Another Room of Dogs Neglected at MAS

Security camera footage from the Memphis pound shows this room of dogs neglected from 2pm to 7pm on May 22, 2012.  During the entire 5 hour period of footage, no dog in this room is walked, fed, or has his cage cleaned.  And it’s apparently stinky in the room, as evidenced by the second inmate who comes in, holding his shirt over his nose. The only attention, brief as it is, these dogs get is from two inmates, as shown here.  The third man shown in the clip appears to be a worker who picks up the empty bowls.  The dogs probably got excited at the clanging of bowls and anticipated being fed but it never happens.  The lights are turned out after 6pm and are not turned back on by the time the footage ends.

15 thoughts on “Another Room of Dogs Neglected at MAS

  1. Can’t watch, but maybe this explains why they have so many “found dead in cage” statistics. How can anyone with any sense of compassion know this is going on and not stop it?
    Those poor, poor dogs (and likely cats, too).

    1. I’m wondering if somehow reaching out to “Memphis” celebrities could help compel change and improve things at MAS – put Memphis more in the spot light of utter embarrassment — for the sake of saving lives and improving the quality of care for the animals??
      •example• celebrities such as singer Sarah mcLaughlin, Harry Connick, Jr. — celebs who HELP speak for the animals or helped rebuild their former towns ?
      Quick Google search for Memphis: Actress Kathy Bates; Actor Morgan Freeman …,_Tennessee#section_1

      1. Harry Connick Jr seems like a good bet. Sarah McClaughlin is the voice of the ASPCA so I have my doubts about her. Justin Timberlake is also from Memphis.

  2. May 22 was a Tuesday and MAS is supposedly open to the public. There was no one from the public coming in to look for their stray dog or to adopt a dog. What is that about? What area is this? What are the employees getting paid for? There definitely needs to be an investigation!

    1. There is supposedly an area of MAS with like 200 dogs that are never shown to the public, or something like that. I wonder if this is that area?

      1. How it’s been described to me is this: There are multiple rooms, each with a locked door which can only be opened by a special code that staff have, that are off limits to the public. I’m guessing this is one of those rooms.

  3. These rooms are never seen by the public or the volunteers. Nobody but staff and the detainees from the local prison get behind these doors. Here’s my thing: Rogers said when he brought the inmates in that they would be supervised 100% of the time by a MAS employee. That lasted about 2 weeks. Then they fired three of the worst abusers, have not replaced them, so are too short-staffed to supervise these men. I know of a young woman who went to the pound looking to adopt a dog, was shown the door to the adoption hallway by a volunteer, but not walked around. She was walking up and down looking at dogs and 2 of the detainees were making lewd comments at/about her as she walked through. She left in disgust after rushing through one room. Nobody’s minding the store there. She went and got a dog from the Humane Society. Nice work, Rogers.

  4. My question is why these employees and inmates walking in the room does nothing for the dogs but looks at the dogs and walks out? Are they looking at who would be the next bait dog etc.. and going out the back door? Just because you are a inmate doesn’t mean you don’t have something going on on the outside . Do any of the employees able to access MAS after Hours? I have to obey the law and I don’t see any reason why MAS doesn’t have to do the same. To let corruption go on is against the law. MAS is breaking the law by not doing what they are suppose to do CARE FOR THE ANIMALS.

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