Shelter Pet of the Day

Dog #A244264 at the Memphis pound, as shown to a visitor to the “healthy hold” area on Saturday, July 28, 2012.

It appears as if this little dog has a large quantity of vomit or diarrhea (I don’t know) that was left in the cage long enough for the liquids to separate (and drain toward the back) from the solids. There is kibble in the food bowl. Has this dog been eating? Is he healthy enough to be given kibble? Is he healthy enough to be in “healthy hold”?

Cage card for sick dog, as photographed by a visitor to MAS on July 28, 2012.
Dog #A244264 at the Memphis pound, as pictured on PetHarbor.

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416
TTY: (901) 636-1416

This shelter’s kill rate for January – May 2012 was 65%.

9 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. What the hell is a ‘tricolor’ Yorkshire Terrier? And that’s just a small stupidity next to the bile all over the floor. Did the fool who took the picture think the yellow would somehow compliment the dog’s ‘tricolor’ fur?

  2. It was a visitor who took the photo, concerned about the dog. It was MAS staffers who left the dog in a cage with vomit for who knows how long and did not seem to consider it an issue…

  3. Poor little pup. Please someone give him a bath (not a hosing down) and trim his nails and find out what’s making him throw up.
    Friends of MAS, don’t you want this little dog to get adopted? He’s a cute little yorkie and someone WILL snatch him up. So pick the cherry and put a little bow on his head FFS!

  4. IF readers can do for him what was done for Ranger, I am sure we can get him adopted here. Assuming he’s relatively healthy. Looks like bile to me, which would indicate “empty stomach syndrome”, ie: he’s not being fed enough at night or whenever the feeding times are. We are about to enter into a deal with PetSmart, hoping to become their DogAdoption partner in our area, as everyone else seems to have let the ball drop!!!

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