children? Sickening.

    If shelters are allowed to kill savable animals (over 90% are savable) , there are always going to be mistakes made, or oops killings like these.

    My condolences to anyone whose pets have been killed by a shelter.

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