BSL Advocates Seem to Have Disappeared After Lennox’s Killing, Check Under Local Rocks

Reader Joel sent me this note regarding Lennox, which I thought many of you would be interested in reading:

One thing I’ve been wondering…where are all the BSL advocates to stand up and take ownership of this? This is a ideal situation for them, as the process as done everything that strict BSL is supposed to do, to an absolute T:
– A dangerous dog, defined by the dog’s appearance, was identified
– The dog was then seized BEFORE he could commit a deadly attack (as the BSL folks say…Prevent the deed, ban the breed!)
– The seizure was upheld through the judicial process
– The dog was killed despite massive protests and public pressure
This is the dream BSL scenario, and it is the most publicized case in who knows how long. Instead of letting Belfast City Council take all the heat for this, they should be helping the council and public celebrate good solid policy. They should be using the opportunity to educate everyone about why this needed to be done, why it was right to do it, and why everyone is safer now. The silence is notable.
He makes a good point.  If your group supports BSL, this high profile case is all the free publicity you could ever hope for and you should take advantage of the opportunity to get more cities on your righteous path.  BSL takes many forms and in these various forms, has a wide array of advocates.  PETA,, governments in the cities of Denver, Omaha and Houston, the Canadian province of Ontario as well as many others should all be posing for photos with the gangstas of the BCC and posting the pix on Facebook.  They should be dancing in the streets, singing “How Ya Like Me Now?” while waving signs that read “Lennox is Dead! Long Live BSL!”  Why so silent, BSL advocates?  You won.  The blood is fresh.  Seize the day.

64 thoughts on “BSL Advocates Seem to Have Disappeared After Lennox’s Killing, Check Under Local Rocks

  1. If they think being out site is out of mind they are greatly mistaken. This will never quit, and anyone associated with these people will be marked and watched all there days. They knew they were wrong, yet they killed an innocent dog to protect there egos. I feel for there families, because people are going to judge them because of there association. Sad, but knowing there day will come is all we need. Karma is a wonderful thing.

    1. Where is hater Colleen Lynn of infamy, or Merritt Clifton with his wickedly skewed stats taken from media reports.
      Conspicuous by their absence too are the mainstream media.
      Not ONE report in New Zealand about the global protests, petitions, the flagrant malfeasance from N.I. officials and obvious abuse of this poor dog and his family.
      Why weren’t the SPCAs jumping up and down from the get go? What explanation from those in a position to stop this murder who instead ran for cover?

  2. I agree – stand up and be counted!!!!! Point to this as a huge resounding success – I mean come on, how many people’s hopes and dreams have you shattered, how many lives have been destroyed, and now the BSL lovers can use this as a point when advocating for pet killing laws in other places! You have given yourselves the case that will help the killling keep on going.

    It takes a big person to destroy the family pet of a child, yes indeedy a truly big person….and with the entire world watching you…

    1. Of course they are all hiding like the Cowards that they are!!!!!But to all you BSL Backing Cowards just remember this..Today it is our dogs..Tomorrow it may be your dog!!Don’t come crying this way when that happens and mark my words it will!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Let’s not forget to add Kory Nelson, Denver Assistant District Attorney to that list of BSL promoters missing in action!
        Also deserving a mention is New Zealand’s own face of the SPCA Bob “All Pit Bulls are born bad” Kerridge, whose Auckland SPCA murders anything remotely Pit Bull shaped and is regularly quoted in our mainstream media on his anti-Pit Bull propaganda.
        He is, mind-bogglingly, the National President of the RNZSPCA.
        God help our dogs.

  3. Everyone involved in the murder of Lennox should be ashamed of themselves! A childs therapy dog? In a responsable, safe,healthy home? NEVER any sign of aggression? Ya, way to go… they kill him, yet all the other non “pitbull types” dogs that bite, threaten, escape and terrorize people/pets are safe? Because they don’t “Look” like a pitbull?? This is disgusting!! He wasn’t even a pitbull!!! Thousands of people from all over the world offered help, their support, new homes for Lennox. But instead he was murdered. Good publicity Belfast…. people are sure aware of you know.

  4. They have disappeared because they know this was railroad job and they want to not be associated with the criminal actions of the Belfast dog warden or the BCC. But, they set this scenario up, and those who advocate against BSL will not forget that.

  5. I’ve been wondering the same thing, like, where are Peta and Human Wayne (although the latter now pretends to be against BSL because that’s where the money is, honey)? And the intellectually challenged bloggers at DBO, the self-styled “ethologists” and yeah, where the hell is Dalton McGuinty, the Premier (weenie) of Ontario?

    1. I was wondering the same about Peta? I have Peta on my facebook page and I copied and paste this story to them and I never got a response. I plied to them to do something. Time will see i guess! Very Sad!

      1. I’m sure that, given their determination to have no animals kept as pets, they are delighted that Lennox (being a vicious, dangerous ‘pit bull type’) is better off dead. Please inform yourself about the true motives of peta. They kill upwards of 95% of the animals that are surrendered to them and also support the mass killing of others.

        The BIG organizations that want to make you think they are all for the animals, ummm, well, they aren’t. They are about pulling in as much money as they can under the guise of helping animals. That goes for the h$us, aspca, peta, etc. They aren’t who you think they are.

      2. I approached PETA over Bruce, the dog BCC incarcerated for over 3 years after accusing him of being a Pit Bull but had to cave in to public pressure and allow to be re-homed in Southern Ireland because they failed to lie about his temperament.
        PETA said they don’t go in to bat for individual dogs and fobbed me off with their ‘babies being thrown from the bridge’ BS. Their twisted logic is that you can’t wade in and grab every drowning baby, but they go to the bridge and stop whoever is throwing the babies into the water. Yeah, right.
        After that I was inundated with emails asking for money.
        Also conspicuous by their absence in this matter are Colleen Lynn of infamy and Merritt Clifton with his wickedly skewed stats used to ‘justify’ BSL.
        Most notable by their absence are the mainstream media. Here in New Zealand there was not one report about the protests, the petitions, the many examples of malfeasance, the abuse of this poor dog and his fmaily and his eventual murder.
        But then I guess NZ would have to own up to the thousands of look-alikes they’re murdering every year here also using the same m.o.


      2. I was being sarcastic in my comment, as I expected to hear the champagne corks popping in Norfolk from here (SW Ontario). Just to clarify.

        Is there anybody out there who still believes that Peta, HSUS et al give a s**t about animals?

    2. Well isn’t PETA pro euthinasea? They would be seen as hypocrits if they involved themselves as it’s widely known that they kill thousands and thousands of animals all in the name that “they may suffer in the future.” I can’t understand why people aren’t up in arms over PETA. Ppl need to do some research about that cultish group.

      1. No PETA is FOR Euthanisa! But where were the HSUS, ASPCA, and the wanna be, Best Friends…all who spend millions in publicity to show they are anti-BSL, while begging for donations to stop BSL.

    3. PETA advocates killing of “pit bull type dogs” why would anyone contact them for anything EVER??!!!
      And why would you want any association with them??!!

  6. They are quite because they know that what happened to Lennox is everything that is wrong with their destructive and evil legislation. They aren’t prepared to defend that.

  7. They are quiet because of the personal and human ‘face’ this case had, exposing their simplistic solution as so very wrong and flawed. (As are all simplistic solutions that SOUND so good to people who don’t investigate the ‘fallout’ from having such things implemented, whether it be outlawing abortion or requiring drug testing for welfare recipients or breed banning.)

  8. Those arrogant pompous asses at BCC…wake the hell up…we will never stop! You did hear from 100’s of 1000’s of us and choose to ignore us! Well we were there screaming and we will continue to scream . You need to take the shit out of your hear ans listen! The BSL is wrong and has been proven all over the world to be wrong for many many reasons. You need to wake up and see that you are ripping the hearts out of families..people you say you took office to protect. We all think there was something suspicious about this case. We know you lied about alot of things and not letting the family be by his side or come to get him body was so cruel…makes the world suspicious if it really happened as you say it did!!! You are a cruel country and we will boycott you for many years to come!!!

  9. The atrocity perpetrated on this poor boy Lennox so BCC could cover up their mistake and feel omnipowerful in their arrogance goes to show that Gov’t in “civilized” countries have waaaay too much authority and must be stopped. This was not the action of a democratic gov’t, this was the action of a dictatorship.
    Members of BCC, you are foul arrogant ignorant cowards hiding behind your office doors, too afraid to face Lennox’s family and in particular the child of that family.
    I am trying my hardest to be dignified in my letter and the more I write, the harder it is to maintain my dignity, so I won’t.
    You “People” disgust me and have thrown a black mark on your whole country in the eyes of the world.
    May all the members of BCC involved in the wrongful death of innocent Lennox ROT IN HELL after an agonizing death such as you created for this poor baby.
    He now can run free away from you bastards, no away from you assholes.

    1. Well written. I’m praying this is just the APEX of something VERY VERY big to happen … something positive for these wonderful animals. Don’t think we’re stepping down and quieting down. We’re just doing “prep work”. We’re just getting started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The greatest tribute we can give Lennox and the people who fought so hard for him is to stop the killing that BSL perpetuates. Lennox is not the only dog who died yesterday because of the way he looked. We need to stop the killing – yes, it is killing – of healthy, adoptable animals. We also need to stop the killing of feral cats because they happen to live outside. These animals need us to not forget and to make the changes that would have prevented this atrocity.

    Yes, it’s interesting that we have not heard the clapping from the BSL folks for a “job well done, BCC!” Perhaps they will at least think twice about what such abhorrent legislation and attitudes really means to animals and the people who love them.

    BSL must end! The killing must be stopped!

  11. We never see faces of exterminators, BSL can go hide in South-Amarica like SS. I’d prefer them exposed and locked up.

  12. Killing any dog because how he looks is ignorant.! May God Bless the family of Lennox. Those involved in the killing of a innocent dog May you all rott in hell!

  13. how can they call themselves humans . KARMA will bite u in the ass . your day is coming just a matter of time when u least expect it .I hope u know u aint going to heaven cause u killed this dog just by his looks .. SHAME ON YOU TAKE A KIDS ANIMAL U SICK SOBS MAYBE U NEED TO BE ON THE E LIST CAUSE OF YOUR LOOKS ..I REALLY FEEL SO SORRY FOR THE FAMILY THAT HAS TO GO THROGH THIS .I HOPE U GUYS ROT IN HELL ..

  14. What happened to Lennox and thousands of other innocent family dogs needs to be stopped.

    Ontario’s BSL is under review under Bill 16, but people need to contact their Members of Provincial Parliament and the Ontario Government (the Liberal Party) and ask them to support the bill to repeal BSL. See website:

    “Bring Back the Bulls – Repeal Ontario’s Breed Specific Legislation”

  15. Hey, BSL advocates, Hitler thought the Holocaust was the “FINAL SOLUTION”, too. How does it feel to be in such great company?

    1. I’m pretty sure the man in the video is someone brought in to evaluate Lennox and not a council member

  16. They can’t stand up and cheer.. There are to many people sending them money, not realizing, that they support BSL. That’s why everyone needs to do their homework before sending money to a charity.

    1. So True! So many people think some of these organizations are for the animals!! They are killers!

  17. I wonder if people on the Save Lennox Facebook page (there’s only 119,000 of them right now) might enjoy knowing exactly who these pro-BSL groups are.

    I’m seriously shocked that our favorite BSL groups are not out embracing the Lennox case. There will never be a better, more visible example of what a strict BSL policy that bans breeds based on appearance can successfully accomplish. This is a golden opportunity for them. I’m just trying to help them reap all the public goodwill they can claim for having helped make the streets of Belfast safer for the good people of Northern Ireland.

  18. The people who killed Lennox are ancient and small minded. BSL has the stigma that pitbulls were bred to fight so people believe they are a dangerous dog as well as other breeds that are similiar because people are scared and don’t know the truth about these dogs. Chuahua’s are the most aggressive but nobody’s going to ban a 10 pound dog. BSL needs to be banned otherwise we will have no dogs left because of terrible owners, this hurts all the great dogs and owners because a few are put down. Killing a dog for his looks rather than his temperament is just pure evil and sadistic. This stigma is followed in the shelters too as pitbulls are killed first, Chi’s are killed second, and black dogs are killed third, crap talk about being racist even dogs are being judged by their appearance.

  19. Prince George’s County, Maryland, with almost 1 million residents, is probably the second largest municipality in the US with BSL (I’m thinking Miami-Dade is first, but I haven’t checked that closely). Since 1997, it has had a breed ban. Between 700 and 1000 Lennoxes are killed every year here in “PGCoMD”. I hope you will all stand with us the next time we try to stop this government-sanctioned animal cruelty, which should be as soon.

    1. I doubt you will have much problem getting the support of people here. The bigger question is how to get the (organized, non-violent) support of the 120,000 people who were/are on board the Save Lennox campaign.

    2. your comment prompted me to check the Census stats

      Denver City/County + Aurora+Castle Rock+Commerce City = 1.1 million
      Miami/Dade Cty = 2.5 million

  20. They are now realizing how many people think BSL is crap and their policies are no good and they cant tarnish their “good name” otherwise they wont get any more donations (or at least not as much). I wonder how many people donate to groups like PeTA/ASPCA/etc not knowing they support things like BSL because they figure they are there to help animals.

  21. The City of Calgary has about 1 million people. They do not have BSL and have few serious dog incidents. This is the link for their Animal Related Statistics:

    While many support the Calgary model, as a community they appear to have most of the No Kill Equation in place:

    “Calgary’s Way To No-Kill”,

    “Comparing the Calgary Model and the No-Kill Equation”,

  22. This is just wrong on so many levels….how many humans have hurt another and go free! Leonx did nothing to anyone yet killed! I do not get it! Shame one the ones who carried this out!

  23. Agreed!!! The Belfast City Council did nothing but confirm the stereotype those people have for being incredibly unintelligent and stubborn. That is a terrible combo. It’s funny that they believe in discriminating against certain breeds, yet they themselves are a bunch of inbred ugly fools.

  24. I am wondering who is still hiding their head in the sand if they believe PETA or HSUS would do ANYTHING to help an animal? Get informed! PETA & HSUS is one of the BIGGEST killers of animals! They do NOT help any shelter even though they rake in MILLIONS of dollars!
    As for Lennox, I personally think this poor animal was euthanized quite a while ago.
    Shame on all those involved and I hope they are HOUNDED (no pun intended) for a very, very long time. Sleep should not come easily to any of the people involved.

    1. I believe Lennox was euthanized months ago….once the family and legal counsel was banned fron seeing Lennox. Plus I believe Lennox was in terrible physical shape while he was captive. Of course the family cannot get the collar….and the ashes are probably from god knows where, if they do actually get ashes.

  25. They’re being quiet so no one notices them for all of five minutes and so they can resurface next week as if nothing happened and as if they do not promote this exact same type of behavior on American soil. What happened to Lennox and his family is a travesty. But let’s not forget that it happens every day in America. Yes, some of the facts are different but each and every day, someone’s beloved family pet is destroyed due to perceived breed or due to size while having done nothing wrong at all. Some of these dogs were lost and unfortunate enough to end up in so-called shelters. Some were taken. Regardless, their deaths were unnecessary whether they were named Oreo, Baxter, Petey or Charlotte. Once the dust settles a bit and the alphabet soup of “rescue” believe we have forgotten about Lennox (because really, how smart can we really be to care about a dog in another country? [sarcasm]), they’ll be back to their old ways whether that means being vocal about dogs seized from a fighting operation or a dog seized from a family’s yard. And they’ll still be asking for money as if it does anything more than pay their salaries and give them power.

  26. To the BSL advocates: Sweet dear service dog LENNOX. We must thank you as well as miss you. Your story has brought this horrid rule to an APEX. So yes .. we truly must thank for that! Now we must do our part to change the world … and make a positive difference. LAWS MADE WITH WISDOM, STRENGTH , AND COMPASSION. KILL, KILL, KILL = IGNORANCE! EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE = WISDOM.



    Enough dark ignorance in this world. It’s time for a greater and brighter awareness!

  28. Very well said,

    The likes of Colleen Lynn have seem to gloss straight over cases like Lennox, they didn’t even say anything when the Bruce case was active, I was surprised to be honest, I thought they would have said something even if it was just “Pit nutters trying to free devil dog”

    But it just shows their true colours and that is the colours of the ‘Standback Fusiliers’

  29. These questions need to be taken directly to the BSL advocates. The first should be: “This should be your day in the sun. Why are you hiding?”

    Isn’t it the goal of BSL advocates to save people from maulings?

    Shouldn’t they be happy that we’ve killed a dangerous dog before he was able to attack anyone? And they don’t have to post pictures of a child with a scarred face?

  30. Lennox was killed months before. That’s why they denied him to go to the States with Caesar or any of the numerous other rescues. It’s the ONLY other explanation. There’s now way in help that they wanted this bad press, but what choice did.they have? I mean, c’mon…NO ONE was allowed to even SEE him while he was imprisoned. WHY? Because there were reports that he was losing weight, and just looking like all around hammered CRAP. So he most likely died and so they had no choice but to bite the bullet and hope it will eventually blow over. Most of the world is reality show minded and media mind-fu@*ed these days anyway, so they’re probably correct.

  31. we are still alive and kicking peole..on facebook there are many lennox groups or pages that still fight for his rights…and more anti bsl fighters…we are here..we are just to busy working our ass bee seen outside anymore lol

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