Treats on the Internets

The Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, LA recently banned volunteers and pulled their FB page for the animals.  CAA continues to kill pets at the shelter.

A metro Atlanta no kill shelter had asked the Atlanta Humane Society, which imports animals, about a partnership to help get more local animals adopted.  AHS declined.  (Thank you Leslie for the link.)

The Danville Area Humane Society killed 87% of the animals in its care in 2011.  Now they are giving themselves awards.

WJAR in Rhode Island did an expose on a group pulling animals from southern shelters and selling them to people up north.  The investigation revealed that the group was handing over unvetted, sick dogs and in some cases, failing to deliver the dogs people had paid for at all.

Mandatory pound seizure – the law requiring shelters to turn unclaimed animals over to research facilities upon request – has been repealed in MN. (Thank you Thomas for the link.)

Truth About Pet Food notes that the latest Friday night salmonella recall from Diamond is for a product made at the Missouri plant – not the South Carolina plant where all the previously recalled foods were manufactured.

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  1. Newsletter — “In the last 3 weeks, Companion Animal Alliance has placed their 3rd director in 2 years at the helm. Kimberly Sherlaw has vowed to turn CAA into a No-Kill Shelter, but so far has only committed to a date that is very far out, at 3 years, and has yet to do any community outreach. This is very disappointing indeed for those in rescue and pet-loving citizens of Baton Rouge. HOWEVER, it has POSITIVELY SPURRED many of those same individuals INTO ACTION to reach out to the news networks of BR, hold rallies, and start seriously talking about drafting guiding legislation to bring our city into line with others such as Austin, TX. Here at Paws Across Baton Rouge, we couldn’t be any more proud to know these folks and support them in their endeavors. Please see our site at for some updated information on ways you can help in these efforts.”

  2. The CAA in Baton Rouge is such a familiar story – “disgruntled” volunteers, management knows nothing about any “alleged abuses”, get rid of the people who complain, don’t actually fix anything, just hide it better…


    1. Yeah. I’m thinking if the director was truly hearing these abuse allegations for the first time from the reporter, the reaction might be something more like, “What?! That is untrue. Here, let me show you…” That is, if the director was a compassionate leader working toward no kill, as is supposedly the case. Any director who hears abuse allegations and gives back attitude is not someone who strikes me as compassionate.

  3. Well thats a lot of bad info to take in all at once LOL Thanks for the updates though! ;)

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