Kansas City, MO Does July 4th Right

The open admission shelter run by KC Pet Project in MO opened their doors to the public on the 4th of July figuring most people had the day off and were available to visit the shelter.  They ran a $25 adoption fee special and adopted out 77 pets that day.  I love to see common sense teamed up with dedicated people.  Well done KC Pet Project!

How many adoptions did your local open admission shelter do on July 4?  Did they run a promotion?  Did they even unlock the door?

16 thoughts on “Kansas City, MO Does July 4th Right

  1. It was a day that people were off work and from then on, you can celebrate your pet’s “Gotcha Day” as the Fourth of July! It was a great idea and wonderful that so many animals found homes.

  2. NY AC&C was CLOSED to the public on the 4th of July. We are in need of major reform here in NYC.

  3. Makes my heart sing to read that KC Pet Project adopted out 77 pets on 4th of July. Congratulations to them! Using common sense is not often used where it especially benefits homeless animals. A major holiday, record heat, and still there were people lined up outside waiting their turn to get into the building to adopt dogs and cats. Lots to celebrate in Kansas City!

    Was MAS open? I shouldn’t even ask! I know that no one there is too concerned about the kill numbers. Do they even try to find dogs homes? How about calling owners whose dogs have been picked up by animal control? The Friends of MAS haven’t even been keeping up their fb pages and it begs to question what kind of friends they are. Certainly doesn’t look like it’s of the dogs and cats that are housed there.

    There are a few shelters that try. There are many groups that have an outstanding record of adoptions. The thing is they TRY and therefore they succeed.

  4. Our local shelter was officially closed. No word yet on adoptions that happened on this “closed” day, but “the person came in and we had the right staff on site to unite person and pet” adoptions are pretty common on “closed” days at this shelter.

    1. Where is your “local” shelter? Was it open or closed to adopt dogs/cats? Do they do business on closed days? If so, why call it closed? I don’t understand…?

      1. It’s in Salem, NH. It was officially closed on July 4, with promotions and events for the remainder of the week. On the days that it is closed, IF someone comes in wanting to adopt while there is staff authorized to do adoptions, they don’t let the technicality of being “closed” get in the way of a good adoption.

        They don’t have the budget for full staff seven days a week. They opt to be closed on Monday and Tuesday, because Saturday and Sunday are much better days for adoptions. Whether they are “closed” on holidays depends, frankly, on what the holiday is.

        On the closed days, they don’t commit to having anyone there other than for basic care of the animals. That may or may not be people who are authorized to do adoptions. Depending on scheduling, it might only be volunteers. But when people are there who can do adoptions, they’d rather get an animal adopted and in a home than stand on the formality of being “closed” and tell the person to come back some other time.

      2. It would not occur to me to go to an animal shelter that was closed on a holiday just in case someone might happen to be there to let me adopt a pet.

  5. Thanks Shirley. It was a crazy day for sure — as we’re not equipped for the type of traffic that we got. Some people waited four hours for us to process their adoptions — we even overheard one guy cancel his plans to attend a BBQ because “there must be 2,000 people here”. But we had a lot of happy owners, and pets, find homes. It was a good day.

    1. Ok, so I had to smile when I read, “we’re not equipped for the type of traffic that we got.” It’s a wonderful thing when you cannot keep up with demand. What a perfect opportunity to help people do the right thing. Warms my heart and gives me energy for my own fight. Many kudos from Bama, Brent.

  6. The Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve (fireworks make for frightful times for animals and for some people)….but with the innovative news out of Kansas City my sense of dread could change….thank you Brent and all.

  7. Aww- yay!! Good for you, KC Pet Project. I havent checked with the shelters here, but Im going to assume they were not open.

  8. Kansas City deserves a metal for the devotion to their dogs & cats, and adoptors. Every “shelter” in the country should follow their lead & stay open on ALL holidays, when folks are available to get to them to adopt. Imagine the lives that could be saved & happier families with deserving additions.

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