NM Shelter Worker Fired after Trying to Save Animals

Delila at home. (Photo submitted by Vanessa Mais.)

The city of Hobbs (NM) has a pound which killed 75% of the animals in its care in 2010 and 72% in the first 11 months of 2011.  Vanessa Mais worked at the facility for about 3 months this spring.  During that time, she worked hard to get as many animals out alive as possible.  She networked pets, found rescues, arranged transport, etc.  But she says the shelter director, Willie Stone, fought her efforts every step of the way.

Ms. Mais described a pound environment where the director ordered most animals killed shortly after intake and gave the few animals lucky enough to be selected for the adoption floor just 3 months to live.  Owner surrendered litters were regularly killed upon intake on order of the director.  Ms. Mais says the director explained that her bosses discouraged her from keeping puppies alive because they are not “cost effective”.  I spoke with Ms. Stone and she denied this.  Ms. Mais says cats fare no better at the pound and there is no TNR program for feral cats.  Regardless of the reasoning behind the failure to save pets’ lives, approximately 3 out of every 4 pets who enter the pound in Hobbs leave in garbage bags.

In her final days of employment, Ms. Mais says that two litters who had been born at the pound to mama dogs who were pregnant at time of impound were killed.  A litter of 7 healthy pups were 3 weeks old when they were killed and a litter of 12 were just one week old, their eyes and ears still closed.  The healthy mama dogs were killed along with their babies.  Ms. Stone explained that she does offer puppies for adoption, if they are selected.  I asked, “If puppies born in the shelter are not selected for adoption, at what age would they be killed?”  Ms. Stone replied, “I don’t feel comfortable answering that.”  She added that she resents being referred to as a shelter since her facility is an adoption center.  She asked if Ms. Mais had told me that the building was brand new, built in 2009.

On May 11, a healthy group of 7 week old pups was surrendered to the pound.  Ms. Mais says the director wanted to kill them but Ms. Mais asked if her parents would be allowed to take them to a rescue in CO.  Ms. Stone agreed to sell the group of 7  pups to Ms. Mais’ parents for $10.  (Ms. Mais says that no animals are given away for free to anyone, even if the animal is going to be killed, and even if the animal is going to a rescue.) The pups were transported to a CO rescue group and adopted out within one week.

One of many animals Vanessa Mais helped save from the kill room at the Hobbs pound in NM. (Photo submitted by Holly Mais.)

The strife continued between Ms. Mais and her boss. When Ms. Mais wanted to adopt a healthy young dog named Delila, she took her home to see if she would fit into the pack. Unfortunately Delila did not get along with other big dogs and was fighting at home so Ms. Mais brought her back to the shelter and sought another placement for her. She found a rescue in CO willing to take Delila and lined up transport.

Ms. Mais says that Ms. Stone ordered Delila killed due to the fact that she did not get along with dogs her own size. Ms. Mais explained she had a rescue for Delila and transport. Ms. Stone refused. She offered a temporary foster option. Ms. Stone refused. Ms. Mais and a co-worker broke down crying in the director’s office, offering any possible alternatives they could think of to save Delila’s life. Ms. Mais says that the director coldly refused all options and Delila was killed an hour later along with 2 dogs from the adoption floor.

Delila, killed at the Hobbs pound despite having a rescue group who was willing to take her and a shelter worker who pleaded for her life. (Photo submitted by Vanessa Mais.)

Ms. Mais reports that Delila was killed on June 6th and the rescuer who had wanted to save Delila called the director to express her outrage in the following days. On June 13th, Ms. Mais says she was fired from her job and though she asked for a reason, was not given one. Ms. Stone says she is unable to comment on personnel issues. I anticipated this response before making the call therefore I opened the conversation with, “Could you comment on conditions at the shelter?” Ms. Stone replied, “Conditions at the shelter? I haven’t seen any of that.”

I am grateful to Ms. Mais for speaking out about what she witnessed at the Hobbs city pound. The status quo, catch and kill method of animal sheltering is on its heels and lashing out in defensive mode. We are the real humane society – small h, small s. There are more people who want shelter pets to live than there are dinosaurs fighting to protect their discretion to kill. Join us.

80 thoughts on “NM Shelter Worker Fired after Trying to Save Animals

  1. “she resents being referred to as a shelter since her facility is an adoption center.” Is she joking? For sure she is demented if she thinks that just because she calls it an adoption center that it is one. For the love of Mike! Where are her brains? Adoption centers work hard to adopt the animals out to safe and loving homes. They do not kill them just because they can!

    Ms. Stone is true to her name…..a stone….a stone for a heart.

  2. Thank you! I can assure you every word of this is true! I listened to my daughter cry for animals and vent so she could keep her mouth shut as she was belittled and punished for her hard work.

    I’ve written about this also as Vanessa Mais is my daughter. I also wrote about the rescue of the 7 puppies.

    Take a stand!

  3. Ms. Stone is clearly psychologically unwell. She wants to call her building an adoption center, while hindering adoptions and promoting killings. This kind of intellectual disconnect is symptomatic of someone suffering from mental illness.

    Who oversees Ms. Stone? Perhaps they should be forwarded this information before she does harm to humans as well…

  4. Ms. Stone is a sicko who needs to be doing some other work. Get her fired – start a petition, whatever. An ‘adoption center’ that kills 75% of what they have??????????? That is simply insanity.

  5. What is Ms. Stone’s position? Does she have someone to whom she answers? I say it is time for Ms. Mais to apply/run for Ms. Stone’s position!!!

  6. STOP COMMENTING AND DO SOMETHING! You really think typing away at your keyboards is going to save any lives? This website has little impact on what is going on in shelters across this country. Terrible things are exposed every day and they will continue because (YOU) bloggers are not a threat to these shelter directors and they know it!

      1. It’s a given that changing an entrenched system is hard. All the more reason to give continued attention to that system’s abuses.

  7. It is chilling to realize that the behavior of this shelter director is exactly the same as that of the kill shelter directors in New York City, the Midwest, the South, the West Coast. The pattern is clear nationwide:

    — Kill animals needlessly
    — Fire or ban the people who make a difference
    — Withhold information
    — Claim to be the victim
    — Retaliate, rinse and repeat

    The only thing lacking is the blaming of the so-called irresponsible public. No doubt that will occur if there is discussion about this in front of the city council.

    And it’s worth reminding ourselves once again that the best-known humane organizations, the very ones who should be demanding the reform of awful places like this pound, are instead defending them.

    For every devastated owner like Victoria Henry in Memphis, for every caring and fired worker like Vanessa Mais in New Mexico, for every banned volunteer like those in Hempstead, Long Island, for every rescuer anywhere in the country who is not allowed to save an animal, for every would-be adopter who wasn’t quite fast enough to beat the needle . . . for every one of these people, there is a betrayer at HSUS, the ASPCA, and PETA who perpetuates this system of slaughter. I would say, Shame on these wealthy national groups . . . but clearly, they have no shame.

    1. I looked at this shelter’s website(linked in the blog post) and found some “helpful links” near the bottom. Some are broken but they all lead to HSUS. A local “humane society” works out of the shelter–Lea Co. Humane Society. Far as I’m concerned, HSUS goes beyond defending killers like Stone. They are actively indoctrinating them and supporting them every step of the way.

  8. Someone with high authority needs to come in & investigate this facility. It doesn’t sound like it is run the way a shelter should be. And Ms. Stone needs to be fired!! You can tell she does not love animals & could care less what happens to them nor does the director. It was totally uncalled for to kill Delilia & I’m sure some of the others as well. These animals to them are in the way & they don’t want to have to mess with them because more are coming in. This is definitely Not an adoption center ~ it is a Slaughter house!! They could care less about adoption.~~Let’s just get rid of ’em so we can go home.~~ What a sorry sorry shame. Maybe people will read this & not take their animals out to this dog pound.

  9. It is almost as if all these kill shelter directors are possessed by the same evil demon as they all seem to do the same things like what Karen F. above just wrote. So sad. :(

  10. is there not accountability??!! president obama is trying to enact a law to prevent this kind of nonsense….and the more we talk to one another, and spread the info to those that don’t know, the more that can be implemented….rasta rescue ranch in new mexico could use funding to get some of these new mexico animals out of the slaughterhouses….a woman that opened her heart, and property, and has evolved into a legitimate rescue. spreading the word isn’t doing anything???!! i definitely do not agree…..EVERYone has $1. send it to a no-kill. it may save someone’s life! until there is no longer a need for shelters!!!!

  11. I’m Shocked and brought to tears at the lack of empathy and heart a Shelter in Hobbs would be running without some kind of inspection, for animal cruelty or even regular business standards being enforced for animal rights at whatever costs! We get fined for seatbelts, no insurance, I live in the Lincoln edition and get fined if my weeds get one inch to high, so I find it apalling that this institution and others as such dont get the same overhead as we the taxpayer get, especially for a life, as precious as these helpless little animals!! I have a 13 year old cat his name is Mojo, he has feelings, he has needed very little medical care but he’s needed his shots and he has brought me tremendous Joy.

  12. This story is about me and my boss. It is a very difficult situation. Technically the humane society is under the fire dept and her boss is the fire chief…he doesn’t care. And to make matters worse Mrs. Stone’s husband is a city attorney. I am trying to spread the word about what is going out because it is going to take a lot of people and important people to do something.

  13. When the new building was constructed there was a big issue about the Lea County Humane Society and the City of Hobbs joining forces so that the animals were not destroyed. Now keep in mind, that this was supposed to be a combined effort. Evidently, someone forgot that along the way. Personally, I think the issue should be put in the newspaper here. Let’s see what happens when people in the area find out.

    1. I sent it into the paper and the radio and the news stations. and someone posted the mayor’s page. Some else emailed the mayor, city commissioner and a few others.

    2. Don’t bother with the newspaper. I questioned some of information reported in the issue dated 6/24 and it was not received well. Who can be contacted at the state level? Angry responses is probably only putting the animals in more danger. Maybe it’s time for an unannounced inspection from the state.

      1. The newspaper reporter had planned to interview Vanessa and another person, but the publisher only wanted Mrs. Stone interviewed for the article and that was the end of that!

        We have a good, core group in Hobbs who are working hard to see what changes they can make through multiple avenues. Vanessa and Vicki are working to start their own rescue in Hobbs. They will be looking for foster families and other types of support as they get this off the ground.

        This wonderful group even collected money to bail out a dog the shelter told the owners was not there for a solid week. The young man had just adopted him from a shelter in another town and could not afford the $195 it would take to get him out until another payday and by then it would have been even more IF the dog was still alive. A group went up to the shelter together to pick up this sweetie. Mrs. Stone was not happy to see a group come to get Shadow. YEA, GROUP! In Delila’s name, I am proud!

  14. Mrs Mais…I wish I had the money to outright go and buy that shelter, and transfer it into a loving Adaption Facility….A no Kill
    facility, And I would Make YOU the Director, and Ms Stone would be under you…where she would be forced to learn the meaning of Compassion or look for work elsewhere. One thing is for sure….The animals would benefit. That probably would be the best idea….to try and get donations from all over, into one Honest
    to goodness fund that would buy out that building and its contents.
    Maybe we can start here and then go after other similar places as well.

      1. I’m not surprised about the interview. Vanessa can count me in on support for her rescue.

      2. Kathy, you are cordially invited to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/247968288647070/ This is the start up for the rescue!

        Also, YesBiscuit, thank you so very much for your support! Just FYI, lol, I have a wonderful foster who I wish I could keep now! She’s from DMK Rehoming. Gissie is deaf and partially blind and as usual, you really can’t tell. She loves to play ball, loves me and is a fabulous companion. She gets along well with other dogs, too. She has been at the rescue since September. I’ve had her for 5 weeks. She is housebroken! DMK Rehoming is a wonderfully run rescue.

  15. Ms. Stone is not sick, she is being ordered by the State (the government) to kill. Shelters are ordered to kill all the time, it is a business run by ASSHOLES!
    Not cost “effective”!! Is what they say.

  16. Oh, something similar just happened in San Antonio, Texas where the Animal Care Services crematorium has been broken for months and instead of getting it fixed they are dumping dogs and cats in a nearby landfill. When an employee questioned this she was let go!!! How long are we going to tolerate this for!!!

  17. This woman needs to be fired and get a job cleaning horse stalls! The job is supposed to be about saving animals, not cost effectiveness. How is a love of animals not REQURED for working at an animal shelter? And no place that kills animals should be called a shelter at all. Look it up in the dictionary. A shelter is supposed to be a safe place. These so called shelters aren’t safe. Only rescues deserve the title of “shelter”. What’s her first name? Someone needs to start a petition to get this stonehearted “woman” fired. I certainly hope this heartless woman has no pets of her own.

  18. So awful. Im sorry to hear about what happened to Ms Mais but glad that she at least tried. I just dont understand how the people in these places csn be SO prideful that they dont welcome ANY sort of criticism/critique and instead just keep on with the same ole same ole.

  19. After reading this I am sobbing. This Ms. Stone is made of stone &, in my opinion, needs to be stoned to her own demise. She also needs to be fired and tossed into a dumpster. And, yes, most definitely she is nuts.

    You do not kill litters of adoptable animals if you are saying you are a adoption center and you do not kill their mamas either. This is murder, as was the killing of Delila. Ms. Mais had a rescue willing to take her out of that state & good for the rescue to call this bitch Stone on her kill order. I hope the rescue that was going to take Delila follows up to have this place fully investigated and its animals taken the heck out of there.

    As far as dog aggression to other dogs, come on, since when haven’t dogs had altercations for supremacy in a home environment. I’m 66 and can’t ever remember a dog disagreement being the reason to kill any dog. Secondly, Ms. Mais, I am grateful she allowed us to know about the atroscities happening in the Hobb NM animsl facility, however, knowing what she knew she should never have returned Delila to that facility. She should have found another way of keeping her until a rescue came to Delila’s rescue.

    Another note on dog aggression, fancy new phrase for what dogs have done over the centuries for pecking order. But the safest way to avert such altercations is to slowly introduce a new dog to the pack by walks, side by side, at first both resident dogs and newcomer all on leashes. Then after a few days of this, just the newcomer on the leash as the older resident dogs walk along with the newcomer and you…

    And Cardinal Rule of Housing Dogs Together: Never ever put two of the same sex in a small area together, never house them together, especially males who do a lot of “posturing” to challenge another male dog to see who is alpha.

    But NEVER, NEVER, expect a frightened newcomer dog to fit right in. In poor Delila’s case she had dealt with the trauma of being impounded in a cruel place (cause dogs become afraid in Pounds because they can smell the Death no matter how much disinfectant is used), then she is virtually tossed into a new environment of dogs already calling a place Forever Home” and would want to keep it that way, so a challenge ended in fights, next step is take her back to the killing place to face death because a murderer & liar runs it… THIS MS. MAIS WAS WRONG ON YOUR PART AND YOU CAN BLAME WHAT HAPPENED NEXT ON YOURSELF; YOU KNEW YOU WORKED FOR A HEARTLESS NUTCASE… Delila should still be alive today, and you should have known how to slowly introduced the dogs into each others lives to avert this tragedy.

    Another NEVER that my late, hound dog breeding, father (when breeding dogs was not considered wrong, and when it was done selectively, not mixing relative bloodlines together… This was 60+ years ago) taught me… A dog owner NEVER, NEVER ALLOWS DOGS OF THE SAME SEX TO REMAIN IN THE SAME LOCATION TOGETHER WITHOUT SUPERVISION, AND WHEN KENNELED, YOU PUT A FEMALE IN WITH A MALE, NOT 2 DOGS OF THE SAME SEX IN THE SAME KENNEL… Of course you do separate a male and a female when the female is in season. Best way to keep dogs safe when you are away is to individually crate them…

    I hope Delila will not have died in vain and that Ms. Mais is letting us in on this for the sake of the other animals at the facility & not merely that she lost her job…

    Please follow this through and have that killing witch , Ms. Stone, fired, never again to work in a field with animals again… While No Kill Advocacy is investigating this, I hope,they investigate the town leaders to see why they allowed these killings to go unnoticed in an “adoption center”? Look up State Ordinances to override City Laws while you are at it… You might find that most killing facilities think they are the Law, making up their own laws and that they can, and do, go against State Statutes (& not for the benefit of any animal either) in regards to animals…

    1. Dear Ms. McIntyre-

      Thank you for your authoritative pronouncements on the situation. Could you possibly advise us of your education and credentials in dog training and/or behavioral consulting (professional certifications and memberships, length and volume of experience, etc.)?

      Also, raking over the coals a kind, courageous and grieving person based only on assumptions probably puts you right up there in the “heart of stone” category.

      All the best-

      1. that, waterdogn, is why things never change. ms. mais should be commended, and comforted, in knowing that she did the best that she could do…..she did SOMEthing….more than most posting on here have done!!!
        ye, without sin, cast the first stone. i choose to follow the ONLY judge….the Creator of everything, and do what i can to help where He calls me….and that includes using my words!!!
        God’s blessings and comfort, ms. mais, for your efforts. until there is no longer a need for shelters!

    2. I was not aware that she was going to put delila down when I was going to adopt her. I had no idea that she euthanized out of the adoption floor. I only worked there for 3 months. I had seen them euthanize out of intake but never adoption. I didnt even know she was in danger when I was trying to adopt her…i just fell in love with her. Don’t ever blame me for her death…ever. I lost a part of me that day. I would never do this just because I lost my job…I dont want my job back if it means working for her. What happens at that shelter is wrong and I want go fight for those animals. Before you open your mouth you should get ur facts right. U dont know me so dont accuse or assume anything.

      1. you have no reason to have to defend yourself to ANYone on here…..just speak the truth and the naysayers will need to answer for their judgement.
        NOthing will change in regards to animal welfare until the legislators consider ALL life as precious…and stop putting our tax dollars into their own pockets..instead of into bettering our society.
        be VERY careful who you vote into office. until there is no longer a need for shelters!!!!

      2. Agree that you do not need to defend yourself. I just hope you won’t give up the fight for the animals and people who are suffering because of such horrific killing places. Delila was a beautiful dog and I’m sorry it didn’t work out for her.

    3. I’m sorry Trisha, but you are about 50 years out of date on canine ethology and training. I work only with very scared or aggressive dogs and spend several days a week running playgroups for shelter dogs. None of what you’ve said on behaviour has any real basis. While you mean well, that advice would do more damage and good.

  20. This Stone wench is inhuman! Who made her God! This kind has no place running anything especially a shelter. Killing live, healthy potential pets is insane and shouldn`t be tolerated. When will this Country and the World wake up to this mass slaughter?

  21. The first responsibility is with the original owners of these animals. THAT is where the blame belongs. As a child in the early 60′ in Hobbs, we had to carry old bicycle inner tubes with caliche rocks in them to beat away the packs of dogs that freely roamed the alleys and streets because there were no dog pounds or humane societies.

    There is a balance and the animals coming in cant outpace the ones the ones adopted. It terrible to see these animals put to death but unless you are willing to adopt you should stop your bleeding heart complaining and whining……… Ted Love

    1. Perhaps that’s how it was in the olden days, but nowadays there are true shelters that take good care of animals and get them into rescues or good homes.
      Of course, there is owner responsibility, but killing animals for space (or for a variety of other reasons) is not necessary . . . PERIOD! And just because a dog slips out, or digs under a fence or the meter reader leaves the gate open or whatever does happen sometimes, should not result in the killing of that animal. There are other options and there are places that are NOT killing for space, taking good care of the animals housed with them, and finding a way to educate and help those owners who could benefit.
      Statistics tell us that around 17 million will add pets to their homes in a year. About 4 – 5 million are KILLED. Do the math. There are enough homes. Shelters simply need to do a much better job of getting the animals into them.

  22. This truth of this story is blatantly extended. I did some work at the shelter briefly and never once saw any thing like is described here. I realize you all want to rescue the pets, but you have GOT to realize that more pets are being taken in everyday than are being adopted out. They literally have no where to put these pets. What are they suppose to do? Put them back out on the streets? They have no choice but to euthanize the animals, as sad as it is, to be able to keep up with the intake and manage the whole facility. Go down there everyday for a month and see how many animals are brought in. And countless number of Hobbsans who drop off their own pets there, probably counts for half of the intake. Mrs. Stone is not evil or twisted, she is doing her job. This story is not even written by a credited agency or person. Your going to believe it just because you saw it on facebook? You need to be less ignorant and maybe look into the facts yourself.

    1. http://www.rld.state.nm.us/uploads/files/SM36%20Study%20Final%201-24-12%20FULL.pdf This is where the statistics came from. It lists the shelters in NM and their kill rates on the final 4 pages. This is from the State of NM government!

      Anonymous, the rest of us have put our neck out here with our names. I say, put up or shut up! My daughter worked in this shelter for 3 months. She knows what she knows and she saw what she saw. I’m not going to discuss this further with someone who hides behind anonymous.

      1. Ms. Mais, you are a wonderful mother. I am so impressed with both you and Vanessa.

    2. And you, anonymous, are typical of the attitude that continues the killing (NOT EUTHANASIA) of adoptable shelter pets. What is the “shelter” doing to help people keep their pets, prevent unwanted litters, find foster homes and rescues for those surrendered? Don’t tell me it can’t be done. IT CAN AND IT IS!

  23. Sante Fe also has a shelter that’s run by a humane society. But they decided to make life-saving their goal–not killing. Many good ideas (successfully implemented) in their Spring 2012 report–http://www.sfhumanesociety.org/admin/userfiles/file/FINAlspringnews2012.pdf

  24. Ms. Stone and Julie Bank are prime examples of who should not be shelter directors! I have been following the story of Bank for over a year and she was hired for her MBA, not her qualifications as a shelter director. People at the NYCACC know she is rarely at her office, yet she draws a 6-figure salary for directing a killing machine. She is just an automaton for the official-according to the 1894 city charter-head of the ACC, the mayor Mike Bloomberg. Personally-I would like to see everybody having anything to do with killing shelter animals rotting in Hell right now! That would make it easier for everyone who wants to save animals to do their jobs! Killing shelter animals is abuse and animal abusers belong in Hell!

    1. I just don’t understand how so many people can get to this position and then participate in/condone/encourage/mandate the mistreatment and killing of so many precious animals. If these people are so “well educated” then perhaps they would do better in the corporate world where they wouldn’t have to deal with the realities of animal sheltering.

      I truly believe that someday we will each have to answer for our decisions here on earth. They will be held accountable! And I also believe that since these are God’s creatures, He is very sad to see them so badly treated.

  25. This was brought before the city commission at their meeting this evening. Basically, they said that our numbers (from http://www.rld.state.nm.us/uploads/files/SM36%20Study%20Final%201-24-12%20FULL.pdf) are incorrect and they will make the actual numbers public. They did NOT make them public tonight. Also, Mrs. Stone does a “wonderful” job and they are “proud of their new facility.” End of discussion. Animals are killed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. According to Vanessa at least 10 dogs each of those days and a number of cats!

    One thing I ask, please, please do not threaten anyone and especially the shelter workers. Most of them are doing their best to care for the animals. They are not allowed to look for rescues now either.

    1. When I spoke with Willie Stone, I asked her if the shelter’s stats were online and she said she didn’t know. I asked her what her save rate was for last year and she said she didn’t know. I asked her if she would send me the shelter’s stats and she said she would. I haven’t received anything. If the state of NM got it wrong and there is documentation to prove it, I will post the correct numbers. Let me know if you see any such documentation.

  26. I recieved this number for the “adoption center” from the City Mgr, Yesterday in response to my letter.A few statistics regarding the progress made; but look at euthanasia’s compared to adoptions………………


    3750 animals euthanized

    494 animals adopted

    19 animals to accredited rescue groups


    3458 animals euthanized

    555 animals adopted

    69 animals to accredited rescue groups

    Well if this is what they have on city file and the other numbers came from the state, then this is 84.7% You do the math

    1. This can hardly be called an “adoption” center when they kill so many of the animals. Is the boss lady stupid or naive?

  27. They did not euthanize all of those animals. They KILLED them. When we stop “talking softly’ around what’s really happening in these places, then maybe, just maybe things will start to change. They are killed for space, for convenience, for whatever reason they can find to kill them.
    Sorry, but I’m tired of not telling things how they are.

  28. Just a little follow up…. They had a City Council meeting on Monday
    “They” flat out lied to cover her sorry butt, told all of us, “She’s doing a wonderful job” Then dismissed it like it’s over. They are regarding this matter as a disgruntled ex-employee, and her mad mother! Case closed! Well they have not heard the last of this yet. They think, that was good enough to shut us up.
    I had a “boss” like her once before. The turn over where I worked was unreal. One person went so far as to send a letter to the corporate, then to the business. The authorities over him laughed at thought how silly. He was their “golden child”, a person that I witnessed take on a whole different personality when around them.
    They when “they” was away he would scream, yell, cuss and intimidate us all. Then Be a different person a few min later. It was literally a walk on eggshells everyday, because you never knew when this “type” of person was going to go off.
    The woman running this shelter sounds to me like she has this same personality type, someone clearly in abuse of authority!
    Not to mention a poor excuse for the “good steward” type she portrays.
    I have since siced our State Senator on them who’s a huge animal lover!
    This woman has to go! To refer to her as a “bitch” is just not fair to any female of the canine species, not even a rabid one!

    1. Wow. You’re an idiot as well. You believe something because a fired employee says it? Let me guess you’ve never even been down to the shelter or talked to the director have you? Yeah that’s what I thought. Hey guess wt this is not about you dumbass.

      1. I’m just curious if troll wonder Ann K. knows Vanessa; or Holly? Or is aware of the situation her or himself? Or has been to the shelter?
        Perhaps you have been one of the elite few that have had a good experience at the shelter? Just to bring up the shelter , from people unaware of Vanessa’s situation sets off a negative response! Several that were humane society volunteers, and active members have just gave up, and all because of this woman!
        What have you done for our local slaughter house lately?

  29. Was Vanessa a city employee or an employee of the supposed non-profit LCHS? If Ms. Stone is boss of both, I would think that would be a conflict of interest. How can she accept donations as a non-profit and also recieve a salary from the city?

    1. I was employed with the city. Basically city emoloyees are allowed to go anywhere in the facility, help with any duty (including helping with adoptions) and clean anything. Humane society workers cannot go in intake or sally port (intake for cats). They can’t intake animals into the shelter either. It was set up in an odd way both duty wise and chain of command wise. She is the department head. There is someone else in charge of the humane society but he doesnt work at the shelter. He comes in from time to time to talk to stone. She cannot hire or fire humane society workers only recommend. Not sure how everything works financially. I know the humane society was on its own but the city and tax payers funded the I believe 2 million dollar building and asked LCHS to join them. Right now the humane society has 1 worker. 2 have quit in the last 3 months and one moved back to England. The majority of the staff works for the city. I am sure they have their butts covered as far as finances cause her husband is th city attorney.

      1. More confused than ever about the so called “Adoption Center”. Sickens me to know any organization or person is making $$$ from defenseless shelter animals.

  30. Has anyone thought about starting a petition on change.org? Not sure how I stumbled upon this thread, but I am saddened that this is going on in a “shelter”, and that the city doesn’t seem to really care. I am glad that Ms Mais tried to do what she could for these poor animals! My heart just breaks for all of these animals.

  31. Initial responsibility lies with the owners of animals. Spay and neuter your pets! The animal population is out of control because there are many bad owners out there that don’t have their animals fixed, the animals are impregnated and the pups/kittens are dumped off. The animals that show up at the shelter did not appear out of thin air. If you do not spay and neuter your animals, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    Secondly, Is it horrible that so many animals are killed? Yes. However, using figures given, the shelter appears to have taken in over 4,000 animals in one year. 4,082 to be exact. If animals were be brought in every single day of the year, that would be an rough average of 11 animals being brought to the shelter every single day, and yet barely that many being adopted every week. So what do you do with over 3000 animals that are not adopted? Keep them in the shelter? Where do you get the finding for feed? At merely a cup of kibble per day, (which is likely not enough to for half or more of all the animals that get brought in), that is sixty 20 lb bags of feed every day. Plus the amount of people to work there to clean the kennels, walk the animals and take care of them…3,000+ animals? Shelter money does not grow on trees.

    So, send them to rescue groups, you say, to even take half of the number of animals what comes in. Transport 30 dogs every week? Eventually, those rescue groups can’t take anymore either because they are busting at the seams. So then what? What is supposed to be done? Just keep letting the animals in? At what point do you stop? In two years or less, you would have 10k animals under one roof. how do you feed them and care for them, and deal with the craziness you inflict on them because of so many animals in one building? Disease would run rampant.

    I am a card carrying member of the ASPCA, and I give every dollar I can to help animals as they do not have a voice. I have 5 dogs and 3 cats, and each of them are fixed, up to date on shots, microchipped, the whole 9 yards. I am very attached to them, they are members of my family. That being said, eventually hard decisions do have to be made. The animals are the innocent, but without euthanasia, if that did not exist, animals would overrun the human population simply because people cant be responsible.

    I know it’s tough to hear, and I know these little guys tug at your heart strings. It isn’t the animals’ fault. It’s society as a whole because most people do not make good pet owners. Take it to the citizens, because if people would just be responsible, Willie Stone wouldn’t have to be the scapegoat. COuld she have more compassion? Sure. But don’t be mad at her because this shelter is not equipped to handle 3,000+ animals. She has a boss too, she has rules she has to follow to. Blame the system and society, not one person.

    1. Oh, Samantha, you are so very wrong! Please read this article: http://www.no-killnews.com/?p=4884. That is how you do it!

      Also, Vanessa had rescues lined up to take dogs and was working hard to find as many rescues and homes as possible. She was fired for that! Mrs. Stone did not make any attempt to align herself with rescues with any regularity. Delila had a place to go, Spot had a home to go to, we found a rescue who found an entire litter of 7 puppies homes in a week! That litter were saved and that litter is the reason Vanessa was fired!! Mrs. Stone will say Vanessa did not have permission to take the puppies, but I was standing right beside her as the conversation took place and I transported those 7 puppies! Mrs. Stone slated them for killing as soon as they were dropped off as she does MOST of the puppies. She makes more money on vetted animals than non vetted, so doesn’t keep puppies! She had not given these puppies one shot and pitched a fit that they were saved by a rescue instead of killed when she put NOT ONE PENNY into them. Why was she so mad that a litter of puppies she gave a death sentence to now had happy homes? She didn’t fire Vanessa for a month after that until Vanessa was trying to rescue Delila from her death sentence and had rescue and transport arranged!

      People call the shelter asking for puppies, they have none so they go elsewhere to buy or adopt dogs. They have none because they have all been KILLED. Mrs. Stone has sole discretion to make those decisions. So, Samantha, YES I CAN hold her responsible for the high kill rate at that shelter. YES I CAN blame her.

      Mrs. Stone had a worker who is college educated, passionate about animals, willing to work hard to find rescues for the animals and also willing to find creative ways to get these animals adopted. She also was so very willing to help in any way she could to educate the public about spay/neuter and adopt don’t buy. Instead she relegated her to cleaning kennels (which she did well and with a passion for keeping the dogs healthy) and put road blocks in front of any attempts made to take initiative in helping in these other areas once the kennels were clean. So, again, Samantha, YES I CAN hold Mrs. Stone responsible.

    2. And you may want to investigate where your ASPCA donations go if you’re really interested in helping shelter animals…and look into the ONE animal shelter they run in NYC. This is the only shelter they run in the country (all others are SPCA and get NO money from the ASPCA) and they




      1. *and they run it like they couldn’t care less about the animals.

        Sorry, the cat was helping me post.

    3. Wow Samantha, I used to think like you. I don’t any more, and here is the statement that taught me differently:
      “It’s society as a whole because most people do not make good pet owners.”

      You’re wrong. Most people actually make delightful pet owners. Many get frustrated with difficult behavior issues, some are ignorant of their own role in creating the problem! But as long as Animal Control or *shelters* think as you do — that most people don’t make good owners — then the killing will continue.
      This is where that whole *killing is kindness* stupidity comes from! These poor animals would be better off dead than living with a sub-standard human. (Insert any number of inane rules to define what is sub-standard:No fence? Full time job? Unemployed?! Kids? Kids too young? Kids too old?! First time owner? Too many other pets? The list is endless.)

      You said: “Take it to the citizens, because if people would just be responsible, Willie Stone wouldn’t have to be the scapegoat.”

      The citizens have spoken, and Willie Stone doesn’t give a crap. The majority of pets ARE spayed and neutered. There ARE enough homes for every shelter pet…if management of those facilities would just LET THEM GO rather than kill them!

      You say: “But don’t be mad at her because this shelter is not equipped to handle 3,000+ animals.”

      Our Animal Control handles more animals than that every year, and they kill somewhere between 10 – 25% of them, and I STILL think that’s too much! It is NOT my fault either! Our population is way lower than most municipal areas. Our animal population (particularly dogs) is way higher. (I have several neighbors who regularly had more than 100 dogs…although with the price of dog food and gas so high, many have cut back, but 20 dogs is considered a SMALL kennel in these parts!)

      Reno Nevada saves more than 90% of their animals, and they have unemployment, transient populations, high cost of living, and a high animal/people ratio. They’re doing it. And they are doing it because they choose not to kill! They choose to try harder to work with rescues and all these *not so good pet owners.*

      I’m tired of people defending the killers. It’s a choice. Choose differently! And that includes giving up all these lame excuses about the irresponsible public, blah, blah, blah.

      She has a boss too, she has rules she has to follow to. Blame the system and society, not one person.


  33. Is there a no kill shelter in Hobbs Roswell artesia Carlsbad Seminole or Lubbock Texas thank you I need snowball to be in a god loving environment with a loving family that will love and spoil him he is a good baby snowball turned one on November 21 he is mostly white with a little light brown going down his back he loves kids and must be the only male in the household text me for pics or info 480-334-7551

  34. We here in Ontario, Canada go to this shelter to rescue and save dogs that are about to be killed….I volunteer at a humane society “NO KILL” shelter …….we Love, train,walk, feed……and every volunteer is passionate about animals and their wellbeing and safety…..I’m appalled that your government allows kill shelters to begin with and even more appalled that all of you that work at this shelter can’t come together and fight for these animals rights to live……GOVERNMENT MUST CHANGE LAWS…..then that will take care of Stone lady……she doesn’t make the laws.

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