Shelter Pet of the Day

Cody, an adoptable senior in WI.

Cody, submitted by Kathryn who writes:

Cody is a handsome 12 year old Labrador Retriever. He came into the shelter as a stray on June 14, 2012 and was almost completely bald on his underside. Cody was examined by a vet and now takes prednisone every day and his coat is growing back in really well. He readily eats his pill when it is hidden in a small bit of a soft food. Cody is neutered, microchipped, dewormed, frontlined, and up to date on his vaccinations. Cody is a very happy go lucky, loving dog. He makes friends everywhere he goes and would be a great family pet. If you sit down in the grass with him, Cody happily lays down by your side and rolls over for belly rubs. Cody is perfectly house trained and always goes potty right away when you let him outside for a break. Cody also loves treats! He already knows how to “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “shake a paw”, and “kennel up” on command. The other day he was working on “leave it” and “go to your mat” and was a very quick learner! He has already learned his name and when you call “Cody” he will come running with his tail wagging to see you want. Cody is very polite and does not get up on the furniture or chew on anything in the house except his kong (which he loves to eat his meals out of). He loves to go for walks and will go quietly past other people and dogs without barking or pulling on the leash. He is also very good about riding in the car. If you open up the door he will jump right in all by himself and run over to sit in the passenger seat. He sits quietly and looks out the window without bothering you while you are driving. Cody is very people oriented. He will quietly follow you around the house and quickly settle down by your side when you stop to work on a project or use the computer. When you sit at the table to eat supper he lays down quietly on the floor and does not beg for table scraps. Cody is a very soulful old man. He spends most of his time laying around the house resting but loves to be by his people. He enjoys being brushed with his soft bristle brush and being petted and stroked all over. If you would like to adopt a very loving sweet, senior doggie please take a look at Cody!

Cody has an adoption video on YouTube.

Animal Allies Humane Society

2225 Hill Avenue

Superior, Wisconsin


Open from Noon – 6pm Tuesday – Sunday  (Closed Mondays)

This shelter’s save rate in 2011 was about 95%.

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  1. I cannot believe that there is not a family missing this great old boy. What a sweetheart. I’d take him in a heartbeat if I could add a dog to my family. Please keep us posted and let us know when Cody finds his forever family.

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