Two More Clips from the Memphis Pound

I finished my last room of MAS footage from May 22 and… these dogs got food and water!  Unfortunately for the dog in the first clip, he lost out on his food and water because after the lady fed him, a man came and moved him to a different cage, leaving his bowls behind for the next dog.  Oh and Pro Tip:  If you want to make a cage look “clean”, put a fresh piece of newspaper over the old and voila! Of course if the dogs get sick, MAS “has to” kill them because you know, the irresponsible public doesn’t vaccinate and stuff.

No dog in this room got walked between 2pm and 7pm but the little yapper in the second clip made her own exercise by leaping from her upper tier cage and begging for some attention.  It didn’t work but at least she got to stretch her legs a little and thankfully none appeared broken from the dangerous leap to the concrete.

11 thoughts on “Two More Clips from the Memphis Pound

  1. Not only that.. but I am so mad.. why are they putting a dog THAT SIZE. in the upper tiny cage… why isn’t that dog in a full size kennel? what room is this? Is this a kill room?

    1. Dot, this is the owner surrender intake room. The door across from the camera opens to the outside. People surrendering animals come through that door. The door closest to the camera goes to the intake office where paperwork is completed, the fabulous Pet Harbor pics are taken, etc. The ACO intake area is in the back of the building, near the sallyport.

  2. OMG.. the second video.. that worker is not supposed to leave the dog open and turn her back.. that dog could have been seriousy hurt… and did you notice the huge dog is still in that tiny cage and I don’t even see a water bowl..

    1. She leaves most of the cage doors open while she works. This was the only dog who jumped though. The big dog in the little cage – maybe the dog has to lay on the water bowl? IDK…

  3. That poor little doggy in the 2nd clip just wanted some attention and that worker fixing food just couldn’t be bothered to even stop and give it a can tell how heartless some are just by their inability to give a little one even two seconds of kindness..and it looks like the old shelter to me by how dirty and messy everything looks. And who was that guy in regular clothes that came in with the lady in the 1st clip lugging the big dog into that small upper kennel? Does he work there?

  4. So heartbreaking. It really saddens me to think of that poor little dog that wanted attention so much and wanted out so much that she jumped from her kennel is probably going to be killed in due time.

    1. I bet that little one was never shown on the Friends’ page. I hope it was adopted.

  5. My cousin’s Lhasa broke her leg jumping down off of a sofa cushion barely two feet off of the ground. I’m glad the little dog in clip #2 appears to be fine, but shame on that irresponsible employee.

    It looks like just about every single MAS employee isn’t very fond of their paychecks. In this economy, poor performance is unwise…

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