Robeson Co Pound in NC on a Killing Spree

The Robeson Co pound kills animals while half the dog cages sit empty.  Supporters defend the practice, saying it reduces the spread of disease.  This has not been the case at Robeson, where 700 dogs have been killed in the last 2 months.

There are proven methods to reduce the spread of disease in shelters.  Vaccination upon intake for every animal is one such practice.  Robeson does not do this.  Killing apologists will say the “irresponsible public” is to blame for failing to vaccinate their pets.  But the shelter should be leading by example.  More importantly, the shelter is supposed to be a safe haven for the community’s pets – not the county pet butcher.

While recognizing that shelters face special challenges with regard to contagious disease, an info sheet from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program says:

Even if infection control is less than perfect, we can support animals’ own immune response through attentive vaccination practices, stress reduction, wholesome food and clean water and other measures to support well-being.  And a well thought out, comprehensive plan for sanitation can reduce the dose of exposure to one the animals’ immune response can handle in many cases.

I don’t see any mention of sending 700 dogs to the landfill in two months’ time in the UC Davis info sheet.  I hope Robeson considers an alternative approach since obviously the one they use isn’t working.

8 thoughts on “Robeson Co Pound in NC on a Killing Spree

  1. This is supported??? Shows the kind of people living in the area… So every supporter of this should rightfully be charged with animal cruelty, period!

    Afraid of animals bringing in disease is hogwash. I’d say this killer shelter is making money paw over paw on the carcasses of these poor abandoned animal instead of finding them porper homes. This facility ever heard of using disinfectives? And, yes, give the needed vaccine upon entry into the shelter. But my opinion is this Roberson County shelter needs to be pulled as any animal facility and shut down permanently with all current animals moved to a NO-KILL Sanctuary. Furthermore, before these idiots have a chance to kill more animals before a head count of animals by another facility comes to do, surprised the Roberson facility without notification. Bet you will find deplorable conditions & not to do with any animal bringing in infection. Most animals running stray are adult animals and are not carrying any disease, so this is a scam to kill off dogs/cats period.

  2. What kind of idiots are those “supporters” of the killing? It seems those in charge of all the killing are just sadistic assholes that must enjoy it, because any other excuse is just lame.

    Some day, we will make stop the needless killing & become a truely civilized society. Until then, this is just another horror story that eats away at me.

  3. It certainly is a sad state of affairs when our animal “shelters” are more stressful and deadly to animals than life on the street as strays. And it is so sad to know that this does not have to be the case, that we now know a group of programs can save so many more shelter animals when a compassionate director has the will to save lives and install all the programs of the no kill movement.

  4. this is the same shelter where Jeff Bass was manager. Anyone remember him from a while ago? Ketamine missing-street name SPECIAL K. Canines missing, particularly ones of a certain “type”. Two large canines (either retrievers or labs) shot, still in their cages with a .22 caliber rifle, although no charges ever pressed.They, at least were taken to the vet. Kittens were sold (alive or dead) for $4.00 to laboratories. Management has changed hands several times but the care of the animals has not. You still have to deal with the upper management who don’t give a rat’s ass about the animals incarcerated in this hell hole.

  5. Yes, Bass was Manager, Yes, Bill Smith, the Health Director is the man in charge – he is the one who transferred Bass after the missing drugs became widely known. This city has found a way to make $$ on these homeless animals. They have been selling them, dead or alive, for many years. It is a very poor county – high abuse of all kinds and the animals are at the bottom of the list, The Heath Dept Needs a change and the attitude of the shelter needs to move from 1890 to 2012. It is up to YOU to make noise here. The shelter Vet has been involved with dog fighting and yet he is still working there. It will continue until YOU call and send email to the County Commissioners to complain. Do something!

  6. I’ve been reading up on Robeson county, NC, the shelter situation and the responses to the news stories. I saw that some of its residents adamantly insisted that things couldn’t possibly get better because of the poverty in that area.

    I did my homework and found out that Pulaski County,Arkansas where I live, has a lower median income (by about $4,000) than Robeson County.

    We have our problems (the occasional puppy mill bust, hoarding situation, dog fighting) but the public loves its animal rescues, as evidenced by its financial support for shelters, spay/neuter clinics, and pet adoption services.

    Median income is no excuse for poor shelter operations. Our city shelter has a great director who gladly networks with other rescue organizations. I volunteer there once a week and I know they control disease without leaving empty cages.

    They get help through their volunteer program and through court-mandated community service. They also increase adoptions through the Rescue Waggin (petsmart charities), showing animals at Petsmart, and an annual adoption drive.

    In conclusion, it’s all about leadership, not median income.

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