11 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. echidna? (I’m probably totally butchering the name, but that’s what it made me think of :o)

  2. Echidna. I had a childhood friend who had a little gold charm of one she wore on her necklace. Apparently, she had an aunt who traveled and brought it back for her.

  3. Don’t know, but a very interesting snout on this guy . . . bet he can do some serious poking around in some very interesting places!


    As many of you oh so smart people already know this is a western long-beaked echidna. From the Wiki entry for this animal:

    The western long-beaked echidna is present in New Guinea, in regions of elevation between 1,300 and 4,000 metres (4,300 and 13,000 ft); it is absent from the southern lowlands and north coast. Its preferred habitats are alpine meadow and humid montane forests. Unlike the short-beaked echidna, which eats ants and termites, the long-beaked species eats earthworms. The long-beaked echidna is also larger than the short-beaked species, reaching up to 16.5 kilograms (36 lb); the snout is longer and turns downward; and the spines are almost indistinguishable from the long fur. It is distinguished from the other Zaglossus species by the number of claws on the fore and hind feet: three (rarely four). It is the largest extant monotreme.

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