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Jeanne commented on the post from yesterday showing what appeared to be a dead puppy in a cage with a mama dog that MAS posted on PetHarbor:

Sad update.  I called MAS this a.m. and they confirmed that the puppy A243794 died in his cage.  Yes, you really were looking at a puppy who died.  And someone really did snap that photo and someone posted it on PetHarbor, which tells me they no longer “see” the animals, if they ever did.  They didn’t know why the puppy died.  The mama dog, A243793, is still at MAS on stray hold.  Her release date is July 20.  If she makes it out of MAS alive, this sad story will have a partly happy ending. And she’ll get spayed.  The shelter didn’t know whether she came in with just one puppy or there were others.  Either way, they’re gone now.
Please help her by contacting Memphis area rescues.  Adoption is a long shot for any pit at MAS, so rescue is probably her best bet.  Thanks.

They don’t know why the puppy died.  They don’t know if there were other puppies or what happened to them.  Whom should we ask?  If MAS doesn’t know what’s going on under their own roof, who does know?

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  1. I’ll ask here, too – does anyone know if they removed the rope from the mom’s neck?

    And if MAS were into marketing at all, they’d know that the mom has a “kiss me here” spot on the top of her head. Heaven knows that the poor girl could use some head kisses…

    1. Seeing as they failed to notice the dead effing puppy the mama was trying to care for WHILE THEY WERE STANDING 2 FEET AWAY TAKING A PICTURE OF THEM, I think it’s a safe guess nobody noticed the “kiss me” patch on the dog’s head.

  2. Can we rally our rescues in the area to pull the mama? PLEASE – don’t let the entire family die in that hell hole. PLEASE, someone step up and give this sweet girl some TLC. She has been through so very much.

    I have no words strong enough for what I’m feeling and thinking right now.

    Chokepoles and starvation would be too good for the ones responsible (and those who choose not to see what’s going on).

    Thank you to Jeanne for making the contact.
    RIP little one – you never had a chance.

    1. So far I have emailed Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue and Meows and Bow Wows with her story and photos. Please contact any good rescues in the area that you think might be able to help.

      1. I got a reply from Donna at Heart of Gold (after the auto reply saying they were full) and she’s looking for fosters in the area. So if you’re in Memphis and willing to help, please contact Hearts of Gold at That way the rescue can help more pitties. Toughing it out at MAS isn’t the only way to help–especially when they don’t make it easy for volunteers.

  3. It’s so sad and I try to volunteer to help these poor animals but they don’t seem enthuse about it and try to scare me if this what I want to do since there are so many aggressive animals there. I mean what about the ones that need attention and love? I’m just saddened to hear these kinds of things and can’t do anything about it.

    1. Maybe every shelter has their “story” about what they do and why they’re doing it. At MAS the story is pets are dangerous and aggressive and a nuisance to the public–unwanted like vermin. And that’s why they work so hard to get rid of them. Yep. Doing it for you. Just too bad they never heard the story that successful shelters tell–the one about how pets enrich our lives and deserve our care and make our cities better places to live in. Heard the other day that Memphis just got their first dog park, so maybe things are slowly moving forward there. But MAS is lost somewhere in the last century, sadly repeating with a worn-out tale–failing us all, Memphis pets and public and anyone else who cares about the animals at all.

      1. My local shelter says they can’t have volunteers because they have “controlled drugs” on the premises. Oh, they caught onto my devious plan of euthanizing myself.

      2. That’s what MAS try to tell me when I try to volunteer that there are many aggressive animals. I’m sure since I don’t have a lot of experience that the most I can do is walk dogs and cleaning there cages or something. I’m not trying to volunteer for dealing with aggressive dogs. I just want to help others that are neglected everyday living in bad crates not being walk or fed properly. I believe every animal shelter need to be a no kill shelter. And MAS is soooo far from that. Those workers ( not all) are not passionate in what they doing. They need to find another job and let animal lovers do the job. That lets me know that when I called to volunteer and they not being enthuse about it let’s me know how much they care to get free extra help.

      3. I thought all controlled substance drugs have to be locked up with only one person or a few people with access.

      4. Volunteers who might disagree with what’s going on could spoil the way things work at MAS. There are a lot of ways volunteers could make a huge (good) difference for the animals, but then MAS might have to explain why they do what they do.

        Secrecy is in, transparency is out!

      5. Hi Tina, I’m not sure how long ago you tried to volunteer at MAS, but I’ve been helping with volunteer orientation for about 4 months now and have never seen a volunteer application with your name on it. If you are interested in volunteering, please come by the shelter and fill out an application. We have orientation once a month and are always looking for new volunteers. The volunteer application can also be found on the city website at this link:

      6. Orientations are almost always the last Saturday of the month. I believe the next on is on the 28th.

    1. The mama dog is still listed. They pulled the puppy’s listing after they figured out they weren’t fooling anybody with their “hey look, this puppy is ALIVE!” photo. Lying bastards.

      1. And that begs the question, “Why was the pup not entered into the system upon intake?” Did they know she was sickly and likely to die and were proactively “fudging the numbers”? After all, if you don’t put her into the system and she dies in the cage, you don’t have a “found dead in cage”, you just have one more black plastic bag on the truck. Or was it just more incompetence of the sort that got Nola killed?

        The whole ID change thing is very disturbing. I thought Rogers was serious about enforcing the following of procedures?

  4. So, they see YB’s post with the picture of the mama and what appears to be a dead puppy…..then they try to fool us with a picture of a LIVE puppy – but the poor thing is dead….. this truly is beyond my comprehension…..Yes, Memphis, it’s time to rally the troops….. As Twisted Sister sings “we’re not gonna take it, we’re not gonna take it anymore !!!!!!”

  5. Boggles the mind, but no longer unfucking believable about MAS any longer. In fact, that has ceased to be the case for a long time. Any of you Memphians planning on kicking AC Wharton’s butt NEXT TIME??????????? You know me, peaceful at heart, but my mouth just won’t stop.

  6. PS – We may be losing our house, but I will borrow the money to come down to MAS to protest, as always. I mean PROTEST. Not candle-lighting and such. PROTEST. LOUDLY. AND WITH MUCH PASSION.

  7. You have to be an idiot not to know that puppy was dead or at least extremely ill when you took the photo of the mama dog! I know MAS is short on employees but I would fire the person(s) who took the picture and posted it on Petharbor.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that the entries to Pet Harbor not only do not have photos of every dog and cat, there are many numbers missing in the sequence daily. Why? Are they not entered? What happens to them? Do those go straight to be killed?

    1. If I remember correctly about Chameleon OS, ( I know Pet Point is this way) , the numerical sequence is all encompassing. All shelters that use Chameleon are somehow “linked” to the sequence. ie: If I am in SC and enter an animal that comes up as A0001 , and the next animal to enter Chameleon is in Florida , that animal is A0002. Although ,in SC , I enter MY second animal , it will come up in Chameleon as A0003. To get a mom and the litter to be sequential in the same shelter, you have to enter as just that, mom and litter of “x” number. Then they come up as A 001,A002,A003. It has to do with the animals entering Chameleon, not entering a particular shelter.
      I know that bit of info does nothing to save any in MAS.

      1. That’s really odd. You’d think it would just be that particular shelter instead. Thanks for the info! It still doesn’t do anything to save the animals, but I bet the people at MAS don’t know this either.

    2. There are a number of reasons for “numbers missing in the sequence” in Chameleon. For example, you won’t ever see the animals that are at the shelter as part of active court cases, bite quarantine, owner-requested euthanasia or wildlife.

  9. MAS knows nothing. Nothing that goes on under their roof is verified or confirmed. They hear nothing, see nothing and speak nothing. Says volumes, doesn’t it?

  10. The shelter continues to be a disgrace within the City of Memphis. It is obvious the voices of those who are concerned about improvements are not being heard. This is third world stuff happening in Memphis and it continues day after day with no change in sight. Any suggestions on how to get the attention of the leaders of this city? All complaints have seemed to fall on deaf ears. Whoever took this picture should be fired for not noticing the puppy was dead.

    1. We do not know if the person taking the picture didn’t notice, but at MAS THEY. SIMPLY. DO. NOT. CARE.
      Therein lies the problem . . .

      1. Certainly one would think the person photographing the dogs would have noticed the puppy was dead. I mean, we all noticed it via a little photo and this person was standing two feet from the dogs. I would think also that the people doing the cleaning, monitoring the feeding, and taking mama for her daily walks would have noticed. As would presumably the vet.

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