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  1. Westie lovers – Hospets will have two purebred West Highland Terriers available for adoption as soon as the photos come through. Dixie is a 7 year old spayed, female and Snowball is a neutered, 10 year old male. Both are up to date on vaccines with no known health issues. They are both very well behaved, love kids and other dogs. They are not crazy about cats. These two have been raised together and are bonded. Ideally they would stay together but they can be placed in separate homes. Pictures will be coming soon. Owner adores the dogs but due to health issues daily care has become overwhelming.

    1. (I meant to just provide the link, but the video kind of embedded itself. Hope that’s okay.)

  2. A beautifully written, extraordinarily clear petition by a North Carolina doctor, asking that the University of Virginia stop tormenting cats as part of pediatrics training.

    The petition is close to its goal, so please consider signing. If the University receives the petition soon, they will have time to agree, and secure simulators as a substitute, before school starts in the fall.


  3. Pit bulls can legally put their paws on Cincinnati ground today for the first time in nine years. After a long, arduous battle for dog lovers and Cincinnati animal welfare advocates, success has arrived. Today, Cincinnati City Council voted 8-1 to officially repeal the breed-specific language in Cincinnati’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal

    1. Woo hoo! Let’s hope Miami follows suit in August when the matter goes to the voters. I lived in Cincinnati in an earlier life. A community called Sprindale, if memory serves. Glad to know that the city has see the light.

  4. Chesterfield County Councilman Douglas Curtis has asked the county’s lawyer, Heath Ruffner, to look into details surrounding the feasibility of placing a referendum on November’s general election ballot that would allow Chesterfield County voters to decide whether or not mandatory regulations to spay or neuter pets should be implemented.
    Read more: The Cheraw Chronicle – Spay or neuter ballot question considered

  5. This article/video is “the day in the life of an animal care officer” in Arizona. I have to question that temperatures in the 80’s are ok for a dog to be in a truck all day and what are the “serious health problems” the healthy, friendly abandoned dog has, that may cause him to be put down.


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