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I’m just saying this right up front – I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up a second shelter pet blog. But I think the chances are better than 50% so I decided to go for it. The new blog is for posting awful photos taken by shelters and posted online.  I share a lot of those on Facebook but, by popular demand of one (Selma), I decided to create a place to archive the madness.  If you see something worth posting, please send me a link or screencap it and e-mail it to me.

See you in hell!

6 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. WHY would I want a daily, or even weekly or any sort of permanent record of the myriad ugly photos you can find while searching for a pet at a *shelter* on the web?!? Can we have some of these photos be GOOD images? Lead by example and all that…
    Sorry to be a sour puss. I suppose people need to see that sort of thing in order to get better at recognizing the other options. But, well, sigh.

    1. I’m the watchdog, not the PR spokesman Lynn. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you choose not to look.

      (Personal note: I received a package from you today. I know it must be your great promotional materials you came up with for your local Just One Day events. Thank you!)

  2. i wrote a book on the idiots.
    something needs to be done. getting with the sheriff and commissioners,hoping to bust the idiots.ill try to keep you in that book, of them shooting 26 to 29 animals no reason. out of uniform to hide who they are. i know who they are, and they werent using a dart gun.suing for 11 million federal ill get 33 million. damages. conspiracy. gov fraud, gov conspiracy. much more.

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