MAS Workers, Now Fired, Admit to Torturing Animals

Warning:  Details of cruelty to animals may be too disturbing for some readers.

Two of the three former employees at the Memphis pound charged with animal cruelty have pleaded guilty after being caught on videotape tormenting animals in the kill room.  The following description of one act of cruelty is from the Commercial Appeal.  (Note:  The torture occurred within days of the February 2012 video footage obtained by FOIA request and posted on this blog.):

On Feb. 11 this year, a small, timid Chow dog was scheduled to die at the Memphis Animal Shelter with a sedative injection followed by a lethal solution injected into the heart.


“Now you want to act stupid?” former shelter worker Archie Elliott III said to the Chow as he pulled the uncooperative leashed animal into the euthanizing room. “I know how to take care of this. This is my sedation.”

Elliott then lifted the dog off the ground and held the choking animal over a sink as it urinated and defecated while gasping for air, according to court papers.

After Mr. Elliott finished inflicting pain and suffering on the dog, Mr. Lightfoot reportedly stabbed the pet in the heart with a needle, which is extremely painful and only supposed to be used in rare circumstances on fully sedated animals.  This was one of several incidences of the two men torturing pets.

ABC 24 adds:

One of the charges Elliot admitted to was hanging a small, timid dog from its leash to strangle it to death. Lightfoot admitted that several times he choked dogs to the point they passed out, and then stabbed them in the heart with what is called a ‘heart stick.’ At no point were the dogs sedated.

Although both former MAS workers have pleaded guilty, they remain free on bond and may never pay for their crimes:

Both […] are eligible to ask the judge for diversion, a special form of probation which could result in their records being cleared.

It is worth noting that some of the employees who worked with the two confessed animal abusers are still at the pound, working with animals.  None of them have been charged with any crimes.

Note: The employee depicted in this video clip, dated just a few days before the incident described above, has not been charged with animal cruelty.  The pound management, the mayor and the police are all aware of the mistreatment of animals depicted in these videos but no legal action has been taken.

160 thoughts on “MAS Workers, Now Fired, Admit to Torturing Animals

    1. You idiot! If they will treat a defenseless animal like this what will they do to a human that can fight back. You are insane and in the same category as these asinine, sick bastards!

      1. I agree. These people did this with CAMERAS rolling. Obviosly they knew there would be no punishment for their treatment of the animals. Most people while being watched, act with more respect. This would tell me that even their superiors DON’T CARE what is going on there. TRICKLE DOWN BEHAVIOR! These babies can’t scream or cry out for help, not that anyone there would’ve cared. Animal rights activists (except PETA!) need to speak for them!!!!!!!!! RIP little ones.

      2. I am not an idiot and have never insulted anyone here that has disagreed with me. Attacking the speaker as an argument is a sign of a weak argument. Animal rights extremists only care about animal welfare as far as it moves forward their agenda. HSUS, PeTA, ASPCA are all organizations that have the same agenda–spend all donations made on the backs of pathetic images of animals in pounds to legislate pet ownership out of existence. You think they benefit pets and their owners? Take a good look at what they’ve done lately.

        Animals have no responsibilities and therefore they have no rights; however, they are entitled to having ideal welfare as they live out their lives. The vast majority of pet animals are not brought into hellish existences. The vast majority of pet animals have wonderful lives and live as beloved companions in safety and security for their entire lives. It is a sad statement of affairs if people allow their vision of the world to be skewed in such a way to judge the majority by the actions of the minority–but that is what is constantly happening when people discuss animal welfare and why so many good people who own and breed animals are caught up in the hysteria of trying to deal with people who would do something like the people at MAS did to the animals in their care.

      3. What the? Why are you freaking out at this person who supports the same end goals as you? Are you actually suggesting that someone who wants to better police people like the disgusting people in the video IS THE SAME as the people in the video? Do you understand what the word “policing” means?

      4. Kim,

        This seems to be an important point for you. But from the comments you’ve been receiving in response, I think it’s apparent that it’s not important to many people – not that the deeper issues are uninteresting but that it’s a matter of semantics to many.

      5. I think this whole animal rights/animal welfare classification is a old cliche from the past. At least people belonging to the No Kill movement don’t belong exclusively in either one of them. Instead, the No Kill movement has created a new class where animal rights and animal welfare is mixed together. The No Kill Advocate on one side is fighting for the animals rights and at the same time for better animal welfare.

      6. I agree about no kill shelters….we have one locally and one i know of nearby in another state… works, kills me to look at and find babies being EUTH after 3 days in a shelter when we have animals who are living in the shelter for a LONG time…one cat was profiled last week and adopted who had been there a month… is working on ending EUTH and a no kill world….this does not excuse stupid, ignorant people.
        I worked for law enforcement for many years and believe me there is a correlation between animal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic abuse….these people need to clean house at this shelter and carefully vet their new hires and keep an eye on the whole thing for a long time….there is no excuse for the two fired and no excuse for dragging that puppy around as the guy in the video did….I’d like to do the same thing to him and see how he likes it…. defenseless baby puppy…..cruel person…..

    2. EXCUSE ME!?????! If it weren’t for animal rights activists, this probably NEVER would have been exposed for what it is, if at all! They would still have there same job, doing the same shit to helpless animals without impunity. So if we didn’t police policies of countries in violation of human rights abuses, it would allow that country’s dictator to generously police the “welfare” of its people, especially when they disagree with what the dictator said and does????? It’s the same line of thinking! THERE ISN’T ANYONE POLICING THESE THUGS in ANY GIVEN SITUATION! Those helpless people are as defenseless as these animals, and there is something VERY WRONG with your thinking if you it is not important to shame and defame anybody that is maliciously, and intentionally causing suffering to ANY LIVING BEING!

    3. The problem is that animals have no rights, and therefor have only basic welfare laws, if they are lucky. Welfare laws are a joke, clearly. If we declared them some basic rights, we would see the laws change for their protection. Think how it would be if women or black people never got rights, just “welfare”. Imagine how shitty that “welfare” would be. Now imagine how that welfare is to someone that isn’t even human. They don’t even have the right to live. We bring them into this hell on earth and when we can no longer make them a commodity…we kill them. Aces!

      1. Tara, perhaps in your state that is true…I am in the TOP 3 Animal states where animals do have rights and we take abuse seriously with jail and financial penalties…this is the very reason it is always important to vote…even if you do not have an animal right on the ballot look at who is running…if you get someone like that jerk from the midwest..then yes animals have no chance but if you have someone like ..this is just an example..the judge that served on the michael vick case in Atlanta then animals have a chance..this is also the reason we encourage people to sign petitions, regardless of the country as it all circles back and call your congress and senators when asked..those phone number are 24/7…without us there is no change…

    4. They need to be taught a lesson!!! Obviously they did not have a proper upbringing!!!!! NORMAL people do not do things like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They NEED to be punished! We, the people need to be the voice of these poor, helpless animals. It turns my stomach to think of the torment that these poor animals went through, how scared they were!!!!! God did not create these beautiful creatures to be tortured by MONSTERS!!!!!! NO KILL NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree with you 499% Karen, save the “proper upbringing” & “normal”. The Sporco Cazzi had parents, went to school etc…As a retired detective I can say that 99% of the “abnormal ” people I’ve encountered would never have committed such horid and despicable acts. These poor animals ARE God;s beautiful creatures that he gave to US to love and care for, NOT neglect or abuse. I have more contempt for these Idioti than I have for dope dealers. I hope and pray that they ARE punished, SEVERELY! I would not piss on the best part of them and I yearn to see them burn in HELL! This country can become a No Kill Nation. I hope I live to SEE it!

    5. Sure seems to me that “welfare” is well out of control in this nation, as is the abuse and exploitation of those who have no voice of their own. I second that you’re an idiot.

    6. what an asshole comment- (note not attacking you- attacking your comment) we police too much- animals have no rights.. really? oh ok so you think its fine to torture an animal? you see nothing sadistic in that? check your facts- stats prove most serial killers, vandals, psycho path stalker, CHILD ABUSERS, have accounted for torturing an animal. kids don’t work, does that mean they have no rights? so you think sticking cats in the over or microwave or choking a dog tll it defecates, people sodomizing animals or beating animals over the head is normal? so yea- i think its safe to say that these sub human cowards torturing defenseless animals should be monitored and policed. i mean really. hopefully your right-less child doesn’t get kidnapped one day and raped, and tortured since it is ok to act violently in such a manner.

    7. Kim Egan, I don’t see any extremists here, these are legitimate comments from human beings appalled at the abuse of a puppy. The minority would soon become the majority is they were left to it. Your comments are quite frankly ‘garbage’.

      1. I was speaking in general, not here at Yes Biscuit specifically. The animal “sheltering” system has become inundated with people who would prefer to kill healthy animals because they are “better off dead than suffering in a shelter.” There are people, like those at MAS, who use their positions of power to torture animals.

        Yes, the animal rights movement is too busy forcing do nothing legislation and legislation that harms people’s ownership rights through to be concerned about the actual animals in shelters and paying attention to policing the people who are supposed to care for animals in shelters. There are a few people who seem to be able to straddle the fence, Nathan Winograd being one, but even he admits that he favors animal rights and animal rights demands an eventual zero growth of pet animal population.

        Refute my message as you will, but do not dismiss it and don’t waste your time insulting me. Insults used as arguments are the sign of a weak argument.

    8. Kim, I actually understand what you are saying in this and your other comment. Organizations like PETA are best compared to a radical religion or far left/right wing organization. I absolutely believe that the truth about them needs to be exposed and it makes me beyond angry that they receive so much funding from good people who don’t even realize what politics drive these charities. I truly believe most people who donate to PETA or the HSUS have no idea that their money is going to kill animals instead of save them.

      However, it IS possible to believe in animal rights without fighting for zero population group. Believing in animal rights does not necessarily mean believing they should receive the SAME rights that humans are entitled to. It is possible to believe in pet ownership and animal rights. It is possible to believe in animal rights and believe that animals in shelters are not better off dead then in a home.

      In fact, I would say that PETA and organizations like it practice animal rights in name only. They claim that an animal life is on the same level as a human life and that animals are entitled to the same rights as humans. Yet no PETA member would have the guts to say that humans are better off dead if they are homeless, injured, or were previously abused. No PETA member would walk around euthanizing humans whose lives were not up to the standard set by the head office. ‘Better off dead’ is against the whole concept of animal rights.

      I’m AGAINST PETA and the HSUS. I’m FOR animal rights. There’s no conflict in those beliefs.

    9. I agree, Kim. There is no need for animal “rights” but there is a need for animal “welfare.” Those below that are slamming you for saying this need to familiarize themselves with the big difference between the two. There is absolutely no need for torturing animals, especially when you are about to kill them!! For people like that, life has no meaning, whether animal or human.

  1. I’m shaking, crying and want to vomit. I can only pray that those bastards get what they deserve here on earth and more importantly IMO on Judgement Day. I can’t wrap my head around the mentality of the City of Memphis and why these people are allowed to work in and operate MAS they way that they do. Where is the justice for all the animals that suffer in that hell hole of a shelter? I have never had a place of business or a group of individuals make me want to spew filth and commit crimes of violence like MAS does. I haven’t been on your site in a while because I have been overwhelmed with the emotions of hopelessness, depression and fear that I feel for the animals you post about. This one caught my attention honestly because it is MAS and the evil people that work there. I couldn’t turn away. I wish desperately I could go in and save each and every animal.

    1. Tammy you have to grow a hardness…it will piss you off to see but it is somewhat easier…I guess…Be well my animal friend…I know what you feel

  2. “Now you want to act stupid?” former shelter worker Archie Elliott III said ”

    the saddest thing.. that there are actually THREE of these people all related.. the THIRD?? surely you jest?

    firing to too good for this sadist

    1. I dont think people either think they cant or are scared…We have to push back and hold these people accountable…Hugs sweets

  3. I’m not really surprised. Memphis is a culture of cruelty, always was and always will be. Unfortunately this will never be resolved to 100% because too many people look the other way and think it will go away, including the MAS Shelter Director, the Mayor of Memphis and the Police Department of Memphis.

  4. This is a textbook example of sadistic abuse as a demonstration of power over the victim, who was doubtless chosen because he was too small, too weak and too terrified to fight back. This is also abuse by someone who enjoys it, who followed the script of some internal fantasy – one in which the victim’s behavior makes no difference since it’s always wrong, always ‘stupid.’ The victim only matters here, in his capacity to suffer.

    We’ve long suspected sick fucks like this were working at MAS. Now we know not only is it true, there is no length to which they will not go – that the cruel indifference of those in power over the facility, has spawned a culture which has allowed such zoosadism to flourish. I hope they’re proud. I really hope they are.

    And now I’m going to go check on my own little dog and two cats, just to make doubly sure they’re safe.

    1. Very well said, and yes I came home to my children, looked at their beautiful faces and just balled like a baby.

  5. Their admissions need worldwide attention and public outrage to ensure more eyes are on the slaughterhouse known as MAS. I have contacted the UK Daily Mail and the Drudge Report asking them to pick up this story and will be contacting other news sources that have a large readership.

    1. Thank you, Clarice! Memphis needs an uprising and national attention may just be the match to light the fire.

  6. Seriously? COntrol sticking a puppy? It wasn’t even a fear biter or they wouldn’t have been able to put the paper collar on the poor thing. What fricking idiots!

  7. Elliot, may you die a thousand deaths and each one of them painful in every way. The mayor and police who havent charged the monster in the video with animal cruelty same goes for you. You think you’re big men picking on small animals. Youre just wastes of life and deserve to die so that we dont have to hear of monsters like you. Words cannot explain how mad I am about you criminally insane pieces of $hit that dont deserve to be breathing the same air as the dogs at the shelter. May you all suffer the rest of your life. Karma is at your doorstep and I cant wait till I can read that it took care of you, painfully and torturing. You scum of the earth dont deserve to live. I hate you and hope one day you realize you were wrong and when youre turned away from heaven because these are Gods little creatures that youre killing and torturing, I hope you roast in hell for eternity.

  8. The people in charge of this facility, city, state, township, whatever..need to clean house….this is intolerable….there is a relationship between animal abuse, child abuse, and domestic abuse that is well known to law enforcement…the staff in the
    facility need to be gone and those in charge need eyes on from now on… cruel people can be when given the chance.

  9. Honestly, I’ve been dreading the details of these crimes.

    Remember that these are the people that Mayor Wharton called “compassionate” and “trained professionals”. These are the people that he protected, that he sided with, that he shielded when we raised our voices in concern.

    Mayor Wharton defended these sociopaths time and again.

      1. “We’re going to keep working with you”, the Mayor said.

        Yep. And how’s that going, then?


  11. I feel the color draining from my body and my tears are running like water down my face. My God! What has society come to that the torture of innocent animals is condoned by the Mayor and his cronies? Is there not the least bit of empathy for these poor creatures that must depend on humans for their very lives? What kind of people can do what these three have done and not be judged by society to be of danger to any living thing and everything around them? There must be justice for the poor animals that are imprisoned at MAS. There should be no probation of any kind for these monsters! They have been seen on camera many times when the cameras were up. They haven’t changed at all…..still tormenting defenseless dogs and cats. Judge….put them away for years. No slap on the wrists for monsters. Put yourself in the place of that poor poor dog and feel what he felt. They must be punished!

  12. What the hell is wrong with the mayor and the higher up people of this shelter!!!! These people who did this need lots of jail time and fines!!This is so sick why do people look the other way instead of helping these poor animals!! These bastards need to be punished for what they did!!!

  13. This makes me angry beyond words….and it has taken them how freaking long to take these idiots to court……WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM? And Mayor why in the blankety, blank, blank do you allow Hooks and Hall to continue to run this poor excuse for a pound? I hold YOU Mayor personally responsible for the abuse and neglect that continues in that place. That was alot of money the city spent to create a torture chamber. Good Job! AND YES I AM RANTING!!!!!!!

    1. James Rogers, current Administrator of MAS, nor Hooks or Hall were in the courtroom today. That is how much they care about the facility they have charge over!

      1. How is it that these individuals still hold their positions? Why are the people of this community not standing up for these poor animals, picketing their offices, shown up in the Courtroom to express their feelings to the Judge, and then of course, what’s with the Judge allowing them out on bail, probably won’t be convicted or punished for their actions? Please, someone take a stand – if I were in Memphis you can bet they’d see my signs and posters and hear me in that courtroom. Come on people, it’s your community and i just hope you don’t lose your pet and it end up in the hands of these monsters – how would you feel then? Defenseless, scared and totally innocent creatures of God – what is wrong with the human race?

  14. The Mayor , council and anybody who was involved or had knowledge of this should be put in jail, it is disgusting, disgraceful and very sad that we have a society that condones cruelty to animals. I wish I lived there, because trust me that Mayor would not have his job anymore. C’mon people of Memphis start protesting do SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The guy clearly does not want to touch the puppy. He probably will not touch anything there. He probably uses that catch pole on everything. My personal opinioni is WHY the HELL did he get a job there. Maybe that is the way he does things but I compare that to a teacher who reads her lesson plans to the kids. Get the hell out of this job dude if you do not have compassion for the dogs or do not want to help and who the hell hired him. Greedy, nepotisim- whoever employed him should be looked at. Another reason for tax payer money used for bad in our economy.

  16. What is wrong with people???? How can people inflict pain and agony on another living creature, human being or animal. And what is wrong with our society that these people are not charged with a felony like first degree assault. We need to take situations like this and change our laws. Washington State did this years ago after a torture death of a beloved donkey named Pasado. We now have Pasado’s law making it a felony to abuse animals. Let’s not let these
    poor creatures die in vain.

  17. I am sickened by this news. I can’t believe that there are so many sick people out there. How could humans be so depraved?

  18. I sit here crying my heart out and am so angry that these people still walk the streets in this world. I dont understand why people like this even want to work with animals if they are going to mistreat them. These people need behind bars and in mental care. Statistics show that people that abuse animals, most of the time comit domestic violence crimes and other forms of abuse.

  19. The man does not deserve to be referred to as Mr. He & anyone who can be this cruel need to have the same thing done to them & then throw their disgusting bodies out in the woods to be done away with!

  20. Where the hell is the petition to the powers that be????I’ll sign right NOW…As far as I’am concerned the mayor, pound mang. and police are just as guilty as the assholes that did this….They all need to answer for this……At the very least with stiff fines…..The clowns that did this should get jail time…..


  22. Crying at what I have just seen and read. God have mercy on these abusers souls, lest the rot in Hell. Poor innocent babies…

  23. All of You Involved Are:
    Very Sick…Extremely Deranged…Heartless…BASTARDS! ; (
    And to think you belong to the Human race…ashamed you are allowed to to manipulate the justice system…but not surprised.
    God Bless these poor defenseless animals (((♥)))

  24. Okay, so we have the fuckes admitting they did this, it’s on video, and NOTHING is being done???? What the fuck is wrong with the people in this country???? Is this acceptable??? Do we turn our heads & hearts away from children & animals who are being treated like this in this country now??? WHY??? I am so ashamed to be a human being sometimes, then I remind myself these are not human beings they are MONSTERS & we keep letting them get away with horrible acts of violence like this!!!! It has to stop!!!! I am not a violent person, & I don’t swear much, but now this is toooo much!! Close down this facility of hell that is supposed to be a safe place for our homeless animals!!! Charge every one of them & put them behind bars, after you put that choke pole around their necks & stick them with needles & make them urinate & defecate in a sink!!! Fucking sick evil monsters!! Make sure they never have contact with another animal or a child, that would be scary!! Oh, wait, who is the animal here, they are nothing but lowlife cowards who like to feel powerful because they can attack animals & make them feel pain!! Sick MFS!!! Law makers & judges start doing your jobs & start giving these monsters what they deserve!! Or your as sick as they are if you don’t find it in your heart to take up for these poor animals!!! THis could be your family pet someday, locked in one of these horror places!!

  25. This is precisely why we need video cameras in these places…so we can see how these beloved animals are treated from our androids.

  26. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh guess I better watch my words moderators…lol Anyhoos sick ffffrs like this shouldnt even be allowed near anything living and breathing..

  27. Why hasn’t the monstrous piece of crap in this video been charged? It looks like this is a VERY COMMON practice among the vermin working at MAS. In fact, there may be no decent people working in that hell hole. It shouldn’t matter if all of them are rotten apples: they should all be charged, jailed, and, as far as I’m concerned, put down.

  28. Cowards! These people disgust me, so pathetic have to pick on poor defenseless animals. Must be a real tough guy to do that to an animal. They should all rot in jail what’s wrong with the mayor/police or even the people of the town/city… Sad the way animals lives are simply disregarded. May karma strike them all and make them pay since apparently no one else has the balls to! DISGUSTING WORTHLESS SCUMBAGS THESE THREE LOSERS ARE!

  29. Some countries still have the “eye for aneue” way of discipline. Too bad it doesn’t apply here! Would love to see them do some real time for what they have subjected those poor animals to. It’s bad enough that MAS is high kill and they were going to die anyway, but to be tortured in their last moments on this earth, instead of being treated with compassion and dignity??? Hell is too good for them.

  30. I cannot even begin to understand how or why people would treat animals like that in the first place, How were they brought up? It is a cruel, evil person that could harm a living creature. Secondly, is there no observation or standards of proper handling of animals in these facilities? Surely not all of the employees there have this same sadistic behavior. It is appalling that this could occur for any length of time without someone stepping up. Come on people, these monsters have to be stopped and we are the ones that have to stand up for the voiceless! Unfortunately these bastards will probably get off with a slap on the hand!

  31. I wonder if these men would do this in front of their kids? I’m sure they wouldn’t want their kids to know what pieces of shit they are. It takes a real heartless bastard to do something like this to a living thing. I hope they reap what they sow sevenfold. They truly deserve it.

  32. This people will continue unless more people speak out. Maybe some training and back-ground checks before hiring people who work with animals they same as we do for children would be beneficial. I am also not in fear to let my sadism come out. I have no more care for someone who would hurt an animal than I have for someone who would hurt a child. It means something psychology has proven it time and again. Serial killers or a vast majority of them begin with the killing/torture of animals. What is worse is its never occurred to shelters ect to screen these people and or ask more questions upon hiring them because I am telling you now a few simple under the radar questions and you can figure out what they are really about maybe that is all it would take more questions and less atrocities like this would happen. And I find it sickening that an elected official and law enforcement aren’t raising an eyebrow how do they know that these fools do not already have human victims in the ground? Disturbing indeed.

  33. I am so shocked by the cruel and inhumane treatment that I read about – it’s deplorable that the administration of this facility has allowed this to happen and evidently continue to happen. What is wrong with the local government(s) that have authority over these shelters – what is wrong with the people in the community who are aware of this happening and NO ONE DOES A DAMN THING TO HELP THESE DOGS!! I can’t believe that these two men are still walking around on bail? There is something terribly wrong with Memphis – it’s county and city officials, the pound management and the people of this community, when this behavior is allowed to happen and no one cares – people get up off your ass and take a stand for these animals. Imagine if your sweet little pooch got lost and ended up at the end of one of their leashes . . . How would you feel then? I’m ashamed of the human race – don’t even want to be classified on that level with these people. If they treat our animals like this then they are capable of treating another human being this way – they have no soul, nor does the Mayor, nor does the officials at the pound, nor do the city and county officials.

  34. Oh just 5 minutes with these pieces of shit, worthless ass mother fuckers. Just 5 minutes. They WILL know what the fuck pain really is all about. Rot in hell you stupid bitches! Oh, and FUCK YOU! Also, for the jagoffs NOT doing anything about his bullshit, FUCK YOU too! You deserve to eat steaming pieces of shit.

  35. How can this continue with all the information that has been publicized on this horrific facility? On this blog alone I’ve read more than a dozen posts. Memphis? WTF? Is there no humanity in Memphis? ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ . Do Something, anything. Except torture homeless shelter pets.

  36. And I have read alot of angry pit-bull comments and would love to add: It is NOT the dog that needs to be banned its the types of idiots owning them and letting them inbreed that causes them to go crazy and or snap and or attack someone. Personally I wouldn’t own one but I’d never knock someone who did because why I can’t that strong dog would have me on my ass in a heartbeat but I have known many sane and loveable pit bulls and most of their owners do what when company that the dog is not used to comes around? The proper thing and either take the dog to another room or muzzle them if that person happens to be nervous about the dogs presence in the room. They are also a high energy dog they need to move so outdoors is ideal and they are also a single person dog they tend to adopt the one they deem to be theirs. Don’t hate the dog hate the lazy stupid humans letting pups from the same litters mate to make money because that my friends is the very reason there are so many mad or insane pit-bulls and maulings. And btw pits are used as the police dog of what nation? Italy!


  38. Reading this makes me want to kill. And, NOT the animals, of course, but the sadistic subhumans who are torturing and killing them. As an old Arlo Guthry(sp.?) song (Alice’s Restaurant) said: “Veins in my teeth! I wanna KILL!!”

  39. You can only feel sorry for pathetic human beings like the ones in these videos who are such losers in society that they need to release their anger on innocent animals who can’t speak or scream for themselves ! My heart goes out to you pathetic loser assholes but guess what ? YOUR BIG FAT KARMA AWAITS YOU

  40. I am sickened and appalled … no compassion for a scared & innocent being. Government will fine someone for not carrying their auto insurance card, yet cruelty goes un-reprimanded. I have a feeling that the tone of the MAS’s operation style and expectations are set by the attitude that their Director has on things … Who hires this person in, or is it an appointed position?!! Has the same Director been in charge there all these years?? After reading this article, I’m even more disgusted with Tunica County’s (just south of Memphis) government … at the Tunica Humane Society, the staff genuinely love the animals & work like crazy to get them adopted (and all work every single day for FREE). And the county has cut their yearly budget to $25,000 (keep in mind they service the entire county & there is not an animal control in the county) … I just don’t get it. Sadly an insensitive class of people who have drastically different priorities dominate certain areas around here.

  41. Consider this an extension of the values of No-Kill-
    Yes people are and have always been cruel towards animals. That will not change and we need laws, courts, and God to deal with them.
    We have to get to those in authority and remove them from power.
    I don’t believe that boycotts, petitions (other than to raise awareness), protests, or other citizen outrage moves these SOBs one iota.
    The only thing that may b-slap them and get to the core of the rotten is a civil lawsuit that puts them in such deep dodo they have no choice but to slither back to the hole from which they came.
    Our No-Kill Nation needs an exceptional legal team that can get precedents set.

    1. I like this idea, Kittypurr!

      I thought this was kind of “taken care of” by the Animal Defense League or whatever its called, but Ive heard that they are a bad organization now?

  42. Dozens of comments built up in the moderation queue overnight, most of them understandably angry. I approved all but the few which contained threats of violence that crossed the line IMO. It’s possible I may have missed some that should have been deleted. Please let me know if you see something.

    It’s normal in these situations for compassionate people to react with anger and to type without putting careful thought into their comments. This is understandable. But please keep in mind that we help the animals more by keeping our cool and rising above the justifiable outrage we feel. By channeling our anger into positive action, we use our passion effectively.

    Some actions you can take:

    The next public meeting of the Memphis shelter advisory board is September 12. If you are in Memphis, please attend.

    There is a petition asking the city to turn the public webcams back on for the protection of the animals:

    If you would like to compose a respectful letter (remember, we respect the animals, our movement and ourselves – not the abuse), there is info on our letter writing campaign here:

    Again, it is of paramount importance that you keep your comments to officials respectful. Any threat of violence is out of line and diminishes our cause. We can condemn the abuse in the strongest of terms while maintaining civility.

  43. makes me sick!! I was an employee at a local shelter for 2 years & was a certified euthanasia tech- cannot imagine EVER treating an animal like this or seeing this & not exploding on the person! She is actually dragging the puppy on the floor & lifting him into his cage- by choking him- the employees body language says this is just a job to her & this is how she always treats the animals- disgusting human! (Rabies poles were only used on aggressive dogs at the shelter i was at, there is NO reason to use it on a puppy or non-aggressive dog!!)

  44. Those of us who have followed this blog for a while probably aren’t surprised. RIP all those who have been, and continue to be, the victims of this culture of cruelty.
    It’s time to do some letter writing, some phoning, whatever you need to do to respectfully, but firmly, let the mayor and his minions know what you think of this situation. I agree that getting some major media involved would be beneficial, too. I’ve tried and had no luck. Maybe some of you might.
    You can also read the article (and comments) at the Commercial Appeal link and post a comment, if you wish.
    The time for hand wringing and spewing our understandable anger on this blog needs to move into a “take action” phase. This has been going on for a very long time and something needs to happen to change it, for the animals and the people who work with them.
    Who in the Memphis area is willing to organize something that will finally and permanently make a difference for the animals? Who is willing to actually visit and talk with the mayor or rogers face to face? Is there someone from the media willing to take this on? Is there a lawyer who is willing to fight for the animals? It’s long past time for action or this will continue – I guarantee it will continue.

    1. The people who can actually make things happen are those who are willing to go to the STATE. There needs to be oversight of the city of Memphis in the handling of the animal shelters. The state’s attorney general should be seen it should be demanded that he take action. The Mayor of Memphis should be investigated as to why he allows this abhorrent cruelty to continue year after year.

      Laws need to be changed to protect those innocent animals from the abuse that they suffer at the hands of the people who are suppose to care for them.

  45. OMG! I watched it and in some way thought this to be a male. But I realized ths was a woman! What has happened to our society that even a woman would do such a horrible thing. Are their lives filled with such torment they need to take it out on small animals? What is wrong with human beings and is working for any humane society or animal shelter the means for people with this sickness, away to have access to small animals? People should be screened before hiring and should be re-screened after a period of employment. Obviously there are cameras, and they don’t even care that they are being watched? That tells us that these employees know they are safe, even after being seen doing this! This should give us nightmares!

  46. I moved to Memphis almost two years ago. We rescued a starving dog from Memphis Animal Seevices. They were not feeding her, she was skin and bones and covered in ticks and fleas. Volunteers told me her time was up. She is the most amazing, wonderful dog you could only dream of owning. MAS is an awful place!!!!
    Something, anything needs to be done at that hell hole.

    1. We need people like you who know what’s happening, and are local so you can do something in person. Those “in charge” tend to either delete or totally disregard written and phoned in concerns.
      Thank you for rescuing your pup. They all deserve to be in wonderful homes, not landfilled in garbage bags.

  47. Please post the Judge’s information publicly. I think a few letters tot he judge to voice our disgust is more than in order. Write the judge animal lovers, be the voice for these animals …all the way to appeals court. I hold shelter workers to a higher standard, so should the courts, period. I am writing the judge, no doubt.

  48. It makes you wonder how someone can make themselves feel so good by that act of disgusting torture . Psychopaths are born from those traits. May god forgive them because u never will

  49. To watch the treatment of this animal is upsetting to say the least. I have worked in public service for many years, and the public does piss me off however you never treat them badly. As a paramedic I get called to some really stupid stuff, the back pain that has been going on for 6 months, the 3 AM toothache, however I always without exception treat my patient with respect. The stress of public service is high, the hours long but to take your frustrations out on an animal is inexcusable. These people have a special place in hell, and someday they will get their just reward. This video just wants to make me hug my dogs that much more.

  50. Disgusting. Simply horrifying. How one can cause pain to an innocent creature? What big tough guys it must take to strangle a little dog…. I pray there is a hell, so that trash like this can go there, preferably after someone gives them a heart stick with no sedation.

  51. After everyone got out their yaya’s up above, I now ask: IS IT TIME TO OCCUPY MAS??? INSTEAD OF CRYING, IS IT TIME TO TACKLE THE BASTARDS WHERE THEY ARE? IS IT TIME YET TO MARCH ON MAS (MOMAS)????? NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL YOU GET GOOD AND FED UP, GOOD AND MAD, AND GOOD AND COURAGEOUS. These same crimes will be repeated ad infinitum until people DO SOMETHING. Let me know when ya’ll are ready, and I’ll fly down on my broomstick.

  52. the filthy beasts who so sorely abused these innocent animals need a little medieval justice meted out to their sorry arses

  53. OMFG these scum bag waste of space monsters need hung there is no good reason for any of this shit if you do not like your damn job find a new one if you can’t love animals why work with them if they can do this to a animal they will do it to a kid if this judge does not lock these scum bags up for a long damn time the judge needs his head checked my god

  54. This is terrible. From now on when i go to the shelter I am going to keep an eye open for people working there that don’t seem to like the animals and question them about it.. This is all of our responsibilities. Pets do have feelings, probably more acute then humans. And they get treated like crap by a lot of people who just look at them as lower down the food chain.

    1. I find it “interesting” that any time I have been at MAS, I have only seen 2 employees actually stop and acknowledge the dogs in their kennels. The employees and director don’t even like animals – why in the heck work with them (well, they are working with the 2 legged animals, I mean the 4 legged ones)? What happened at MAS with these 3 thugs could have been prevented – I am feeling just as angry and disgusted as the rest of you….I know the Mayor and MAS INTERIM director read this blog – maybe, just maybe, something good can come from it..

  55. They obviously work there s they can inflict pain and death on these animals. They still walk amongst us to abuse other animals and people. Even if they don’t want the public to see what goes on in the kill room, why isn’t there cameras so the they can see how an animals are treated. I just hope someone makes it their business to see karma is done!

  56. Maby it is a the petty arguing that nothing gets done! Put your differences aside and look at the bigger picture! This isn’t about your or your feelings it is about the poor animals who are being abused and killed. So either you can sit here and argue like little children or speak up for them. Your arguing isn’t helping them!

  57. People who follow the MAS developments on a regular basis know that this is not new or the last report of animal cruelty from MAS. It is a almost daily happening at MAS. Memphis has a culture of cruelty and at the same time a culture of lethargy. The only way to put a stop on this is to find enough people in Memphis that are outraged enough to stand up and demand changes. I know that some people have tried this before in Memphis but for some reason it fell apart again. I do hope that this event of cruelty finally can wake up enough people out of their lethargy to stand up and demand changes on high levels.

  58. The out lying Counties in most of West Tn. are much worse than Memphis. They use, “shortage of funds” as an excuse for some offenses that should bring lengthy jail sentences for. Etc. Hardeman, Co. picks up over 2,000 thousand dogs a year but spent 366 dollars on dog food in 2011. The so called, County Shelter is something you would just have to see to believe.

  59. I wish horse people cared about horses the way dog people care about dogs. I see y’all are arguing a bit, but bottom line, you want to stop this cruelty. Horse people defend cruelty in the slaughterhouse because they make a buck off it. Shame.

  60. Sick is a serious understatement!!! If you get caught with a pill on you…it’s a felony….but someone does this…and gets nothing..that is nearly as sick…I hope they get what they deserve in the world..and upstairs!! And God bless the dogs.


  62. What is wrong with people. Make you feel good to torture a helpless animal. No heart! Karma is a bitch and I hope I get to run into you fuckers one day. To hell with anyone who defends peoples actions in situations like this. You are just as screwed up in the head as they are. I hope I live to see the day that stiffer punishment be handed down to people who abuse animals. Fuck all politicians and their blood stained pockets.

  63. I won’t be a tourist to Memphis until this situation is corrected. I may not have a vote, but I do have cash, and any city that allows this to occur will not get mine.

    I pray those animals who were so horribly abused were taken quickly into a place of eternal comfort and now know peace.

    We as a society failed them horribly

  64. From

    “Many people are planning to call Judge Paula Skahan to encourage her to give the men a tough sentence. She can be reached at 901-222-3214.”

    And –

    “Mayor A C Wharton sent the following statement:

    “Sending an undercover officer into a city-run facility is not a routine action for a Mayor, but I wanted to be certain that we knew everything that was occurring at MAS. I was shocked and disgusted by what the undercover officer reported, but because of his presence, we also know that these two individuals are not representative of the vast majority of MAS employees.

    If the need arises, I will have no hesitation to send another undercover officer into MAS; our honest, hardworking employees have nothing to fear from undercover investigations.”

    1. Yeah, and I have some ocean front property in North Dakota to sell you. Not buying what you’re selling, mr mayor. He doesn’t give a damn about the animals, just keeping things under wraps.

      1. As a statement, he’s also trying to … disengage these incidents, from the context of ongoing abuse, neglect and mismanagement at MAS. Because it’s easier to slap a bandage over an abscess, than lance & clean it out.

        Meanwhile, he was honored last night at the DNC for improving education in Memphis, so it seems none of this is likely to dent his reputation much.

        I think maybe we need to make more of a point of politician’s positions on animal welfare. Not just legislatively, but behaviorally. Drag this crap out into the light.

      2. I agree with you…..someone better doing something about cleaning that house…..I think alot of animals lovers are fed up with this type of thing as well as puppy mills, kill shelters who seem to enjoy EUTH and torture of animals….someone on the outside who did this type of thing would probably see jail time……

  65. This is b*llsh*t! Everyone that mistreated an animal in that pound needs to be dealt with harshly… If not then people are just going to continue doing this and other things like this!

  66. exactly how hard is it for humans to act humane? i don’t understand how humans act this way when they were meant to be the rational specie.

  67. Wow, I think that all of the people stating that there shouldn’t be animal rights are mentally imbalanced. How can you honestly say that another living, breathing, feeling, creature on this green earth shouldn’t have rights to protect them from seriously messed up people? Do you heartless people think that animals don’t feel? That they don’t have emotions? These creatures literally rely on us to take care of them. They don’t have voices of their own. They can’t speak out against people that abuse them like the sadistic person from the video. What if you were incapable of protecting yourself, what if you were voiceless, and you were being abused? Would you want everybody to look the other way? Would you want your abuser to get away with causing you physical harm? I don’t freaking think so.

    The only way that animals are going to have any defense against mentally disturbed people out to cause them harm is to make sure that they have RIGHTS that protect them. If people started paying for their actions when it comes to animal abuse, I guarantee you the amount of abuse and animal deaths would vastly drop. Make them sever longer sentences behind bars. Make astronomical fines that have to be paid. Put it on their record. Anything would be better when a lot of the repercussions people are supposedly paying for animal abuse.

    It shouldn’t be alright for people to abuse animals to the brink of death….or eventually to their deaths. Death should NEVER be alright when it comes to innocents.

    1. I keep coming back to this when I get a message in e mail to see what people are saying… more time…..there is a correlation between animal abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse etc….and this person in the video needs to go to JAIL, not just have his picture taken or get a slap on the wrist as for the others torturing the poor animals they are killing away that is reprehensible….they need to clean house……Is there a site or movement someone knows about that we can all join to help put a stop to this kind of stuff……

      Go to and see just a tiny amount of the animals scheduled to die….alot of them just babies…..and there seem to be hot spots for this, TX, OH, GA, NC and TN are right up there….

      The jerk handling that puppy they way he did needs the same thing done to him….I too worked with law enforcement and as one person above said most of the people we dealt with that were behind bars would have never done this…what does that tell you…

      have a good night…..and keep posting and sending this around…it’s time to wake up to what is going on with shelters…we have a great one here…no kill shelter…..and I mean NO KILL…there is not excuse for this type of thing to be happening.

  68. An eye for an eye!!! These so called humans being paid by some government entity to tortue, obviously abuse, and certainly murder helpless animals need to face justice, and I’m not talking about a slap on the wrist!!! Memphis is absolutely mired in corruption and the “good ole boy system”. Anyone looking at these videos out of Memphis should scream long and loudly to the governor, mayor, police, t.v. stations, and every city and county meeting open to the public, for all the good it will do. The city of Memphis is a disgrace when it comes to humane treatment of animals!!!

  69. Who was watching those workers in the kill room. I thought there was a vet that oversaw the facility. If the vet was leaving the killing to these workers, would this same vet not have had to review the video from the kill room each day? Would this same person not have done surprise checks on these workers and the bodies of those animals killed? If these steps were not being taken are they now at the new facility.

    1. Joan, when the undercover cop saw what they were doing, they were at the new facility. These bastards have undoubtedly been abusing and torturing pets for YEARS before they were finally caught. And yes, they were all certified euthanasia technicians.

      Right now, there is no camera in the kill room. There has never been a camera in the kill room, so they felt free to get their sick jollies off in there. The only recording we have of their behavior is the one made by the cop.

    2. If you read the original article above the video it sounds as if the two that were fired were doing the EUTH themselves and torturing the animals they were killing…..scum…..that’s all they are, bullying scum..funny what people do when given some control huh?

    1. Write to the judge asking for a harsh punishment:

      Judge Paula Skahan, Criminal Court Division 1, 201 Poplar, Memphis, TN 38103

  70. I cannot believe as I sit here and watch this recorded abuse on innocent animals that I am reading that these abusers are walking free. This is the United States of America not South Korea.
    We demand as citizens of the United States of America that these people are arrested and punished for this extreme violent behavior against innocent animal victims. This video needs to be made public to the news stations and laws need to change to protect animals. Animals should have rights ! Rights to be treated
    humane and a right to be treated non violently. I am so glad I was not there when that man was flopping that puppy around on the end of a pole, because I know I would have to shove that pole where the sun don’t shine. What kind of human are you to stand by and not react to a bully picking on an innocent animal. I know I would rather go to jail then to stand by and do nothing.
    These people working in these shelters need to be investigated and they need to have morals and compassion. You also need some brains to understand that many of these animals have been through hell and back. Make some noise people do not stand for this. Share this video with everyone you know. These people need to be held accountable. Memphis pound Judgement day is coming for you . Its only a matter of time. We are humans not zombies . We will not accept your behavior.

    1. All County run, Animals Shelters in West Tennessee are horrible.
      shortage of funds is now being used but it has always been that way. The County Mayors simply, do not get it. Arrest and prosecution at higher levels are the only answer. This is the only level that will bring change. Some West Tennessee Counties have no Shelters at all. This allows the police, the excuse to shoot problematic animals. Shooting of animals is far more common than anyone would think.It is a part of the; good ole boy mentality, and local judges will support them. We can and will make a difference, just understand who the enemies are, and what we are up against. Public awareness works. Let the world see and know what is going on at these places of horror. Memphis is really much better run and more humane than the outlying Counties. The more hidden the worse the abuse…

  71. There is no excuse whatsoever for this type of treatment of animals. PERIOD! Everyone is accountable for their actions and these sadistic workers must answer for these crimes against defenseless, innocent animals. I am disgusted and horrified on a daily basis regarding what HUMANS are capable of. The lack of compassion by Humans is frightening!

  72. In Whiteville, Tn. a small group of, politically connect people took over a, Humane Society and all its assets. This included a very productive thrift store. For 7 years this group have collected funds and run this non-profit store. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been collected. None of the money has been used to help the animals. There has been not elections, no accounting statements. They even go to the local stores and solicit dog food. Yet this small group has no animals. They have no shelter. They don’t even have a canary cage. The local sheriff and county Attn. will not touch them. Most money raised in, Hardeman County Tn. for the needy animals never gets to the animals. The County picks up an average of 30 dogs a week. Then spent less than 400 dollars for the entire year of 2011 on dog food. The only medicine they bought was that which is used to put dogs down with..Tick and Flea infestation, along with Parvo kill or severely weaken most of the animals in the three days that they are kept before being put down. The shelter is nothing but a pen with block walls.
    None of the bogus Humane Society group who run the store ever come to this, County facility which is on the back side of the land fill. A small group of volunteers have built a building nearby and are trying to help, but its overwhelming. Many of the donations made by people trying to help is sent the the, Humane Society
    Which never spends any of it on animals or ever come to the local shelter. I have tried for years to get help on this but the local, good ole boy network is too powerful here.
    Etc. Two years ago, Hardeman County Tn. opened its new, 17 million dollar jail. They spent 366 dollars for dog food that year!!

    1. Thank you to all of you who are working to help the animals. I used to think that Tennessee was a nice place to be – not so anymore. Cronyism and corruption seem to run rampant. God help us all . . .

  73. Kim Egan– what part of LaLa Land were you born in? You are UNREAL. Of COURSE Animals have rights — ALL animals — including YOU — a Human Animal — have the right to a secure and SAFE existence FREE FROM ABUSE.

  74. Good Lord. That is so distubring! I say throw them all out into jail and start over. Im sure there are plenty of people in Memphis looking for jobs who can do much better.

  75. Have any of you sent letters to Judge Skahan to deny diversion? Please email me letters ASAP so we can persoanlly hand to her.
    We need your support in denying this. They could be working in another shelter or child care center in 1 year if granted this.

  76. All too often these innocent animals become victims when they enter these pounds. What a horrible way to spend their last breaths. The least we can do is provide them with hugs and love in those last moments, not torture and pain! These employees are violent criminals and must be punished.

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