Mental Health Break: Photos

For those who remember this Shelter Pet of the Day from MAS, here are some photos sent in by his rescuer.  The dog, now called Jake, has his own family.  Thank you to everyone who helped him.


Dog #A241047 at the Memphis pound, as pictured on the PetHarbor website.


Jake at home.
He seems to have adjusted ok.
Lap dog.

19 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: Photos

  1. That dog broke my heart. It brings me such joy to see him happy and healthy.

    Is anyone saving up all these before and after of “hopeless” shelter pets MAS and others were ready to kill to “end their suffering”? These photos would make great testimonials when blown up to a large-ish size and presented at meeting the “irresponsible public” is allowed to attend.

  2. Oh my goodness- so precious!! Thanks to all the awesome people who helped in this, including his adopters. Also, I totally love theparrosrock’s idea!!

  3. May the rescuer and Jake’s new family be in good blessings for the rest of their days. Jake looks great and very content… Looks like he is fitting right in…

    When I first saw that photo I kept on thinking how can I get to Memphis to save him for I am always of the mind that there is always room for one more. In my way of thinking is all animals deserve a 2nd, a 3rd, as many chances as needed to find a Forever Home. Not many humans deserve such chances for they are Not of the Innocent, unless a human child, like animals are….

  4. Boy, did I need this today! Thanks to all who had a part in getting Jake to his new family. What a great dog! He looks so happy and so loved.

  5. Every lab needs a ‘rassle partner. Looks like he found one with his boys…the big boy and the little boy! THANK YOU to all who thought this dog’s life was worth saving.

    Going home to ‘rassle with my own lab now.

  6. It is important to work hard to change the system of Animal Care and Control I think it is also as important to help save the lives that are in danger in the current system. It is people like Jake’s adopter That changed 1 life and such a big and Happy change it is! Thank you Jake adopters for stepping up! Thank you Shirley for giving him the chance to be seen and Thank you everyone else who helped Jake and hundreds of other pets that are save by people . Those words are like gold “yes i will adopt/foster”

  7. So happy for Jake and his new family – and a huge thank you to the ones who sprung him from MAS and gave him a chance to heal. We need to hear more of these great stories!

    1. Even though this abuse never should have happened to start with.. this is what it’s all about.. saving animals.. giving them the life they always deserved ….

  8. Holy Moly! That is amazing. So sweet-the photo of Jake and his little boy. Thank you, everyone who was involved. Excellent work!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. This dog’s face has stayed with me during the day and in my dreams since it was first posted. I needed this. Thank you.

  10. Jake! Woo hoo! Thanks for the update. I wondered what happened to this poor soul. Huge thanks to those who pulled him, those who donated either directly for him or via the ChipIn and to Shirley for sharing him in the first place. When I find my mind creeping to dark and terrible places regarding those who do not make it out alive, I remember the Jakes and tell myself the times they are a changing.

  11. Me too I needed this today. I know others want the killing to end just as much as I do. Beautiful Jake – thank you Shirley and all who helped.

  12. I am so glad all of you got to see Jake now. The day I pulled him from the HELLter, I was just sick at my stomach but knew better days were ahead for him. I took a deep breath, swallowed hard and we drove off from that place never to look back. He had sarcoptic & demodex manges and was underweight (no surprise). Once both manges were cleared up & some weight put on him, we had him fixed and he started heartworm treatment Tuesday, June 26th. He had to stay at the vet for 3 days to be monitored & kept calm. The family we found for him has 2 boys, 1 girl & 1 canine girl so Jake is VERY happy. The kids cried when they took him to the vet to start heartworm treatment because they didn’t want to leave him. They understand he is getting help & the vet made sure they understood that he can’t run & play with them just yet. In about 3 weeks he should be able to. He LOVES to play ball & jump in the lake so I’m sure he is looking forward to that as soon as he can. It’s definitely HOT enough here in Memphis for the lake! He actually lives in Southaven, MS now which is only about 10 to 15 minutes from where I live so I am VERY happy he is close. The family also understands that if they can’t keep him for ANY reason – no matter what it is – he comes to ME. I believe he is there for the duration!!!! :) I can’t thank EVERYONE involved with his resuce enough. I just wish ALL of these souls would end up like JAKE! PAWSOME!!!!! :)

    Patricia Hurdle

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