NM Shelter Neglects Injured Dog, Now an Amputee – Don’t You Feel ‘Hoppy’?

This is a screengrab from page 6 of the online edition of a small newspaper in NM called The Talon (thank you Jamie for sending me this):

View the full online edition of The Talon here. (click to enlarge)

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12 thoughts on “NM Shelter Neglects Injured Dog, Now an Amputee – Don’t You Feel ‘Hoppy’?

  1. And if it weren’t for that volunteer, what are the chances that the dog would have ended up in the dumpster (after suffering for who knows how much longer)?

    Why does the shelter suck so badly at doing its job?

    1. it makes me sad to be apart of the human race when shit like this goes on what assholes maybe the same needs to be done to them to see how they like it they should not have a job and should pay for expenses to get her better

  2. This is beyond appalling. Not only did the dog suffer, but what are the chances the owners would happen to find their dog on the website of a shelter in another state? Mona is lucky her owners were really motivated and put forth so much effort to find her. The Farmington “shelter” and everyone associated with it should be ashamed.

  3. Couldnt agree more with the posts above me. Dont have much more to add to it, about the shelter, than that. Just glad that Mona made it out alive and is now back with her family.

  4. ok how to write this.. I lived int he “four corners” area for many years.. so the part about “another state is not exactly true,.. the 4 corners Farmington -Durango area work together on many issues.. also and again forgive me if I sound “racist’ this is an area with many reservations.. many dogs run free ..La Plata HS is a very good shelter..i am surprised that someone who lives in the four corners area would not check all areas.. .. it is a bit of a distance but not impossible to think your dog might end up in one of the four states.. especially Co.. or NM..

    1. Even if everything you say is true, this still does not excuse or explain the fact that the dog stayed in the Farmington shelter for 2 days without medical treatment, and that the only reason she got the medical treatment was because a volunteer noticed her and she was transferred to a different shelter.

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