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  1. The Tunica Humane Society in Tunica, Mississippi (about 30 minutes southwest of Memphis) is the ONLY county-funded NO KILL shelter in North Mississippi. The county board just cut the shelter’s already extremely low budget ($4,100 per month) in HALF. The shelter is run completely by volunteers so every penny goes directly to saving the animals but they cannot function for long with the new budget cut. Please consider donating to keep this NO KILL shelter open. Link to chip-in: http://saveths.chipin.com/save-the-tunica-humane-society-shelter

    1. I can tell you one thing… if I ever DO manage to catch/help one of these poor stray Mommas I see on the sides of the roads here in Memphis… I will be driving to Tunica to hand the over. Not the murderers here.

      1. From what I understand, they take in all county acquired strays/impounds but the number of owner-surrenders are limited. So, no. Not open-admission.

      2. Linda, if you manage to catch one of them, let me know – I’ll make a donation to the shelter for her care.

  2. Tomorrow – Saturday Sept. 8 – there is a No-Kill Protest in Times Square here in NYC. It starts at 2PM until 5PM. Please show up, carry a sign, wear red and be a part of this movement. It’s time that the killing in the NY ACC STOPS!
    1) The weather is looking fairly good for Saturday, it will rain all the way till Friday and on Saturday there will be scattered rain – no matter what, we are out there.
    2) PARKING is on 43rd street between 7th and 8th Avenues, they are garages.
    3) We will have the stage set up at the corner of 42nd and 7th Avenue.
    4) PLEASE GET THERE EARLY. People will start gathering at 10AM for the stage people and to hand out the 5,000 fliers. I’ll get there about noon.
    5) LABOR DAY PARADE will be gathering from 9AM to Noon from 46th street and 7th Ave so thats why we all need to set out AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!
    6) AFTER PROTEST GATHERING: We will be gathering at a bar after the protest in Times Square, to be announced.
    7) PLEASE WEAR RED: A black shirt with red decorations is no good. I want a helicopter to be able to see a SEA OF RED from the sky. If you dont have a red shirt on, you will just look like the public.
    8) PLEASE ORDER YOUR T-SHIRT BY 3PM TODAY to get it by Friday. Otherwise, keep ordering and for those attending we may have some left at the protest site.
    9) NO SIGNS ON STICKS: It can be on cardboard backing.
    10) PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL SIGNS HAVE NEW YORK ANIMAL RIGHTS ALLIANCE AMERICA on them somewhere OR at least NY-ARAA prominently featured.
    11) WE ARE THEIR VOICE: The police will be there TO PROTECT US, they are our friends. We do not block traffic. We do “follow” someone if they dont want a flier. We are not legally able to use cuss words (out of character for people like me lol) and plus there will be lots of kids there and hopefully the live feed.
    12) WEBSITE: ANIMALRIGHTSALLIANCE.COM – We are up and running my friends, please sign in on the website. We are still working on the live feed which has had a lot of starts and stops.
    13) QUESTIONS? Call me (845) 856 7366 or on the day of the protest call John (845) 551-3068 or Dale (914) 610 5573.

  3. I’m down here in GA where our nokill (NOT) shelter, Boggs Mountain, is down to its last dog. The Dept of Ag closed the shelter shortly after the news broke that the director was killing dogs healthy, adoptable animals. We’re hoping someone will take it over that commits to NO KILL. I’ve set up a site where we are advocating for a true No Kill shelter. https://www.facebook.com/BoggsFriends It’s amazing to see what Shelby County, KY has done on a budget far smaller than ours!

    You’re welcome to come for a visit. And NO, we’re never tired of hearing you talk – You Educate Us and we Thank You!

  4. I’ve been collecting links for voting records on animal welfare. So far the best I’ve found for California is this – http://www.lohvca.com/?p=704 – the records documents are linked in .pdf format.

    Does anyone know of any similar lists that are national, no-kill in emphasis. or ones which are local? Thing is, many things that affect animal welfare profoundly are very much local, such as pet limits, distinctions between pets and livestock, zoning issues, etc.

  5. If Tunica Humane Society is forced to shut its doors, then the old method of Animal Control will be reinstated…a bullet and the county dump. Stray dogs will starve to death and puppies will die a slow and painful death.

    The Tunica Humane Society practices the no-kill equation; now let the no-kill community get behind them! Contact the Tunica County Board of Supervisors:

    James Dunn james.dunn@tunicagov.com
    Cedrick Burnette cedrick.burnette@tunicagov.com
    Phillis Williams phillis.williams@tunicagov.com
    Henry Nickson, Jr. henry.nicksonjr.@tunicagov.com
    Rev. McKinley Daley mckinley.daley@tunicagov.com

    These people don’t believe folks outside their county (in other words, the ones that don’t vote for them) can influence their decision. What do you believe?

  6. Reprinted with permission from James Cochran. His letter to the Tunica Times newspaper:

    I was very disappointed to understand that the county leadership has made such a decision to not only reduce funding to the county wide humane society and animal control, but to actually cut it in half. An educated county leadership would have prepared a study before making any decisions especially one so unorthodox. It is leadership such as this that displays Southern states as ‘backwoods’ to the nation and the world. Years ago attention was brought to the county as the casinos moved in. Later attention was brought to the county because of its progressive humane society that defied the normal and introduced a no-kill animal shelter bringing the rest of the county out of the perceived ‘backwoods’. That beacon of hope showed the country that there is educated progressive life beyond the fields outside the casinos. There are people that care enough for their community and their county to make daily personal sacrifices to keep the land clear of lost, starving, abused and roaming animals and forgotten pets. They take them off the streets, and care for them and show them love until they can find homes or be returned to their homes. For the leadership of a county, any county, any leadership, that is honestly respectful of the people that placed them in office and of a life, any life, to make such a drastic decision is sending the nation a terrible message relative to Mississippi leadership. A dramatic message that Tunica County leadership does not respect its own people or a God given life. Is progress moving backwards in Tunica County? In the eyes of the world, it appears so. Can the leadership make educated decisions based up the real needs of their people and animals? Perhaps not. What is the leadership’s plan once they destroy all hope for a true humane society in Tunica County? What about the children that could get hurt by starving lost animals, scared and out of control? I suppose the children will have to get hurt, and the police will have to be shooting guns all over town in front of children, visitors, and citizens. Casinos will have to fence themselves in because of lost animals on the loose. What happens when the river floods again and people flee without their pets? What happens if your beloved pet gets lost? Will the police have to divert attention to inhumane animal control. The costs to the county residents, visitors and businesses will undoubtedly be staggering. The economy is bad, so why make it worst for Tunica County Mississippi?
    The future of a county depends upon the decisions made today. Those decisions should be made wisely with all the facts at hand and projections of impacts upon its people, its visitors, and its way of life. Operating a shelter is hard work; I witness it every weekend when I visit this outstanding Tunica shelter. It takes steadfast dedication; I see that every day at the Tunica Humane Society. I have witnessed the struggles the shelter has to endure every day for Tunica county. I am not a stakeholder in the shelter, but in reality, we all are. Each and every one of us that is human. Each and every one of us should know, to respect life and one another is not a blessing from God, but a blessing to God. The mission of the Tunica Humane Society is not only a respect for life, but for a better standard of living for all Tunica County. Why doesn’t the leadership support that mission? To make such a sweeping cut in the much needed funding for a better county has sent shock waves across our nation. Mississippi deserves better, Tunica County deserves better. Tunica County leadership can do better. Some of the finest people in our country call Tunica County their home, and of those people some work hard and make personal sacrifices every day operating a shelter in the middle of the cotton fields to make life better for Tunica County, and for all of us including the animals. The eyes of the country and above are on Tunica County leadership to stand up, make a responsible decision to amend and restore the needed funding for the humane society. This needs to be done for its people, visitors, for a better future for Tunica County and the great State of Mississippi.

    James C. Cochran

    CC: Senator Thad Cochran, State of Mississippi

  7. The Tunica Shelter (and it is truly a shelter in every way) is well-respected in this area (North MS) and well beyond. The owners are amazing, compassionate animal lovers who do the work that no one else was willing to do. They have been all over the local news, and people from all over the place have been asking how to help. I have been following the THS Facebook page for a long time, and I have been brought to tears on more than one occasion while reading stories of hope and healing that would certainly have had MUCH different endings were it not for the Tunica Humane Society. I’m still not sure how we can change the hearts and minds of the decision-making body, but I do know that time is of the essence, and it would be a horrible loss if they were to close their doors.

  8. Hey, is there anything you or your contacts can do to get more info about this shelter and its alleged policy that leaves injured animals suffering for three days before receiving vet care?


    This is cut from a comment on their FB page: “I just found you today on FB. I recently have been extremely upset when I found out animals brought in injured can not be treated for three business days. I was told it was POLICY. I have contacted quite a few people about trying to change the POLICY. I have noted that I do NOT blame the staff, it’s the policy. I’m referring to the little dog that had been hit by a vehicle on Rosewood Dr. on 9/6/2012. I don’t know who called you. I called to check on him the next day to see which Vet he maybe at because I knew how much pain he was in when I was trying to comfort him while another lady and I waited for who we thought would be the Humane Society. That’s who one of the residents on the road said he called. When I called, I was told he was still there, untreated because of policy. I then asked if I could pick him up and
    take him for treatment, no, policy.”

    1. Hi Dexie – It’s Karen Josephson the previous Director of this facility in Clarksville, TN. YES the new Director is holding animals who are injured for 3 days and NOT getting them to a vet. He is ignorant – and that is why they put him in place. TN State Law gives Animal Control Directors and ONLY Directors the sole decision to take an animal who is sick or injured to a Vet or euthanize the same to stop the suffering. Deputy Tim Clifton – the new Director is NOT doing either of these things. YOU as a citizen have the right to go to Animal Control and make a written request to get a copy of the Complaint Paperwork and the Kennel tag and treatment sheet and Euthanasia information on this animal. They are required by law to give it to you. When you go there – please get a COPY of your information request. That way you have proof if they refuse to give it to you. By the way – they called the dog HENRY. This is NOT the first animal this happened to since I left. My best …

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