Welp, this happened.

A mother living with her two adult daughters in Tippah Co, MS called AC in May to pick up a stray dog in their yard.  The ACO showed up in his city vehicle and took the dog away but allegedly made some obscene comments and touched the women.  He allegedly returned to their home a few more times that week in his personal vehicle, ramping up the inappropriate activity and offering to pay the women.  The family filed charges and the ACO is facing 3 counts of solicitation for the purpose of prostitution.  He has resigned from his position.

(Thank you Clarice for the link.  I think.)

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    1. Oh, I was SO hoping for a *like* button…but, alas, I must point out that not ALL Animal Control personnel are this creepy. Why can’t EVERYBODY stop judging based on stereotypes? They condemn animals by breed or type, and we snark at them as a group just as much! I’d like it to stop, but I haven’t a clue how to empower that change.
      On the other hand, I also hesitate to engage local animal control…for myriad reasons. Could somebody PLEASE post a different viewpoint?! I need help and support.

      1. I have your different viewpoint… As a dude, I can tell you what you ladies probably don’t understand. Some guys just don’t know how to approach a lady/women/chicks/girls. They misinterpet the message women send, then the women get all bent out of shape when the guy thinks the wrong message. To make matters worse, an innocent jesture is misinterpeted & the guy ends up in hot water legally. It’s just mean spirited to get law involved unnecessarily when to just shrug it off & tell the man “get away” would be far more civilized. And less life altering with police involvement. Obviously the women can purposly cause much more harm than the men ever meant to to her. Mean women! Beware!

        Whatever the AC did has no effect on his treatment with animals, which is my only concern. His involvement with women is just plain gossip & otherwise hasn’t much meaning in this forum.

      2. Offering to pay women for sex is not a misinterpreted, innocent gesture. It’s a crime, unless you happen to be in an establishment set up expressly for this purpose and it is allowed by law.

      3. I would disagree, Fun. You say his behavior had no effect on the care of animals, but a man who will not “take no for an answer” from a woman (and her children!) is the sort who will also not heed an animal’s protests of pain, fear, etc. His will is paramount to any concerns of others.

        The fact that he came back to their house three times after the initial incident is not some kind of miscommunication between adults, it’s harassment and intimidation.

    2. Sorry but that guy is the face of animal control in the community.
      I hear what you’re saying, but perhaps he needs to – um – get some instruction in customer relationships. It isn’t always about the woman sending giving off signals and the man not knowing how to interpret them. In fact, it’s probably wise to listen to your gut when it’s telling you that something isn’t right.

  1. Betcha money he already had a history of pervy behavior, but no one bothered to do a background check before hiring him.

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