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  1. This story is killing me! It breaks my heart! This Memphis Animal Shelter is an embarrassment to my state!!

  2. This story needs more publicity.The Memphis media, other than ABC24, haven’t picked up this story.

    1. I agree. I hope everyone here – especially those in the greater Memphis area – will share Nola’s picture with their online contacts. The more eyeballs on this dog, the better. Every little bit helps.

  3. Yet another victim of the “its a stocky dog, there for it must be a pitbull” mentality.

    Is Nola spayed or intact? I’m wondering if she’s headed out for breeding like Kapone obviously was.

    1. Kapone was a 12 yr old dog…no possibility of ever being bred…that again was another MAS fabrication to keep from having to answer the tough question of how he got out of the shelter undetected…

      1. And what does him having been stolen and used for stud have to do with how he ‘got out of the shelter’ especially since it was pretty much shown he never entered it??

      2. Male dogs begin producing sperm as early as seven mos. however @ ten yrs of agethey stop producing sperm that will inpregnate….I was in court for preliminaries on Kapone’s case and nothing proof positive could be given to show that he never made it to the shelter….actually it was more likely than not that he did….but the issue @ hand is why are dogs disappearing from this place…Where is Nola…hope she makes it home like Kapone did….

      3. Really? Interesting that you’d say that. Tibetan Mastiff males often sire pups past their 10th birthday. They are admitedly a longer lived breed, but you might want to think twice about such flat out statements.

      1. And I stand by that….attempting to breed a twelve yr old dog is like attempting to breed a ninety five year old man…Even the Tibetian Mastiff..being long lived… only has a life expectancy of twelve to fourteen yrs. and should not be bred responsibly after the age of four or five ….Sounds highly irresponsible for someone to allow one to sire pups nearing its life expectancy even if they could…which I doubt….and even more wreckless to attempt to breed one past the age of ten….crossing fingers and hoping for a litter…I will not indulge you again on this…since anyone reading can do a quick internet search and see for themselves….Mood points like this takes the focus from what is really important….Why MAS fails to be transparent when fatal mistakes happen….Where is Nola…

      2. You may consider it irresponsible (though its standard practice in several European countries to prefer “older” studs over the age of 5), but that doesn’t make it in any way impossible. Which makes it entirely possible that Kapone was being used as stud. Whether or not he was capable of producing a litter of more than a couple puppies is besides the point.

  4. Ms. Henry, My opinion is that MAS may be doing something illegal with dogs, besides being theri murderers, which is a crime, really, in itself. I BEG YOU TO CHECK ALL COLLEGES THAT HAVE SCHOOLS OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, since such colleges administrations get their subject for up-close lessons form such Killing Shelters, alive or dead. I IMPLORE YOU TO CHECK ALL EXPERIMENTAL LABS WITHIN A 50 MILES RADIUS OF MAS, personally, or get A ANIMAL DEFENSE LAWYER TO TEND TO BOTH MATTERS AFTER OBTAINING COURT ORDERS FOR SAME, IN AREAS NATIONWIDE for both Experimental Labs & for Veterinary Schools affiliated with colleges or independents in Vet Courses.

    If you love Nola, & I can believe you do, this is where you will do the most good to find her or find out what happened to her. MAS may not have records of her euthanization, but I believe the schools and labs I mentioned needs to have records of live and dead subjects they accepted for intake.

    I pray you find her, am sure, if she is alive, epecially if she is being traumatized, she is a sad dog missing you terribly. I know I would leave no stone unturned if it were my own dogs…

    And if there is some sick (which, in my opinion there are) individual who stole Nola from the MAS for whatever purpose, that person, who is a danger to all animals, needs to be located and punished harshly.


  5. This is horrible! It appears that Demetria Hogan wasn’t the only one slipping dogs out the back door…but then we knew that already. Mr. Rogers should be on this full-force! There is absolutely no excuse not to take immediate, decisive, and definitive action. Heads need to roll! As a Tennessee resident for my entire 55 years, I am ashamed of Memphis and I’m appalled and ashamed of MAS, in particular.

    1. What’s sad is the concensus about Hogan is all wrong…MAS skewed the facts for media and public….and since she was the impounding officer and an ex felon…thus an easy target… she was made a scapegoat….a friend who works in the justice system says Hogan has waived all preliminaries and requested a trial….I’m sure the truth is soon forthcoming…leaving MAS with more questions to answer….

  6. No one should consider my comments as creeping Ms. Henry out. In fact what I state is the truth & truth must be known so this poor woman is not faced with hope if she faces a nightmare. I have had Vet Emergency Clinics inform me of what goes on, so then if this does creep Ms. Henry out, I am sorry. This is not a Fairytale situation; it is a crime. I hope for Ms. Henry & Nola that they both have their happy ending, but sadly this is not always so in such cases.

    However another thing she should do, and this may jiggle MAS’s foundation a bit, is for Ms. Henry to put ADs in the local Memphis newspaper & other major Newspapers in the South… This will show she means business and MAS, and all those crooks behind such a place do not want adverse publicity & suddenly Nola may show up with a weak excuse and false apologies by MAS of why she could not be located.

    As much a blogs as yours allows for the joining of support, it still will not be the instrument entirely to solve this horrible case. Exposure in the public media, like newspapers, or even Ms. Henry contacting a local TV station to publically broadcast what occurred so others are more aware of MAS & its practices. Such may save animal lives, such may have pet parents more aware of escape routes of their pets from yards and fix them, such may, with help from somewhere, bring Nola home. And if it does not, then her disappearance will not go in vain for Ms. Henry may set a precedense to save other animals in Memphis…

    I feel so sorry for this poor dog, this poor defenseless furry baby…

  7. It won’t be long. I hear the bells on the crossing gate. They are still trying to beat the train.

  8. Nola is missing and her owner believes she may be the dog in the Pet Harbor photo that was posted here. That dog is ID#A240226 in the MAS system. Where is THAT dog? How can she still be listed if her intake date was April 3? Does MAS actually keep dogs that long? Are 2 dogs missing? Judging by MAS’s track record there are probably a lot more than 2 missing so far this year. But let’s just focus on these 2–Nola and Nola’s little look-alike ID#A240226. MAS? Mr. Rogers? Mayor Wharton?
    Your fanbase really wants to know! Anyone?!

    1. I wish I had answers. The situation as I understand it is this: Ms. Henry feels certain that is Nola’s eyeball in the PetHarbor photo. She asked for records for that dog and was denied. She has now filed an official FOIA request to get those records. The intake date on that dog’s records is wrong. It should be May 3, not April 3. MAS is aware of the incorrect date but has done nothing to correct the error or find the dog.

      1. And she is likely right….MAS implemented the taking of pictures after Kapone went missing….Chameleon, MASs system is very advanced, very expensive, and very underutilized…once pics are uploaded into Chameleon they are shared with Pet Harbour and are not removed until they recieve an outcome….i.e. euthanasia or adopted…if the dog was euthanized or adopted and someone failed to enter the outcome then it would remain on Pet Harbour….or if it was stolen or escaped it would remain on Pet Harbour until detected and removed from inventory…also if an outcome was entered such as adopted or euthanized…and afterwards they realized that this was done in error to a dog that was owned and had a microchip and decided to remove the outcome in an attempt to hide the mistake…then it would pop back up on Pet HarbourSo I will say with ninety nine percent certainty that this is Victorias dog…f.y.i. Only administrators can change kennel information once it is stored in Chameleon…

  9. If I wanted to steal a pup from MAS, a pretty, sweet lab-pit mix, just the kind my friends and I are on the lookout for, would I scoop her up at intake May 3 and then backdate her entry in the MAS system? Just to cover my tracks and make her appear to be lost for over 30 days? You know, so anyone looking would probably assume she’s long gone–reclaimed or adopted or put down and somebody forgot to enter the outcome?

  10. My heart goes out to Ms. Henry (and her family?). I dont know how she is handling this so well, I would be hysterical. I also agree that this needs more news coverage.

    1. I’m assuming the video footage has been overwritten but I don’t know for sure. It would be nice if the city told the public SOMETHING to make it seem like they are at least trying to find Nola (now that it has hit the media).

      1. Has Mr Rodgers or the Mayor made any comment on this missing dog. And I think it does matter who the person is that picked up the two dogs.

      2. The only comments I am aware of from anyone connected to the city are those made by Mr. Rogers to ABC42. He apparently refused to speak on camera.

  11. Look at the back left paw, she has a white tip towards the inside. Look at the petharbor photo and in the background that dog has the exact same marking. Heartbreaking!! I would get a lawyer, go after every dumbass in that shelter.

    1. I went back and looked at the markings and it certainly does look like the same dog. Time to get an attorney involved. I really had hoped that things had changed after the Kapone debacle – guess not.

    2. Gee. Wonder if they took such a crappy photo on purpose with plans on making her disappear…

  12. I like the ideas about ads- like a full page as in USA Today- with a caption about Lola going missing from the Memphis AS.
    That paper goes to most hotels around the US.
    And if you can’t get locals to step up and demand changes perhaps the tourists/business travelers will. Then maybe the hotels in Memphis will get involved to put some pressure on to make changes.
    And yes Social media- if a u-tube video goes viral it is usually on the 6 o’clock.and morning talk shows.

  13. this is really outrageous. I’m sure I speak for all loving dog owners…this is horrifying. Has anyone though of collecting signatures on a site such as change.org and forwarding them to the mayor?

      1. At least Mayor Wharton did not follow through on his initial training to be a veterinarian . . .
        You’re right, Shirley, he DOES NOT CARE!

  14. If Nola has an online ad, can you share the web link so we can post it and ask “Where’s Nola”?

    If she doesn’t have an ad yet, this is a well designed, free, map-based lost and found site that includes a print poster function, shareable ads, a free Android phone app, email/text notifications…
    SIGHTINGS of lost pets can also be made, http://www.helpinglostpets.com

    Municipalities can also recommend and use it instead of maintaining their own lost and found page on their website. They can also link to their adoptable pet listings (so can rescue groups).

    (Site creator intends to make it THE centralized database for missing pets in Canada in order to have more pets returned to their families. Site is funded by sponsors and ad purchases. I’m not affiliated with it.)

    Where’s Nola?!!!


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