No Kill Conference 2012 Links and Open Thread

The 2012 No Kill Conference was held over the weekend.  Here are some links to liveblogs covering various workshops and topics.  Please add a comment if you see any additional links to share.  Also, please consider this an open thread to comment about the conference or any animal related subject.

From Christie Keith:

Dr. Robin Downing on palliative and hospice care

Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Ryan Clinton on No-Kill in Austin, Texas

Thoughts over lunch

John Sibley on advocacy blogging

From Valerie Hayes:

Reforming Animal Control as an Outsider Panel

Advocacy Blogging

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4 thoughts on “No Kill Conference 2012 Links and Open Thread

  1. No Kill Conference 2012 in D.C. was the place to be. Very inspiring with even more inspiring people. Excellent seminars, workshops and opportunities to meet people.

  2. Thank you for listing all this – I’ll be reading it all. Maybe next time I will be able to make it to the conference.

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