Keeping Up Appearances

The failures leading up to Nola’s killing at the Memphis pound were not oopses.  Nonetheless, both the staffer who entered the wrong date on Nola’s intake – and couldn’t be bothered to correct it when notified – and the worker who failed “to appropriately record” the killing have received nothing but written reprimands.  No terminations, no suspensions, no lost pay.  In fact, it’s not at all clear from the reprimands that the city cares one bit that Nola is dead:

“This failure to appropriately record this data caused MAS to spend undue time to identify the animal[.]  After review it was evident and obvious your failure to complete these records caused undue hardship on the owner and made MAS look incompetent.”

Congratulations Memphis for keeping focused on how things look rather than how things are.

There are bins full of dead pets being loaded out your back door daily MAS, in case you haven’t noticed.  As a public facility intended to shelter animals, that makes you look incompetent.

Memphis please, stop the killing.

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  1. Again, this is the mentality of MAS (and apparently, Memphis City Government). Do not fix the problems, hide the problems. Appearance is as good as fact in their world.

    But it just ain’t so. And if Mr. Rogers were the least bit serious about enforcing good documentation, ALL of the ACO cameras would have the correct date and time by now. But they don’t. Such an easy little fix…not done.

    Nola is dead because people didn’t do easy little things – scan for a chip, correct the date, take the owner through the stray area. Simple little things not done. Fact. Not appearance.

  2. OMG – I just went to their page, cause I’m just sick that nobody got fired! Here’s what their PAGE says they value (don’t choke):
    What we value

    A balance of enforcement and education promoting responsible pet ownership
    Homes for animals that are free from mistreatment and abuse
    Better communications, cooperation and tolerance among neighbors
    To live peaceably without suffering the nuisances and dangers caused by others’ pets
    Pride in vital service we render to the community
    The difference of beliefs about the place animals have in our society
    Sensitivity to the high emotions which accompany animal problems

  3. el oh el, MAS, thanks for the laugh in the face of loss. Or should that be loss of face? Your staff dared make you look incompetent!
    A politician’s worst nightmare. But what gives me pause is the fact that MAS is now admitting Nola’s death wasn’t recorded. Yep. I’ve been wondering about that all along–what actual proof exists that she was killed? And now it looks like, maybe, none. I’d say there’s still a good chance sweet Nola left the shelter the same way Kapone did. Kapone, if you recall, was finally found over in Mississippi. Maybe somebody ought to look over there for Nola, too. Maybe ex-shelter operations manager and Mississippi resident Chelton B. could volunteer some time for that?

    1. Course Kapone’s disappearance was due to an “officer’s mistake,” too. At least that’s what the Rotary Club report from Nov. 2011 says:
      “Chelton Beamon was formerly a police officer and he investigated Mrs. Hogan in regards to the missing dog, Kapone, like any other police investigation. He said it was officer mistake that caused the problem.” That was before they found Kapone. Yep, those officers just keep making mistakes and getting those stern reprimands.

      1. Wow Jeane….I missed that….perhaps if Beamon had conducted a professsional investigation to find the outcome of a missing dog instead of a “police” …lol… “investigation”….in search of a ctime…Kapone could have been united with his family sooner….Then in a twist of irony he never reviews security footage as it related to Nola and allowed it to be ovetwtitten….why were the approaches to two sitiuations with so many similarities completely diffferent…Sounds suspect….

      2. How about this?? NOW our mayor wants the community to help “rebrand” MAS; in other words, keep up the appearances. A contest is being held to draw a new logo for MAS that is more appealing to the community….with the prize being pet food for a month, a $50 Petco card, and bragging rights to the new MAS logo. SO I pose a question: How is this going to help the poor animals at the pound awaiting their untimely death or worse yet, taken at the door upon inpound only to be given to dog fighting thugs???

        Shocking, I know, but since the Mayor thinks we have such a methodical, good man in Mr. Rogers, how is this going to stop the pound (I hesitate to call it a shelter) from continuing its usual practices… logo or not, it is still a house of horrors. You could put a happy face covered in 24 Karat GOLD, and it is NOT going to change what goes on inside.

        Keeping up appearances will only serve to insure Mr. Rogers keeps his cushy job, along with the employees there who were given a slap on the wrist last week. Hmmmmm…… about a contest where employees try to adopt out as many animals as possible, actually rescue animals to various rescue groups and actually work to improve the horrible conditions at MAS??? Oh, I forgot, that is not an option. It would require retraining, which has already been done, once, twice, three times or more.

        A new logo? I can’t wait

      3. Oh Denise…I can think of a few logos that probably wouldn’t win any contests, but would represent MAS pretty well…

      4. Oh yeah, me too, along with Mr. Rogers’ favorite word “processeeeeeeeeezs” … showing the process of how animals get killed upon arriving at MAS, uh huh

  4. I am absolutely outraged as you are too. I knew, I just knew all they would get is a slap on the wrist, with no fear of ever losing their jobs. This is how our city is run…..corrupt, morally bankrupt officials who don’t give a damn about anything except their paychecks. I will forward this post with my comments to my MAS list.

  5. I have copied my email below voicing my disgust with these “reprimands”…. ugh

    This is it????? This is all these people get??? I am TOTALLY OUTRAGED!!! Reprimands? Actually, as usual and is standard operating procedure, all these employees got was a slap on the wrist with no fear of EVER losing their cushy jobs. How insane and how utterly an insult to the grief Ms. Henry has suffered at the hands of MAS for killing, KILLING her dog.

    This is NOT acceptable. Mr. Beaman was fired, Mr. Rogers needs to go. I don’t care what you think, this is NOT right and the punishment for these two employees is nothing, NOTHING!!!!!! Pie charts and PowerPoint presentations (full of errors no less) are not impressive and do not contribute to the welfare and health of the animals housed there, awaiting their untimely deaths. This is unfathomable and just plain condescending.

    I guess the only thing that will EVER make MAS change is the needless killing of a human at the shelter. Would you even bother to sit up and take notice THEN??????????????????????????? Ms. Henry deserves answers, and the two employees REALLY DESERVE TO BE FIRED ….. NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  6. Another email sent to hooks/wharton/rogers (not quite as polite as I have been). I do not expect a response, nor will I likely get one. That place is a cesspool!

      1. We only get a reply if Mr. Rogers deems the email “inaccurate and inflammatory.” Well, mine was VERY inflammatory today because I was outraged. Guess he is going through his “processeeeeeees” to deliver his reply … uh huh.

  7. It disgusts me to think of how many more deaths are “not recorded” at MAS. Are their terrifyingly high death rates, in fact, even higher than reported?

  8. One thing we have seen over and over is keeping a shelter in the spot light forces change. It may take a tremendous amount of time and effort, but it will happen. Keep up the good work. You will be a force for change and you are supported. I’m sure you know that or you wouldn’t keep doing it. But as someone who reads your posts daily, I believe it is possible. The folks of Memphis are getting the message and change is coming. I can see it all the way from Colorado. Thank you.

  9. Wow Big Glenn and Sweet Ms. Jackson should be fired!!! ANDDDDD Mr. Rogers retired from the Post Office before he got fired for sexually harassing the female employees!!!! OUTRAGED!!!!

    1. Unless you can supply some credible documentation to back up this claim, I am going to ban you. You have posted many outrageous claims under a fake name and it is unfair to lodge these kind of accusations without proof. If there is proof, please post it. And in future – and this applies to anyone – please post a link to evidence of your allegation if you are making a claim that is not common public knowledge.

  10. Shocked that no one has seen through the smokescreen….both employees made errors…true….one was after the fact….but an incorrect date would not be enough to lead to euthanasia of Nola if the person who signed her off would have followed the correct procedures and 3 step verification process….ONLY MR. ROGERS OR COLEMAN (VET) CAN SIGN OFF ON EUTHANASIA….Wonder which of the 2 were the culpable parties..this is why the employees were reprimanded…they serve as better scapegoats that way…fire them and the truth will come out eventually….

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