26 thoughts on “Name That Hazard

  1. Good to see the new facility is sooooooo dog friendly. And being so well-maintained by the staff!

    Do these people not have eyes?

  2. Oh my gosh…that is injuries just waiting to happen! This place NEEDS to be shut down. Whatever good they do is far outweighed by the abuse and neglect inflicted on the animals. The general stupidity they exemplify is just mind-numbing!

  3. Very upsetting … a good director could do so much with a large facility like this, instead of making it a house of horrors!! Don’t they know anything about animals at MAS …

    1. No…I sincerely doubt that he would. There would be SOME excuse or he would follow the norm and say that troublemakers were taking it out of context. That whole city needs to be under new leadership from the top down before anything will change.

  4. I would suggest that the biggest hazard to these pups is their isolation from people and other older dogs. Socialization is not something dogs get a do-over for. Even if these dogs were to be adopted they stand a good chance of being returned to the shelter system because of behavioral challenges.

  5. Oh jeez. In between doing this and that, I noticed tonight, “Hey, I haven’t had a single comment on the blog all day.” I just figured it was a slow day or maybe my writing was even duller than usual. NOW I realize there have been comments left during the day but WordPress just wasn’t notifying me. So, sorry for not participating in any discussions. I didn’t know anyone was talking…

  6. Way too many hazards for a litter of puppies! I can’t figure out how all those pups made the metal bed list like that (was one of the metal legs already broken?). According to Hooks/Hall – the manufacturer was replacing all those beds that had been damaged. Hmmm…maybe not? Or maybe they are too lazy to get in there and change them out. So what’s it going to be Mr. Interim Director?

  7. Wish there was a way to pull this whole litter – what beautiful pups they are! Someone please tell me they are safe and outta MAS.

  8. I believe these are the Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow mix puppies that are on Pet Harbor, numbers A23957-58-59-69-61; three females and two males. I “think” that they forgot to count a puppy or a puppy died. It looked to me like there were three puppies in one cage, one by herself, and two together. At any rate, it looks like those little guys are not doing so well in that kennel with a broken down platform to sleep on.

    I am just aghast at the “don’t give a crap” that is at MAS. A new building and already its one thing after another. It would be one thing if Hooks/Hall ever saw to it that things got fixed……I suppose that’s asking too much. Wouldn’t want them to actually strain themselves doing something right!

    As for Mr. Rogers: Your neighborhood is going downhill, along with your facility. Shame on you for not taking better care of it. You are there and only months on the job and I see that you are nothing but lip service and not a whole lot of doing. I expected better of you.

    1. Here is the dogs info.

      There are 5 of them, no mom. They are Lab/Chow mixes. 4 black and 1 golden. 3 females and 2 males. Their ID #’s are: A239657, A239658, A239659, A239660, A239661.

      1. I mean…Here are the dogs’ info. Jeez. When I get upset, I talk like a 10 year old. Did anyone see the story about the sexually abused dog that Tennessee Death Row Dogs just posted? I want to be sick. :(

  9. I’ll take two of them if we can get them to Ohio. I can call the shelter in the morning and see if they are still available. In the meantime Ill see if FMAS has any info

  10. These babies are now on borrowed time and could be killed very soon unless someone steps up.

    1. Is there anyone who can pull them? please . . . they deserve to live.
      Local lab rescues? chow rescues? anyone?

  11. Is there a puppy up under the platform they are sitting on? It looks like something is under there keeping it off the floor.

    The only thing good about it is some observant & concerned citizen was there to photograph this obvious sad situation that MAS should of prevented. That’s some “sheltering” they’re doing.

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