Goodbye Lennox

Many of you have been supporting the efforts to save Lennox, a mixed breed dog in Belfast, seized under the Dangerous Dog Act, two years ago.  Lennox was seized not because he bit someone, nor because anyone complained about his behavior.  He was seized due to body measurements taken by a pair of dog wardens.  They claimed these measurements qualified him as a “Pitbull type” dog and that he would be killed.

Lennox’s owners have been fighting for his life these past 2 years while the dog wasted away in deplorable conditions at the hands of Belfast City Council.  Despite all logic, the courts have continually upheld that Lennox must be killed due to his measurements, even dismissing the opinions of two canine behaviorists who evaluated Lennox and found him to be a safe dog.  Today, the owners lost their final appeal to save their family pet’s life.

It is a sad day for Lennox, his family, and animal lovers everywhere.  It is a sad day for common sense which should tell anyone that a tape measure is not an accurate predictor of canine behavior.  But then, this is the tragedy of breed specific legislation.  I hope the Dangerous Dog Act is fully repealed and replaced with common sense legislation that does not discriminate against dogs based on appearance or more specifically, condemn dogs to death based upon a tape measure.

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  1. Nooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cannot happen !!!!!!!!! Where is common damn sense ?!?!?!?!? My broken heart goes out to poor, sweet Lennox and his grieving family !!! :'(((((((((((

  2. Heartbreaking . . . this is soooo WRONG! I think I’d have committed B & E and burglary by now – before I was driven to commit multiple murders!!

    1. you are so right, If you have my dog it will only be until I found away to get him out. This is total bullsh**, how can u keep someones dog since 2010 and just now going to KILL him. Where have u been for all these months. Go get ur PUPPA.

      1. Where they’ve been these last two years is pursuing every legal means, with multiple legal appeals and a massive media and social media campaign, tovtry to getvtheir dog back. Where have YOU been, you self-righteous idiot?

  3. I have been following this too, signing petitions, etc. My heart is broken. I feel such dismay at the ignorance of the Belfast City Council. I can only imagine how the family must feel and their little girl who was dependent on Lennox for more than just companionship. It truly is a sad, sad day. I can only pray that God is with him and his family is with him when he is killed by the ignorant fools of Belfast.

    1. I so agree and I hope the least they did was allow his family to be with him during his last moments … RIP Lennox, nobody will judge you again. IDIOT HUMANS!!!!

  4. oh no. That is the worse news this morning. So heartbreaking for that poor dog and his family. And to think of all the hell Lennox went through over the last two years, at least he could have been reunited with his family and had the rest of his life to be happy.

    so sad.

  5. One can only hope that the ongoing injustices done to this dog have caused enough publicity to really turn the public spotlight on the failure of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

    Unfortunately, lots of dogs have suffered Lennox’s fate, but with less fanfare. But sometimes a cause needs a face, and maybe Lennox will have to be that face.

  6. RIP, Lennox. You were loved and will be remembered by thousands around the world. Belfast City Council will be remembered for their ignorance and callousness.

  7. Run free and healthy and whole at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Lennox – there are no “dangerous dog laws” to hurt you ever again. Peace and comfort to your grieving family.
    Such a tragedy – and so unnecessary.
    I am so, so sorry that you have been treated this way.

    1. He hasn’t been killed yet and I believe there is still hope, if everyone writes & there is enough public support for Lennox.

      I wrote a seperate/different letter to everyone within Ireland’s government my opinions & if everyone does the same, there could be hope. It will only hurt Belfast as a tourist destination if Linnox dies or is not released. Dollars everyone understands.

  8. This beautiful animal should not be killed for never doing anything wrong to anyone at anytime in his entire life!! He looks like a pit, so he must be destroyed; boy, are they wise or what? I hope someone someday evaluates if they have the right to live or not because of something that is totally not their fault….that would be justice for this DISCRIMINATORY DECISION!!

  9. This is so wrong…morally wrong. In this case, it is man who is the cruel and viscious one. I wish there was something else we could do. There are exceptions to every rule.

  10. The article I saw did not have a comment section so where can I send a comment to the Belfast City Council and Irelands Department of Tourism to say that not only will I never visit Ireland but I will tell everyone I know throughout all social media to boycott Ireland and any other country that practices BSL in any form. I would much rather spend time with a dog like Lennox than the closed minded idiots who will now put him to death. I wonder if any of them are blond, blue-eyed stoic looking folks, perhaps we should put them on trial for war crimes as possible Natzi’s? If they look like it maybe they did it strategy works both ways.

    As a breeder, if I was caught keeping my dogs in those conditions I would be jailed for abuse and neglect. What about them?? BTW, I don’t even own bully breeds, I just love dogs.

      1. People are absolutely blowing up the Belfast City Council page on Facebook. They’re deleting like mad, but there are just too many people posting. I’m told if you put the name Belfast City Council in a post, it tags them and cannot be deleted. Various other Belfast pages (the zoo, etc.) are getting their share and more, too. Some have disabled commenting.

    1. Write HRH, a dog lover, I have heard. Northern Ireland is still part of the UK, so the British government are the ones to get mad at, not the Irish.

      1. they ALL get my opinions and should get everyone’s here too. Instead of writing opinions here, sent them to Ireland, Belfast, the UK, numerous times, all of you reading this.

  11. This makes me so angry. The stupidity that runs rampant among those making such important decisions

  12. Men, like dogs, should be judged on their actions, not their appearances. I think that the Belfast City Council has shown us their true natures.

    1. It’s mind boggling that they have the same punishment for all these “crimes”:

      look like a Pitbull & bite a person

      look like a Pitbull & be a disabled child’s therapy dog

      not look particularly like a Pitbull but have a couple body measurements that match the law’s specifications

  13. Even more cruelty and heartlessness, they have denied the family’s request to see Lennox one last time before he is killed

  14. Isn’t this as much discrimination as when people were sent to gas chambers and their death because they were of a certain faith? This is absolutely disgraceful for people in our time and age to come to an idiotic, nonsense, cruel decision like this. This is just like a Holocaust.

  15. I’m so sorry Lennox. I signed petitions, & I payed 4 u. But in the end, The Belfast court system failed u, ur family & all the people & dogs of Northern Ireland. Run free over the rainbow bridge, where u will never know pain or sadness again. More importantly, know ur family & MILLIONS of people around the WORLD knew & loved u, & fought 4 u. I hope ur family will find peace, especially the little girl, who was ur special human. & 2 the person who commented above: Belfast is in Northern Ireland, which is under BRITISH rule, Ireland has nothing 2 do w/ the laws there. Read ur history books. Britain took over Northern Ireland almost 100 years ago. Call the BRITISH GOVERNMENT 2 lodge ur complaints.


      I was alerted to this link via #SaveLennox campaign on Twitter earlier. I don’t think it will do any good to ask the Prime Minister to intervene but what the heck, it can’t hurt. If nothing else, perhaps it will bring it to their attention that people the world over think the UK’s Dangerous Dog Act is senseless violence against dogs. After you send your RESPECTFUL e-mail, you will receive a verification e-mail containing a link which you must click in order to complete the process.

      1. I sent my respectful e-mail to #10 Downing Street just now. I hope it helps.

    2. You said it best. This is just such awful and heartbreaking news. My thoughts go out to Lennox’s family. RIP Lennox.

  16. They will not let family see Lennox because I would bet Money he is not there…Why would they keep him
    since 2010 ????????

    1. He has been kept because the family was determined to exhaust all legal options and the case has been working its way through the courts all this time. I believe Lennox is there b/c behaviorists have been in to evaluate him and they videotaped their work.

  17. Thanks, this is just sick. That poor Puppa in there
    all this time alone. Guess they have NO heart.

    1. If all they’re talking about is “social media abuse”, they fucking deserve it (pardon my language Shirley).

      I understand that, while we don’t like it, the DDA is the law of the land in the UK. But then to apply it through this sham of a legal process, and sentence the dog to death based on the “expert testimony” is as shameful as it gets.

      Death threats and the like are unnecessary. But I would hope that the whole weight of the animal welfare community comes
      down on Belfast.

      How the fuck can you sentence a dog to death because some type of body measurement was 14 inches instead of 13?

      Sorry for the cursing and don’t tell my mother that I used the f-word.

  18. Lennox is alive – but still in “jail”. His family has 21 days to make another appeal. (This is from the Facebook page referenced in the belfast city council link.) You may want to go there and check it out and see if there’s anything that we can do from so far away.

    1. It is my understanding that the comments about the 21 day appeal are in error, they were looking at an old news report

      1. I don’t know. I have been trying to fetermine what the status is but haven’t found anything yet

  19. Wonder if anyone in Northern Ireland has given a thought how this might impact tourism?? As an animal lover, I would not step one foot in Belfast if that barbaric council kills Lennox. They have ice running through their veins.

  20. “The people have the power
    The power to dream
    To rule
    To wrestle the world from fools.” – Patti Smith

    Came across the above quote on my desk today…seems appropriate for this – lots of fools in the world lately – the mean killing-type of fools – Thanks for all the information. Lennox has the best people advocating for him.

  21. Dear Citizens of Belfast and the Irish Republic- are you this heartless? Enjoy the government you elected and the austerity measures about to make your life hell for some time to come. And you could not find it in your soul to do the right thing for this sentient being and his loving family-sHAME SHAME on Ireland- I am sorry I am part Irish-

  22. This is unfair. I know where we live they have BSL but our officers are so ignorant of which breed is which (or they feel bad) that there are multiple Pits in the town. We all need to make an effort to repeal this law. If you don’t like pit bulls, you don’t have to own one, that simple. If you want one and love them, go ahead. Dogs shouldn’t die because of someone’s dislike of the breed. Grrr, this stuff makes me soooo angry!!!~Sydney

  23. Hey any way an international rescue group could adopt Lenox?? Take him out of the country?? Anything to save his life-
    Best Friends? The SPCA in Gr Brittian ????

    1. Offers have been made to provides a home for Lennox outside the UK but the Belfast City Council won’t allow it. They have been determined to kill this dog from day one.

  24. SHAME -SHAME – SHAME ON THOSE MEN AND THE COMMUNITY OF BELFAST THAT ALLOWS THE MURDER OF A FAMILY PET BASED ON SUCH WEAK FACTS – are they saying one inch or even a half inch less and today Lennox could be alive – WHAT UTTER NONSENSE!!!!!!

  25. I have seen no official confirmation (e.g. on the Save Lennox website or from a reputable source such as the BBC) that Lennox has been killed. As such, I am continuing to operate in 11th Hour Hope Mode.

    In addition to the Prime Minister, you can contact the Belfast City Council here:

    The e-mail address is

    As always, keep your letters respectful. We can all strongly disagree with and condemn the decision to kill Lennox without crossing over into violence (threats, hate speech, etc.) ourselves. It always helps a cause more to keep your comments respectful.

  26. The best we can do from here is to click on every email address found throughout these sites posted from other YesBiscuit! writers. Write to every address you can possibly find & encourage everyone you know to also write. Mention the effects on their tourism, the poor treatment of Lennox & his family, the injustice of a death sentence to an innocent life, but the more you & everyone writes, the more attention we bring to the situation.

    A few emails can be ignored, thousands can’t, millions get results. This is a job, but you CAN help save Lennox’s life & get him free again.

  27. Stop it with all the “blame them” arguments! This has ignorant predjudice ppl in both Britain and ROI pointing fingers at each other and the fact is if he was in England hed be exempt and safe and if he was in ROI hed be safe too! There is no such thing as a “UK government” NI has its own parliament, laws, etc and being part of the UK doesnt make it Britain, like jersey is part of the British isles but it isnt part of the uk, great Britain or even the EU! Everywhere is different and seperate. Thats the trouble. All that matters is LENNOX ! Would even the most bitter Irish person care if a brit rescued him? Or vice versa as long as he were saved?

    1. Thank you Lisa. Everyone who wants to support Lennox should keep writing/faxing/calling the authorities to ask for mercy. Prayers, candles and positive thoughts can’t hurt either.

      Sending Lennox and his family love from America.

  28. Has anyone tried to have Lennox moved to another country? Would they be willing to allow someone in Canada to adopt him?

  29. “Body Measurements ..” … dear lord if that is all it takes why are short muscular humans, or Mentally Defective / & Dangerous Prisoners Not being killed off as part of the Dangerous Human Act ..instead we spend Billions per year to “rehabilitate” these poor misunderstood mistreated Rejects of society …. Really when the Hell is the World gonna wake up & realize Animals of a certain size or breed are Not the Dangerous ones & it is Closed Minded Uneducated, Neglectful Abusive Humans that Create this Problem ..

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