The Excellent Care and Good People at the Surry Co Pound

The Surry Co pound in NC failed a state inspection on April 26, 2012.  The inspector noted that some cats were left without water and/or litter boxes.  Among the many items indicated as unacceptable was “veterinary care when needed”.  To wit:

One coonhound male named ‘Gunner’ (#57398) was found appearing to be severely emaciated and thin. This dog also has an injured tail that is bleeding. A sufficient amount of blood was found on the kennel walls and floor and on the dog’s left side. Records indicate that the dog arrived at this facility on 4/2/12. Upon review of this facility’s program of veterinary care the contract Veterinarian should be contacted and his/her recommendation followed pertaining to this animal’s health. The animal should be isolated and evaluated. At the time of inspection such documentation was lacking. This animal was found in kennel 8 in the adoption area without a sign indicating that this animal was being evaluated and/or in isolation. This animal is in need of immediate veterinary care within 24 hrs.

Gee but he’d only been there for three and a half weeks.  I’m sure they were just about to get vet care for this bleeding, severely emaciated dog (on the adoption floor!) when the inspector arrived.  Statistically speaking, it’s not exactly a giant leap to guess that Gunner ended up in the dumpster, since that’s where the Surry Co staff puts 90% of the pets in their care.

When protesters picketed the pound last week, the director addressed the crowd stating that a 10 year old dog recently featured on the local news had been killed due to fleas and hair loss.  A local vet tech deemed the dog unadoptable and the director explained the pet “did not meet the requirements to be placed in the adoption program”.  Wait – Surry Co has an adoption program?!  Talk about your exclusive memberships.

Several advocates voiced their support for the staff and attempted to quash any dissenting opinions.  They gave naysayers the old “team” spiel.  Uh, breaking:  If you are opposed to killing old dogs with fleas and 90% of all the other homeless pets in the community, you are not on the same team with these people.

Jim Hazel of the Surry Co HS went a step further in supporting the staff:

“This is the best group of people I’ve ever seen here.”

Whoa.  WHAT were the previous groups doing to the animals at the Surry Co pound that makes the current group, which is allowing them to suffer before killing 90% of them, look so good?

Hazel said he believes the animals at the shelter receive “excellent care.”

“There are good people here,” he said as he surveyed the crowd from the air-conditioned shelter office. “These people out there?

“They may be well-meaning, but a lot of them are idiots and you can quote me on that,” he said.

Excellent care.  Let Mr. Hazel stay in his air-conditioned office while compassionate members of the public stand up for the pets suffering at the Surry Co pound.  Put me on Team Idiot, please.

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  1. I actually received a (polite and respectful) email reply from one of the Surry County Commissioners (Eddie Harris) after I sent a letter suggesting a No Kill approach with links to No Kill 101 and Dollars and Sense. The outgoing County Manager (Dennis Thompson) apparently had some meetings on what to do about the animal shelter, and Mr. Harris is going to pass on all of the suggestions he has gathered to incoming Manager Chris Knopf when he starts at the end of the month.

    I would love it if others would send polite emails about the No Kill Equation to the Commissioners, because their attention is on the issue. This page lists their contact information:

  2. It’s so consistent, this reaction. It’s always, “the dissenters are nuts, disgruntled, politically motivated, etc. and we’re doing a really good job, yay us!” It’s NEVER, “Huh, well, I thought we were doing a good job, but people obviously have concerns, so let’s reassess.”

    Is it laziness? Ego? Lack of maturity? Whatever the cause, you get this kind of mentality when there’s no oversight and no accountability of actions.

  3. Mikken said it best. I dont even know what to say anymore, after reading horrible story after horrible story.

  4. Fleas and hair loss equal death! I guess he forgot to mention older also! Do they even have a vet on staff or by contract? Is the only care given is by a vet tech? I doubt this is legal.

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