Crowley, LA Adoption Event Today

Note:  I looked on the pound’s Facebook page to confirm the specifics on this event but all I found was a bunch of drama.  I am posting the information below based on a mention in the piece on KATC.  If anyone knows anything further, please leave a comment.

Where:  Tractor Supply, 204 Odd Fellows Rd, Crowley, LA

When:  11 am

Cost:  $25 per pet but sponsorships available, just let me know if you need assistance!

Who:  All the pets remaining at the Crowley, LA pound which must close down due to a criminal investigation regarding animal cruelty involving one of the workers (now fired).  Here a few from the Facebook album:

Belle, an adoptable dog in Crowley, as pictured on Facebook.
Rebecca, an adoptable dog in Crowley, as pictured on Facebook.
Mama dog and puppies for adoption in Crowley, as pictured on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Crowley, LA Adoption Event Today

  1. I read on their FB page that any animals not adopted by the end of the weekend will be killed. “The doctor is coming and we have no choice” – what’s up with that?

    Also, there are implications that the director knew something was up with this guy, but was unable to fire him because of the mayor? I do hope the paper does more investigation into this and doesn’t let the “he went on a bit of a tear” people sweep this under the rug.

    I hope the locals rally to get the dogs adopted. I also hope that they are willing to give them away for free if need be to keep them alive.

    1. hummm.. can someone go to the shelter and check to see if animals were left behind. I mean who’s doing the event? Is there enough people to take all the animals to the event? Maybe while the event is going on there won’t be anyone at the shelter and they could be removed…. just thinking out loud.

      1. Dot – I know you are very passionate about saving shelter pets, as are many of us here but let’s be clear that criminal activity is not being suggested as an actionable plan here. It’s understandable to feel a sense of desperation when shelter pets are threatened, particularly after they have been in the hands of an abuser, but there is no reason to believe they won’t willingly adopt out these pets to any comers so let’s keep that as the focus today.

      2. Sorry.. I just worry since there questions about the director and the city officials.. who knows what will happen next.

  2. Awww! They are all cute and I hope they get adopted, but especially the mama and her pups. Id hate to think that they will be killed because not enough people know of this off-site adoption, so they dont get adopted, because they are so young.

  3. Ten animals were adopted, all the others are with rescues and fosters and are safe, per the shelter director, who seems to be working hard to get things under control there.

    1. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thank you to all those who stepped up to adopt, foster or rescue. Now let’s hope that the new director can turn things around.

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