Since Thursday came and went with no response from the city of Memphis regarding the missing video from our FOIA request, an additional e-mail was sent today to follow up.  The city replied that, due to our “rather extensive” video request (it was less than half of the prior request), “the operator missed some of the files” (this would be the operator who gets paid $50 an hour to copy DVDs I assume).  Lo and behold the city has an additional 33 discs for us!  Once the discs are in hand, I will of course review them and let everyone know if they cover the missing video.  Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Oops

  1. You know, I was going to make a joke about wanting that job ($50/hr to copy files and screw up), but I think my work ethic is to good and I’d be fired in short order.

    How many disks were originally sent? 33 disks of data is ALOT to miss, and I really want to know what happened in that missing 20 minute segment……

      1. So we’re talking at least half the data (which is what I was getting from your previous post but wanted to check)….*head desk* are they really that stupid???

      2. Me either….or that they think YOU’RE that stupid that you’d never notice (which goes back to just how stupid are they since they’ve GOT to realize by now you aren’t going to go away…..)

  2. wonder if the conversations on here have had anything to do with their “oops” . . . just saying

  3. Not “oops”, but rather “hoops.”

    My offer still stands to review footage if needed.

    Keep it up!

    1. If there are no restrictions on public showing I was thinking video hosting or even bittorent would be a good way to go. You could have a bunch of eyeballs looking at them. I have some server space I could loan to get some bittorent seeds going.

      1. thats an idea, I was debating offering to help review footage, but I’m hardly local, on the other hand I’ve got just under 5gig of sever space availible to play with, and I’ve done some bit-torrent, I’d be willing to volunteer that at least temporarily.

      2. Good ideas but our internet usage is limited as we live in a rural area. We are only allowed 10GB a month of use and uploading the last batch of clips put us way over – I think the modem would explode if I tried to do the entire thing.

  4. So…did our video transcriber actually work the sixteen hours they wanted to charge us for or just eight, since only half the work was done? If I were in City Accounting, this is what I’d want to know…

  5. Y’know, if we weren’t dealing with Life-and-Death issues, this would be the stuff that situation comedies are made of. It’s unbelievable! Imagine what Seinfeld could do with this material?

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