Puppies in a Fish Tank

You know how some shelters complain that they have a disproportionate number of pets that they think no one wants (Pitbull types, black cats, etc.)?  Well if you felt that way and suddenly a litter of unbelievably adorable buff Cocker pups fell into your lap, would you not at least make some small effort to market them?  This is what San Bernardino City AC chose to do:

Dog ID #433158 at the San Bernardino pound, as posted on PetHarbor.

But remember: don’t criticize. They’re doing the best they can. No one wants to kill pets. We’re all on the same team. They have to put puppies in a fish tank because people won’t spay and neuter.

(Thanks Kei for sending me this photo.)

9 thoughts on “Puppies in a Fish Tank

  1. I thought it was because they didn’t have any more space in their shelter and people or ac just keep bringing them in.

    1. And all kittens must be pictured in adoption photos in a pretty, airy birdcage, with dangling swings for them to perch on.

  2. The head of San Bernardino animal control is a member of the board of directors of the California Animal Control Directors’ Association, as is Pat Claerbout of Stockton. San Bernardino is obviously already accomplished at breaking the law and getting away with it, but I am concerned that if the Stockton police investigation into intake day killing, withholding veterinary care and other violations of state law does not result in major changes, EVERY member of the California Animal Control Directors’ Association will be even more emboldened to ignore the law.

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