Name That Cryptid

A little twist on our regular Name That Animal game but the same rule applies – no researching, just post your best guess in the comments for fun.  Answer will be posted in the comments later today.

A cryptid is an animal whose current existence is unconfirmed by mainstream science.  Cryptids may be animals who are thought by most scientists to be extinct but who some believe may still exist (the Coelacanth is a famous example of such an animal).  It may also be an animal who has been sighted and/or photographed but hard evidence of current existence is insufficient to satisfy mainstream science (Bigfoot, for example).  Some cryptids are considered less likely to currently exist than others and many are thought to be explainable as misinterpreted sightings of other, known animals.

OK, let’s play:

13 thoughts on “Name That Cryptid

    1. I looked it up – apparently the cross between a Jaguar and a Lion is not a Jagulion but a Jaglion. I think the u adds a nice jaunty twist to the name. But a cross between a Jaguar and a Leopard is a Jagupard so I am not sure what kind of rules they use to name hybrids.

  1. This will make more sense to the horse folks: a Krazy Kolor breeder is trying to create lion-aloosas!


    From the Wiki for this animal:

    The marozi or spotted lion is variously claimed by zoologists and cryptozoologists to be a distinct race of lion adapted for a montane rather than savanna-dwelling existence, a rare natural hybrid of a leopard and lion, or an adult lion that retained its childhood spots. It is believed to have been smaller than a lion but slightly larger in size than a leopard and lacking any distinguishable mane. It has been reported in the wild and the skin of a specimen exists, but it has yet to be confirmed as either a separate species or subspecies.

  3. Shucks, I was going to say Liopard, but I’m late to the game, again, as usual, once more.

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