In Terms of Excellence

The Memphis pound has hundreds of pets under its $7 million roof but just 13 dogs listed as “adoptable” on PetHarbor.  Only 12 of them have photos.

The only weekend day that the pound is open is Saturday.  Last Saturday, this was the featured “Pet of the Day” in the special cage in the lobby.

The featured adoptable pet at MAS was MIA on Saturday, July 21, 2012.

The Boxer whose photo I shared last week is still alive although he is defecating blood now.  Steroid shot, perhaps?

Dog #243565 at the Memphis pound

“We’re on a positive trend. And we will continue to march forward in terms of excellence.” – MAS interim director James Rogers

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  1. Hey, I saw that adorable invisible, tabby siamese German Retriever. He was absolutely adorable ! :(

  2. James Rogers is a blithering idiot!
    Someone get that boxer outta there – he needs medical attention NOW! And to think they actually show this as an enticement to adopt this dog?

  3. I did send his picture and a female boxer, also at MAS, to a boxer rescue group. She acknowledged my e-mail but that was it. I will send her an e-mail now to see what’s up. Both boxers are incredibly good looking dogs!

  4. Aww. That poor Boxer! Get him outta there!

    And that shelter-pet-of-the-day thing is just weird. It just screams lack of accountability. Much like the rest of MAS.

  5. Pretty sure if I saw blood in an animals cage, I would drop my camera and run (literally RUN) to find help. Honestly… WTF?!

    1. In fact, I clean the cat cages in the adoption center at our local PetSmart once a week. I have found bloody stool in the litter boxes before. I literally drop what I am doing, immediately find the store manager and ensure he/she gets on the phone with the rescue group that the cat belongs to and lets them know that they have a sick kitty on their hands. I guess common sense is just not that common…

  6. Thanks for sharing this picture… Just how stupid are the people at MAS? Never mind..
    So I hope the person watching this site will have enough sense to do something about it. But not just take the picture down.

  7. What the hell is that idiot talking about; ““We’re on a positive trend. And we will continue to march forward in terms of excellence.”

    MAS has never been on a positive trend. At every turn they are cruel and inhumane to the animals in their care. March forward? You haven’t begun to understand the meaning of the word excellence much less march toward it. The entire country can see that you say one thing and do another. Rogers, your shelter is a mess, no different than it was under Pepper and his “profession training”. Get rid of the Friends, open the shelter up to volunteers who care more about the animals than their own egos, and start marketing the dogs in the entire facility, not just those few chosen ones.

    I for one am not impressed with what could have been a real chance to make a change. Shame on you for continuing to torment.

  8. That boxer needs immediate medical attention. From a real vet, not the imitator that supposedly works at the shelter on staff.

    1. CAN WE PLEASE PULL THAT BOXER? JUDGING BY HOW THIN HE IS, HE’S PROBABLY LOADED WITH WORMS, AND I AM PRAYING HE DOESN’T HAVE THE DREADED “D”. ooops, I only meant to shout for the first part of that post. Please, can we do for him what we did for Ranger???????

      1. We’re keeping tabs on him Morgana and he may be picked up a rescue group today, per Mr. Rogers. But if he isn’t, we’ve got backup plans.

    1. I’m not sure. I have heard from a few people who have said they don’t dare bring any medical condition to the attention of staff at MAS for fear of fast tracking the pet to the kill room. It’s kind a lose-lose situation they have going there.

  9. I should clarify that these photos were taken by a reader, not someone at MAS. The pound is not doing anything to try and get this dog adopted AFAIK. If not for the reader’s photos, what would anyone know about him?

  10. Well, well, that must be the path of excellence Rogers is talking about.
    Have you ever seen such incompetence? Call the sheriff. Charges need to be brought for not attending to medical issues immediately and in fact not feeding the dogs properly.

  11. This dog has been at MAS since July 11. She’s still so skinny! Parasites? That might explain the blood, too. But I fear she ends up in a room where no one feeds her regularly. Heaven knows it’s still happening at MAS…

  12. Is she spayed? If not, she may be spotting. The blood doesn’t look like it’s part of her stool to me, even though it’s in the same area of the cage floor.

    1. Agree with Jeanne here – if this dog is a female, it looks like she is in heat and spotting — which is fairly common. Not that the worst case scenerio is beyond MAS’s abilities…

  13. Can she be adopted by a member of the public, or will she never be shown to the public? I’m brand new to the investigation surrounding MAS but I want to try and get her out of there – are there volunteers who pull? Do they have any vetting at the “shelter?” I don’t live in Memphis but love boxers and want to do whatever they will allow to get her out – is it a female or a male? Does anyone know if it was a stray or an owner-surrender?

    1. Great questions and all the right ones. Hopefully Shirley will lead you in the right direction…. she’s never let us down in the past.. but don’t delay Please act fast

    2. Cage card says: Male, stray/field, 5 yrs old.

      There are rescue groups who pull from the pound. AFAIK a member of the public would be allowed to adopt the dog. There is a vet on staff there.

      Pulling the dog would not be a problem but having a place for the dog to go is. I know Boxer rescues have been contacted about this dog but IDK what the outcome was, aside from the fact that he’s still there.

      1. well I guess that rules out “Blood” from a female dog in heat. Back to square one… just time to get the dog out of there

      2. Not good. He needs vet care asap because that bleeding could be from an infected anal gland that has ruptured. Ouch. Wish he could see a real vet.

  14. So there is a volunteer or someone looking out for them – good. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with her, or does she read this blog? Thanks.

    1. If it’s a volunteer taking these pics and sending them to Shirley… they’ll be fired soon. That’s just how MAS works.

  15. Oh My God – The blood in the stool could be ANTYHING. And yet it’s out in front with the public to interract with? Being taken in and out of it’s kennel? What the hell? And this photo was listed as Pet of the Day…and this dog is out front as Pet of the Day. I simply do not understand…I know…none of us do…

    1. Karen, no, there was no Pet of the Day. That’s part of the problem. Or rather, symptomatic of the problem.

  16. The excellence there is blinding. That freakin’ pet of the day cage should never be empty. Just sayin’.

  17. If as people have said here dogs can be adopted out of this place, do any of you know who I should get in touch with, since all of you indicate time is of the essence. Someone mentioned someone named Shirley – how do I get in touch with her?

  18. Update on the male boxer in the photo: MAS interim director James Rogers says there is a hold on him for a rescue group and they are to pick him up today. If they don’t show (or if Mr. Rogers has his info wrong), another reader has contacted me privately and a hold was requested on her behalf. So hopefully he will get out alive soon, one way or another.

    Thank you for your offer to help, queensgirl46. Please sit tight for a little bit while we wait to hear whether this dog is out or what. In the meantime though, there is a female boxer on the MAS PetHarbor site, if you are interested in the breed. She is one of the 13 dogs they have listed as adoptable there:

      1. I’ve noticed on occasion that the links don’t come through properly in e-mail. Maybe try visiting the actual comment on the blog (if you are reading via e-mail) to get the link to work. This is definitely the link for the female boxer:

        I also posted her on the blog’s FB page, if that is helpful.

      2. There’s a workaround for Pet Harbor if you don’t want to mess with the clunky interface. You need the complete MAS ID #–
        like A243301 for the female boxer. Put Pet Harbor A243301 into the Google search bar and you’ll get the dog’s page.

      3. queensgirl46, is it possible that your monitor is set too dark to see it properly? The photos from MAS are not great to begin with and this one is already dark, but it is definitely a brindle Boxer with a black mask and white chest.

  19. A243301 is not a good picture but that is definitely a brindle Boxer.

    My male will have bright red blood after a bowel movement if he ate something he was not supposed to.

    Is MAS posting all the stray dogs on Petharbor? It does not look like it as there are only 9 dogs posted with a 7/22 date. That sounds like a low number but 7/22 was a Sunday.

  20. The dog is a Boxer all hands down,I know for a fact that a staff member took it in their hands to contact rescue last week and the arrangement was made by them .We should encourage this behavior!!

    1. I also heard from TN Death Row Dogs that they are pulling the male and the female Boxer. Hmm, well it sounds like at least someone is saving them so that’s good!

      1. Really glad to hear this. They said Amber was the first dog they had pulled from MAS and I was hoping they would come back soon to pull more.

  21. Great News! If you are able to, please donate to the rescues who are getting these dogs out of MAS.

  22. Harley, the male boxer, was pulled by our rescue, BoxAR Rescue, and has been to the vet. He was “chock-full” of hook worms and has been treated. He will be fed several times a day to get his weight up and is a real sweetie. He sat between my two seats in my van, put his head on my lap and gave glorious Boxer kisses. If he could have gotten any closer, he would! The little girl, who we named Annalee, was also adopted by our rescue and after spaying, will be picked up by her new foster mom. THANK YOU to everyone who showed concern for these babies! Boxers Rock!!!

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