We need to rally the irresponsible public (as usual) to save Amber

Amber is the mama dog who was attempting to care for her dead puppy in a cage at the Memphis pound when someone there photographed the dogs and posted the photo on the internet.  It is unknown why the puppy died or what happened to the rest of the litter (assuming the deceased pup was not a singleton).  Amber was originally listed under ID #243786 but after a screengrab of the pound’s cruel photo was posted on the blog, she was re-listed by MAS with a new photo and a new ID (243793).

Ona from Meows and BowWows was able to get a brief video of Amber yesterday. She looks rather out of sorts, which is normal considering what she has endured at MAS, but at least they finally took the rope off her neck.  Ona reports that Amber gave kisses when she put her hand up to the bars.

If you are interested in adopting Amber, please contact the pound ASAP at (901) 636-1416. If you need assistance, please leave a comment here. I am willing to do anything in my power to help get this dog out alive.  I have no information on what type of vet care she may need but we have a fund that readers have donated to in order to help pets like Amber so financial assistance is available.

51 thoughts on “We need to rally the irresponsible public (as usual) to save Amber

  1. God love you, Ona and Meows and Bow Wows!!!!
    So glad to hear the rope was finally ditched……
    This mama needs a second chance!!!!

    1. She seems to be frantically searching for her baby(s)…poor Mama. No wonder she’s out of sorts!
      I can help with funding as well.

  2. Hopefully, the publicity surrounding Amber will make it . . . um . . . unwise for them to pull her to kill her. Keeping my fingers crossed that she is soon outta that hell hole.

  3. Bless you Ona! You always seem to be a savior for those in dire straights at MAS. Memphis needs many many more caring people like yourself. Thank you.

  4. I have commissioned Katie Frassinelli to assess Ms. Amber Dot! tomorrow evening. Meows & BowWows cannot commit to pulling her but we can help market her. If you are interested in adopting Amber, meet us tomorrow night at MAS at 5:30pm.

  5. Is she still there? I posted her to several pages what does she need yet to get out of there? I can help get the pledges and that if you can take her. Let me know, thank you!

  6. Ona, thanks from the bottom of my heart! Amber has a real chance now. If she starts showing signs of URI, she may need antibiotics really fast–whatever the URI (pneumonia?) was that killed the sweet black lab who had rescue waiting is no doubt still in the shelter. Wish we had more info on why the puppy died–that seemed very sudden, too. I was thinking the photos of Amber and her puppy uncaged were taken at intake before the pup got sick.
    The reason I think that is the photos, poses, location, etc. were so similar. But with MAS, who knows?

      1. I was thinking maybe parvo except that the cage would have been a terrible mess. Distemper is another sad possibility. Or the deadly mystery MAS URI. He was weaned so vulnerable to everything. He might even have died of anemia and malnutrition–he looked so thin and had a swollen belly. I think Amber is probably way too smart to let her pup strangle, but it could have happened. She seems pretty anxious now that he’s not in the cage. I just want her to get out of there!

      2. Parasites will do it all by themselves, and that poor little tyke looked like he had a load.

        My now-eldest cat was a sick runt kitten, just weaned, from a feral colony a long time ago, & he had such a tremendous load that he nearly died of it. Mainly it was Giardia, also worms & fleas … he had seizures, and his pancreas essentially shut down. Funny thing was, the rest of the litter was much less infested & affected. I’ve been wondering if that’s what happened here & perhaps other pups were taken from Amber, leaving her with just the one.

  7. If we can get someone to pull her for us and help me get transportation arranged, Amber can move to Colorado and look for a home. I am with DMK Rehoming. Please let me know if this is possible.
    Deb Brinkley

  8. I have been following Amber’s story and WE WILL TAKE HER! I’m going to try to contact the shelter now. If anyone has some solid contact info, please let us know. Although we’re an approved placement partner, we have never pulled from there.

    1. They should be open tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. I wouldn’t count on them returning a call or email, though. I called yesterday and had to stay on hold for quite a while but finally got through. Good luck! And thank you for caring about Amber! Please keep us updated.

    2. If you need local pull help, I’m sure YesBiscuit can put you in touch with Meows and BowWows, the Memphis rescue that has been checking on her and plans to have her evaluated Thurs. evening.

  9. How great to wake up to TWO offers to rescue Amber! I am going to order more mornings like this ASAP.

    Thank you TN Death Row Dogs and Deb Brinkley. MAS doesn’t open for several more hours still but once they do, we need to get a DO NOT KILL placed on Amber. TN Death Row Dogs, since you are already on their approved list, can you call MAS to request a hold on her? We can all work together to get her out as soon as MAS will release her, before she gets a cough (or someone else there gets a cough…) and they use that as an excuse to kill her.

  10. I needed some good news today. Please let me know if you will need any financial support, as that’s all I can offer (as well as ongoing prayers and gratitude). Waiting to hear that Amber is outta there and on her way to a new life.

  11. Oh, Amber may get someone to kiss her on her “kiss me here” spot after all! That’s wonderful! Thank you to those who are stepping up to help her.

  12. I will forward info to Ona and if need be, send e-mail to put 72 hour hold on her so nothing can happen to her – well, you know what I mean…. Thank you TN Death Row Dogs and Deb Brinkley – huge hearts run rampant here on YB –

  13. Such great news! Let me know what you want me to do. I am still having Katie Frassinelli evaluate her this evening and will post the report here. Love the Amber “Kiss Me Here” spot on her head. Nice way to market her.
    I requested a heartworm test yesterday but have not had a response yet.
    e-mail: meowsandbowwows@gmail.com

    1. I have received an email from Mr. Rogers that there is a 72 hour hold on her now for M&B. She is safe until Saturday. They shouldn’t take her picture down though. What if her owners are looking for her?

  14. Such wonderful news! I must say that I’ll feel better once she’s out of the building. We all know about how sometimes things happen and they someone tries to claim it was a “mistake.” Good job to all who are helping this poor soul.

  15. Been readidng all these posts on precious Amber. Also shared her via TN death row dogs…God Bless you guys for getting her out of that hell hole. I’m in Knoxville , we have our problems here, but what is going on with MAS?? Keep us posted and hope she is out of there soon and into caring hands. Sending healing prayers!!

  16. Dear Goddess, I hope they don’t “accidentally” kill her on this new “hold” because she’s gotten so much attention. So help me, if that happens, I am on a plane and at their doors and up their asses like a passle of hornets!

    By the by, when IS the big protest?

    And thank you, TDODR, for taking in that sweet girl. Please be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in getting her out, I just don’t trust the lack of oversight and the excuses when there’s an “oopsie”, ya know?

  17. I called promptly at 11am today and there was already a hold on her for another rescue. He said they were going to HW test her today. I left my name and number in case something fell through and the other rescue didn’t take her. He said that she can leave tomorrow and the hold will be on her till Saturday at 4:45.

    1. The “other rescue” is you. That is, locals e-mailed and got the hold placed on her for you before the place opened. How can local advocates assist you in pulling her? Just post whatever you need here.

  18. I had no idea! =) I’ve emailed one of our foster moms who had already offered to pick her up.. She said she can still go get her the heck out of there for us TOMORROW! If anyone wants to help with her vetting, that would be really helpful and very much appreciated!

    1. If I can do the paperwork tonight – its Happy Hour and the fee is $40.00. You will need to email me your address, the name,address, and phone number of your vet, and you need to send me your Drivers Licence # and state. Send to: meowsandbowwows@gmail.com
      $40.00 will get her spayed tomorrow, a rabies, parvo/distemper, bordetella, heartworm test, and a microchip.

    2. If you dont get things lined up today, they may not be able to spay her tomorrow..if they can spay her. Tomorrow the fee will be a little higher with spay or a little lower with no spay. The $40.00 during Thursday night Yappy not Happy Hour is the best deal.

      1. I dont know when she would be ready. It depends on how many are being spay/neutered from Yappy Hour and what time the vet comes in. You are going to have to call them tomorrow.

  19. Thanks to all who is helping get this poor baby out. She looks so sad, and is prob. looking for her pup! Im so glad she is getting a happy ending.

  20. MAS wouldn’t let Kattie Frassinelli do the evaluation tonight because Amber’s due out date is tomorrow and Amber is not city property. We are talking a matter of minutes, maybe 60 minutes, until closing. Yet the dog will be available when they open the next day. We will all go back tomorrow. I sent 3 emails telling MAS we intended to do the eval tonight. THREE. THREE e-mails.
    What did we learn today? Well, maybe it takes FOUR emails…or… they expect you to believe no evaluations are done on any animals until their due out date.

    1. They go out of their way to make things difficult to get animals out of there. Thank you for being persistent. Can’t wait to hear that Amber is on her way home.

    2. Sadly, I can believe no animals are TOUCHED before the due out date, unless it’s to kill them or maybe just scrub their wounds without anesthesia and give them a fucking steroid shot.

      1. Be there first thing in the morning, shelters like like that will usually euthanize pets with rescues or adopters waiting by the front desk;(

    1. WONDERFUL! Just–yay! Thanks for this update! And for helping her get out of MAS and go on to her new life.

    1. I absolutely love this! Woo hoo! Thanks for sharing that. She looks a bit sad and unsure but I have no doubt better are days await her. Thank you so much to all who made this possible.

  21. That is the most wonderful news I could have hoped for! Thank you to all who have saved this precious girl from the depths of hell.

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