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      1. You should see how excited they get when their mom comes in to feed them! I find it heartening that last night, almost 1500 people were watching kittens sleep.

        I think the Momcat’s name is Noodle.

    1. aww. teh evol looks so innocent when it’s asleep. probably exhausted from running the interwebs–http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/26/technology/in-a-big-network-of-computers-evidence-of-machine-learning.html?_r=1&ref=technology

  1. This past Sunday night my family was driving home and we saw an opossum on the road. We turned around to see if it was still alive. She wasn’t, but many of her little babies were. They were all over the middle of the road. I got out and started picking up the live ones. Several were already dead. Some cars went by and one hit the mother again, that’s when we noticed two more babies attached to her, they were unscathed fortunately.
    All told, we rescued 9 little baby opossums. They had fur, but their eyes weren’t open yet and at least one weighed 30 grams. I don’t know how old that makes them.
    I know nothing about opossums, but we had to try to help. It was late at night so we researched online a bit. Then we got a heating pad, made them a nest with some old pillow cases and covered them with another one. I stayed up 1/2 the night, helping them eliminate and trying to feed them fluids drop by drop. That last part wasn’t too successful and eventually I left them alone to sleep.
    I’m happy to report that all 9 of them survived the night and are now in the care of my local zoo, which will care for them and then release them when they’re old enough.

    1. Wow.. I am so sorry for the adopters loss… I just got a dog out of a shelter in WV.. and I was so terrified this would happen to my dog… I spent a week calling/emailing the shelter I had to call the county commissioner’s office to get help.. I did finally get her

  2. This is only pet related in that I need it for the blog but… Anyone have a recommendation on a scanner? I just need it to scan docs for the blog. I’m using a PC, not particularly up to date but not a relic either. I’m looking for the most economical scanner that someone has used and found to be reliable.

    1. We have an HP Deskjet F4480. It’s an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier. We bought it a few years ago for around $100. HP has a similar model on their website for $80 and that one works with Windows XP and above.

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