Fraudulent GA Shelter Director Fired

The director of the Boggs Mountain Animal Shelter in GA has been fired after a local news reporter exposed her for defrauding the public.  Not only was she working a scam where she claimed to run a “no kill” shelter while sending pets from the facility to die at a kill shelter she also operated, she had a shady history on the financial front – something you’d think the board would have investigated before putting her in charge of donations.  On top of all that, she was once arrested for animal cruelty after shooting a hunting dog that had strayed onto her property.  She was ultimately not prosecuted for that killing but it is not uncommon in the south for hunting dogs to get separated from their owners and stray onto someone’s else’s land.  There are laws in some areas to protect dogs in these situations although I don’t know what the law is in the area where the incident happened.

As regards her current alleged crimes, local authorities and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are conducting criminal probes.  The state Department of Agriculture went into the Boggs Mountain facility, counted the animals and gave permission for them to be transferred out to other shelters and rescue groups.  A Boggs Mountain board member who had been made aware of the fraud by a whistleblower but took no action has now resigned.

Protesters will be attending a rally at noon today at the Rabun Co courthouse in Clayton, GA.

14 thoughts on “Fraudulent GA Shelter Director Fired

  1. Good for the whistleblower and those who exposed this atrocity! And good for those who were willing to listen and to then do something to stop it. I, too, trust that she (and any of her minions) will be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

    Memphis, are you watching?

  2. Fraud and cover-ups :/ bilking honest people out of their hard-earned money so she could benefit … I just •hate• corrupt humans.
    Thanks for the update — no surprise there’s an investigation and firing+resignation of Board Member but seriously, WHO can we trust anymore? The ‘irresponsible public” continues to spread the word of the corrupt !! Keep it up !!! Let’s hope the deviants crawl back under their rocks!

  3. It really makes me sad (and so angry) that there are humans in this world who exploit defenseless animals for their own profit. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and this serves as a warning shot to all who think they can do the same.

  4. SHOT a dog who went onto her property??? And she’s in charge of the pet’s well-being that are there?? Wow. Thank goodness for the whisteblowers!!

  5. I have transported many dogs to Boggs Mtn Humane from my county shelter under the illusion presented by Peanut that these dogs would be saved and transported to Northern rescues to be placed in loving homes. Sadly…I am finding several have been killed…one a puppy that was healthy and happy and higly adoptable. The ones killed often came with pledge money! A further example of her fraud! We are desperately trying to get the rest of our dogs out that might still be there. The public is now able to go and adopt dogs and cats from the shelter with dog adoptions being $85 and cats being $60. We must get the animals out of there…and hopefully Lawanda “Peanut” Kilby will be sent to jail for a long time! She deserves no less! In many GA counties…it is totally legal to shoot animals that come on your property…especially if they are threatening your livestock in any way. Sad…but true! Hunting dogs certainly do wander off and any animal loving person would attempt to find the owner of the dog or take them to the locale shelter…not shoot them!!! Apparently, she grew up in Rabun County and had a lot of “connections” so things could be “excused” or “overlooked” in her case when she should have been convicted!

  6. How could anyone steal donations from all those poor souls? I can’t even imagine how somebody like that gets that far in the animal field she has already shown that she doesn’t like animals if she is going to shoot a dog down. Now the subject of fraud she ran a no kill shelter and then transferred the animal population to a kill shelter where they could be killed. This is unspeakable but isn’t that the same thing that all no kill shelters do? Don’t they refer people to kill shelters and refuse to take animals in from the Good Samaritan who saved spot or Fluffy from obvious oblivion but only if spot or fluffy is not to their liking. I’m willing to bet that all no kill shelters can recite and even have handouts with the name, address and phone number of their local kill shelter and I bet that print out always needs replenishing!

    1. You are soooo right…No Kill shelters..especially those that prescribe to Nathan Winograds No Kill philosophy are often “selective intake or no intake” facilities that just refer people “across the road to a KILL shelter…blood is off their hands supposedly…until the truth is told!!! Well, in this case…the truth has been told!

      1. Put up or shut up. Present evidence that any open admission no kill shelter in this country in doing what you accuse them of or you will be banned for trolling.

    2. None of the open admission no kill shelters in this country do this AFAIK. If you have so much as a shred of evidence that this is happening at any open admission no kill shelter in this country, now is the time to present it. Otherwise you will be banned for trolling.

      1. If you read my comment…it did not say ANYTHING about open admission no kill shelters…it said…and it was in quotes…”selective and no intake”. Please read before jumping down someone’s throat. Thank you!

      2. I read your comment. Your implication was clear to me since your made reference to “Nathan Winograd’s No Kill Philosophy”. It is not possible for a limited intake shelter or rescue group to follow the No Kill Equation since that applies only to open admission shelters. And you are now banned for trolling.

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